Sometimes when we die ...


What is happening? I see the doctors running from one side to the other and I hear them say bring the resuscitator that we lose! Put an injection of adrenaline! Poor woman, apparently something went wrong in her operation, the doctors see in the face that they are worried, and the reading of the equipment is not at all encouraging, I see far away and it seems that it was a young woman, sad final for her. I try to approach a little more carefully so that no one can see me and only hear the horrible sound of a device that indicates that his heart stopped beating, for a moment I was overcome with nostalgia, I could not prevent the tears coming out, I began to remember so many things from my childhood, my parents, when I played with my brothers, all the sad and happy moments that I lived, so many things came to my mind, it was as if my life had passed in front of me in questions of seconds in slow motion, I got a lump in my throat and broke into tears, I remembered things I thought I had forgotten, this moment I was living had removed many things from my life, we must see that life is nothing , today we are alive and tomorrow we do not know, I was standing watching what was happening from a small window in the door of the operating room.

I was very worried about that woman, I wanted to leave but I felt I could not leave her without knowing what would happen to her, my heart was very fast, I was very worried, suddenly I heard one of the doctors say that there was nothing left what to do while removing his hat, the nurses began to disconnect the equipment, while others covered the body without life, I could not believe what was happening, seeing that the doctors were going to the door to inform the family what happened with tears in my eyes, I would say to one of them. Why did they leave it? They continued to try resuscitation, but they ignored me only saying that he had already left, and they only talked about who would give the news, I felt very bad and I thought about giving my condolences to their relatives.

Try to distance me a little while they asked to speak with a family member, suddenly I see that my mother comes to them, I could not understand what was happening, why was my mother there? I was more afraid of what I was seeing her as I cried inconsolably in my brother's arms, suddenly I see how my family is getting closer, that caused my body to freeze, I was terrified of the news I was going to receive, it was more Obviously it was a family member, will it be my sister? I asked myself, God I can not believe it! What opens up to you? Why does not anyone notice me? Where will my nephews be? I have to calm down so I can not be a support for my mother, I suddenly see that my sister comes crying and hugs with my brothers, I was relieved to see her and I decided to go ask what was it? Who had died? I went to where my sister was because I wanted to hug her, I felt very bad thinking that I had lost her, when I approached her I asked her what had happened and she ignored me completely, I did not understand her, but maybe it was a matter of the moment I tried to talk to my mother but people did not leave me, there were many people with her trying to comfort her, I got upset, it seemed that my feelings did not matter to anyone, it was as if no one wanted to talk to me.

I sat a little close to where they were, I did not know why they were upset with me, I thought the place was not the best to talk about those things, after a while I see that my sister brings my children and everyone embraces them, I quickly got up from the chair and tried to approach them and the people who were present did not allow me to do so, in that I see that my 2-year-old son is let go of my sister and goes to where I am and picks me up. arms to lift him as I always do, but my 4-year-old daughter runs after him to grab him and takes him by the arm to make him come back and he points where I am and says mama, he sees mama and she answers him there is not mom, and mom is in heaven and I hug him, I could not believe what I had heard, I ran to the operating room to see the body, I wanted to know who had died, when I reach the stretcher and remove the savannah I realize I was the one who had died, I began to remember a ible automobile accident that had suffered, where the driver of a taxi had lost control of the vehicle, after a drunk was crossed, when he tries to dodge it collided with another vehicle that came in the opposite direction and began to spin in the pavement, after that I had been very bad and I was transferred to the hospital where I had emergency surgery and had not resisted the surgery.

I understand everything, it is true that they said that when we die we remember our whole life in fractions of seconds, my spirit went out of my body and I managed to see everything that was happening without knowing it was me, that's why nobody I saw myself, it was not that they were ignoring me, it was that they did not know I was there, God that is going to happen now with my children, they are too young to leave them alone.

- Hello friend, I'm not going to ask you how you feel because I already know.

-You can see me ?, can you hear me?

-clearly! At some point I was like you.

- I do not understand How am I?

-you have died prematurely without fulfilling your mission in life.

-I do not know what my mission was, what I do know is that my children are too young to be left alone.

-That is your mission, your children are going to be very important people in this world and they will achieve it only if you guide them.

I do not understand.

- you are going to be her angel.

-there is something I do not know how it happened but I felt that my son saw me when I was in the waiting room.

-if that happened, that child has a gift that he has to develop for good, you can not go back to life but you will be close to them and you will see them grow and take care of them.

Since that day I have become the guardian angel of my children, it has been 8 months since my accident and still my family reminds me, sometimes I think I did not tell them how much I loved them, if I could return the time everything would be different, I would like to be a better daughter and share more time with my family, I would like to feel a hug for my children, to have another opportunity, be a better person and give my best every day.

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I really like the detached perspective, the concern as to who has died, and the dawning of realisation that it's her. In some ways, this doesn't hit all the prompt but, there was a lot to it and I really enjoyed what you have written.

Results and the next round are out!

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