How to Change MAC address on Desktop and Laptop

in #technology3 years ago

First, you need to open the Device Manager from your computer. You can open the Device Manager in many ways, but at the moment I will show you simple and easy way. Go "Run" from your window or you can press Windows key + from your keyboard. Or you can search on the start menu "Device Manager". Alternatively, first click the mouse on the computer icon from the desktop or start menu. At that moment you will see a menu where you will have to click "Manage"

  • A new window will appear in the window titled "Computer Management"

  • From then on "Device Manager" click on the adapter that will then find the network adapter and right click. When you see a menu, you have to click the properties

  • At that time a new window will appear. You can select "Advanced" then click on the network address from the property and set a value that you want to use as the MAC address. Click the last click OK

  • To confirm your change, open the command prompt (CMD) and type "ipconfig / all" then press Enter you will see all the configuration from there.


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