VUULR | Using Power of Blockchain to Transform Film & TV Content Ecosystem

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When a movie or TV show is announced, it takes months for platforms like Amazon, HBO or Netflix to publish it. More than 240 Billion dollars are spent in the procedure every year and has been increase by 10% every year. Vuulr has come up with an idea impressive enough to take over the practice. Company has made it possible to lessen the time to days and even hours from months. Not only time, there will be a huge cut in the annual spending. By eliminating middle man, Vuulr is introducing the prime global content rights marketplace which would be purely Blockchain based.

Founder and CEO Ian McKee moved from UK to Asia where he found Vocanic which later became largest social media agency with more than 100 employees all over the region. The company was later sold to WPP few years back. Company is backed by dedicated staff and renowned media platforms. Company’s news is flashed on platforms including Nasdaq, Business Insider,, Cointelegraph etc. Vuulr can achieve and out-stand the current mechanism of content displaying on giant platforms. Companies like Bolt claim to be synced with Vuulr and expects to satisfy its 6 billion costumers with the help of the platform. Beach House Pictures, Asia’s leading content producers are excited to work with the Blockchain technology brought by Vuulr. 

Platform plans on bringing three main components of this industry together digitally which include Content owners, buyers and sponsors. The company chose ETH network as their Blockchain. VUU tokens are generated though the network. Value of a single ETH equals to 13,000 VUU tokens. These tokens are an opportunity for people who engage more in watching TV shows and movies to earn rewards by posting content. Denominate transactions, reward film and TV fans and pay subscription for services are three main utilities for the platform’s token. To set crypto as a trend in this sector, Platform has introduced the concept of reward pools. The profits made in the platform are used to buy back the tokens. For extracting the maximum out of these tokens, an option to park the tokens is provided to the token holders.

To set foot in industry faster, free services are being provided by Vuulr including Sellers to list their catalogue of titles, buyers to execute acquisition transactions and sponsors to make offers. The payments for the services will be paid on success with a standard commission to be paid by seller. Some of the premium services will be provided to subscribers. The subscription will include showing titles a day before it is visible to other people, access to Escrow and payment services and much more. With a successful launch of prototype in first quarter this year, Company aims create a vast development in supply chain tools, Vuulr marketplace and CISP protocol. Like all other sphere, Future of digital currencies can be clearly visible as companies are excited to adopt the future. With money and time being saved at the same time, Crypto emerging in this industry will provide both buyer and seller comfort which is a win-win situation.

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