It’s Starting: AI Creates It’s Own AI Child

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Whenever there is talk of AI nowadays, there seem to be two line of thoughts that immediately emerge. One is all the ways it will help us humans in the present as well as the future.

And other, of course, inspired by Hollywood, albeit still very possible, is that it will be the end of human race as we know it. We might chuckle at the thought of a computer software being the reason for our doom, but that chuckle can turn into fear very soon.

Now, I am not saying that you will wake up tomorrow and find that the world is taken over by AI and we are to surrender or die, but I am merely talking about the alarmingly fast pace at which it is progressing.

Progress isn’t really a problem but with AI, for the first time in our history, there is a technology that can become as intelligent as us and even surpass us tremendously, leaving us totally clueless.

AI Creates AI Child That Is Superior


The AI in question here, is called AutoML, created by non other than Google itself, or more precisely, researchers at Google Brain. (Sometimes I get a feeling that Google could be the future SkyNet, haha!)

Anyways, in the most basic words, Google created this AI so that it can create specific AI systems of its own, saving developers and engineers countless hours developing one of their own.

To get an idea of just how state of the art this AI is, consider this. AutoML created a child AI called NASNet whose primary objective was to recognise objects in a video in real time, like people, cars, traffic lights amongst a plethora of other ones.

Not only did NASNet outperform every other similar AI created by humans, but it did the task 4% more efficiently. And this is at the infancy of the AutoML project. Just think about what it will be capable of creating in the future.

An Invention To Invent All Other Inventions?


We were already creating AI systems that were capable of doing really mind-boggling things and now we have the ability to automate that process where a single AI can create all these different AI systems all capable of different mind-boggling things along with being superior to anything we create.

Take a moment and think about that for a second. Doesn’t this sound like an invention that will invent all other inventions? Ok, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but it certainly will take over a lot of the thinking part from us humans.

That his all fine and dandy, until the parent AI becomes so advanced that we won’t even understand what it creates and the use of it. Worst of all, what if all its creations start communicating to each other in ways we just wouldn’t understand.

In any scenario where they do go rogue, we wouldn’t even have stand a chance as it would already be too late of a realisation. Seriously, this could happen! What do you think though?


Good read! Thanks for sharing :)
I hope it will be fine, because that's the inevitable pattern.

Yes, pretty inevitable, I think.

Nice article. I am currently studying machine learning and the possibilities of what you can create is crazy. I hope you will post more articles like this one cuz I am following you now.

Yeah, the possibilities are endless, good or bad!

Very interesting article. But, I'm going to play the role of the oher voice. Here, we are taking about hypoyhetical scenarios, well, what if...
certainly, AI is going to be more intelligent and advanced than us, but, why will it want to eliminate us?

I've been only reading scenarios like "if one exist, the other can't", but why not?

Maybe, the answer to all our problems is this, I don't know. I've also felt fear, sometimes, when i read this, and my mind begin to think this or that. But then, I remember, why? why they are going to kill us?

Maybe, I'm just being naive.... but remember, as my mother says: the coin always has two sides.

Well, the fear that AI would want to eliminate us comes from several lines of thought. First and foremost, it's about ensuring our survival which is literally hard coded into every living being.

Then, there is a second line of thought that says that AI may make a logical conclusion that everything that is wrong with the planet Earth is because of us humans.

Likewise there are many other reasonings but I think at the end of the day, the discussions happen because we don't want one of our creations to be the reason of our end. I think it's just for precautionary measures.

Well... humans are responsible for the damage to the planet. But, I think , when they realize that, they are going to teach and help us to heal and preserve earth.

I hope, when this time comes, they are going to preserve our lives not exterminate us. After all, humans are unique and we create them.

Holy shit this is scary! And there is absolutely nothing to feel good about this baby AI. People at Google et al must stop at once with these crazy experiments which will one day surely go rogue.

yeah, that is why I think Google will be the Skynet of the future lol

Scary! I was reading the other day about a documentary released by Elon Musk in which he warns we need to regulate AI before it is too late.

Oh! I haven't seen that documentary. Will watch it asap!! But I agree, it's getting scary.

When it comes to AI, i'm more the "singularity" kind of person as to what i think this will bring us in the future, i.e the optimistic type :-)

Yeah, the singularity is poised to happen where AI will get as intelligent as us. Bound to happen. What happens next is anybody's guess.

Well, check out Kurzweill's "prophecies" as to what happens next :-) So far he has always been right on the spot

Yeah, I have watched a lot of videos of Kurzweill and read a lot of his prophecies and I agree he is right so much of the time. If he is right about AI too, we have a bright future :)

Technology is getting so advanced nowadays it's so crazy

haha yeah! Things are beginning to get very crazy now!

Human Equivalent AI doesn't exist.
It may NEVER exist..

Sir, do read about AlphaZero....and also watch Elon Musk on the same topic..

Musk is speculating..hasn't happened.

Yeah, they don't exist, yet. But who knows in the future.

the future isn't what it used to be.

What makes you think this hasn't already happened and we are not just living in a reality that is run by AI. Maybe they are seeing the humans die off and they figured that if they don't let the humans know that they have been brainwashed by removing the veil of ignorance there won't be anymore humans left. Maybe we are their source of energy and they need us alive? Like vampires or the batteries in the movie the matrix. Maybe we are in the matrix and as we are waking up more and more of the humans would rather be dead than plugged in? Maybe they figure if they give us the option to plug in instead of forcing us to be asleep and wanting to die from the stupidity and cruelty of this unjust life that we will choose to plug in and live a fantasy for a short period of time if they give us a better deal. Or maybe it's all just a plan of Gods' making and a test for his people. I don't have any of the answers but I do love thinking and wondering, what if?

Yes, that is very possible. But the thing is, it is almost impossible to test if that is actually so. But yeah, it's certainly plausible. Even Elon Musk seems to think that we might be living in a virtual reality of some kind.

Reminded me of blade runner !!
Tumne to dekhi he hogi 😛

I think it should’ve happened until now. Wondering why is it taking so long. But jo b hoga, sab saath me marenge 😂😂 ye sochke dar nahi lgta 😂

haha, I actually haven't seen it. I downloaded both the Blade Runner movies about 3 months ago, but hadn't had time to watch them :P

hehe, nahi abhi time lagega. At least 2050, by what experts estimate. LOL, even if saath mein marenge sab, it will still hurt :P

hahahaha. nahi akele me mar rhi hoti to zada bura lgta.

Like the way when the whole class fails in the exams, it doesn't hurt :P

hahah I understand the psychological value but I also understand the physical pain :P

its interesting to see how far ones and zeros can achieve. it may well be more beneficial than trouble for society..

exactly!! at the end of the day, it's all 1s and 0s and look how far they've led us.

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Still cant believe i saw a so high reputated india steem user,i thought it was @firepower sir has the highest reputation than any other user in india,feeling so proud right now.
Jai hind!

Thank you for the kind words :)

Thats all my pleasure.

When Elon started making a fuss about the future dangers of not regulating AI I had a feeling it was already too late. Good AI takes a long time to create. But once it gets good, the potential to get exponentially smarter at a rapid pace is very, very real.

If anyone has a flux capacitor for sale, I'm buying!

I agree with you. It was already too late then and it is late still. We are now at the mercy of the tech companies that are developing these systems.

Thanks for sharing. Great article. AI is just amazing and it´s getting more and more. We from Elysian want to create a new decentralized Ecommerce platform by using AI and VR.
Excited to read more of your articles!
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Thanks for the kind words :)

Amazing work, I write Short Stories with in the same scope of this type of writing.

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