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Today, everyone has a phone and the mobile applications market has become one of the largest in the world in a very short time. And the market for games is the largest share on it. In 2018, the size of this share will exceed $ 50 billion, but over 95%, played by smartphone owners belong to a small monopoly group. They are attracted only by income, and popularity is achieved through marketing, rather than natural value. This entails a number of problems and hinders the development of the mobile games market. Today we will consider the ICO project for the development of the game market on Blockchain, it will connect developers and players directly. So, the Tedchain project.


Ten years have passed since the launch of Google Play and the App Store. During this time, these marketplaces have accumulated problems, and from the place where developers can realize their talents turned into a valley of death of mobile applications and a place of unrealizable hopes for developers.

But it did not happen right away. At the dawn of the mobile application market, the marketplace was comfortable, free and profitable. Developers rich in a short time. Gamers, too, was good. They saw diversity and could communicate with developers directly, through feedback. Today the situation is completely different. Marketing has come to the forefront, the barrier to market entry has become so high that individual developers just left it. Today, in 88% of the games Google Play and the App Store, no one has ever played.


In the diagram, we see how the market for marketplaces developed. At its very beginning, quality was above all. Because the demand was great and monetization was not as significant as it happened later. When the market was filled with games and competition increased. This is the case when competition goes against development. Today every successful developer has significant budgets for marketing and monetization within the mobile game has a pronounced character.

Even so, the mobile games market continues to grow. The number of players is increasing. And with it the attractiveness of this market. Tedchain could not leave it without attention and understands how to create new rules with the help of the Blockchain.


Tedchain is a blockchain for mobile games. It is a self-developing infrastructure, which includes several elements. The economy of Tedchain is based on the TED token. With its help, an exchange of values takes place within the system. With it, you can transfer value from the game to the game, pay subscriptions, reward for achievements in the game and so on. Tedchain also developed a new proof-of-Game mining algorithm, which denotes the generation of TED tokens by displaying activity in the game.


The key link is the Ted-Marketplace of mobile games on the Blockchain. With its help, players and developers can interact directly, creating and distributing games together and mutually beneficial.


The ecosystem provides an API for developers that integrates with the most popular development environments. So developers can create game content directly inside the Tedchain ecosystem.


Also, the infrastructure of Tedchain has a business incubator. In it, software developers can learn how to monetize their technical talents.

Tedchain has the opportunity to fairly award its users: players, developers and those who help in spreading games to the external environment. Now the company's developers and simple individual developers have equal chances for the success of the game.



Tedchain employs specialists with extensive experience in the mobile games market. It was formed 7 years ago and during this time they developed a lot of games, played by over 12 million users.




There are also bonuses distributed over the ICO process in several stages.



Tedchain has every chance of success. Strengths: team expertise in the market, passed Soft cap and high marks on ICO listings. The project is worthy to pay attention to it.


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Official sources of Tedchain project

Website: http://tedchain.network
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bP2SPF4-s1PcPkJWzfc4cRNGfVQnOhMf/view
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tedmorning
Telegram: https://t.me/tedmorning
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tedmorning.daybreak
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/tedmorning
Github: https://github.com/tedchain
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4471369
Baunty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4312089


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