Tell A Story To Me, And Win 5 SBD! Writing Contest #9 - A Portal Opens... & Winners of #8

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Tell A Story To Me,
Oh The Endless Possibility,
Let Your Imagination Run Free
And Maybe Win Some SBD!

Welcome to Tell A Story To Me. We are back with another prompt, and the results of the last round. Yet again we had a really high standard of stories, and plenty of well deserved curie votes to prove it! Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful tale!

The stories were amazing, yet again, You guys always deliver, and give me a wonderful afternoon, enthralled in worlds of your creation. I am so grateful, it was as difficult as ever to pick a winner, but without further ado!

The Winners #6

First Place

This story did an amazing job of setting the prompt in the background, growing a story out of the world it led to. The characters had a believable depth that made them memorable, creating a story that really pulled me in.

@dirge with The Grand Quiet

I really wanted to give prizes to so many of these fantastic stories, I am so glad so many of you came back to vote so I could give away plenty more! That said, there were still some real stand out stories that were only just pipped to first place,

@gwilberiol @ediblecthulhu and @seesladen

You each get an additional 1 @steembasicincome share for making it so hard to chose!

Author's Choice

Thank you to everyone who came back to vote for the authors choice award, our very well deserved winner this round, getting a 1 @steembasicincome share and 1SBD

@gwilberiol with Ahab

Winning Voter

Normally we only have one winning voter, but this time, all our voters won this time - 1 @steembasicincome share for voting goes to:


Anyone can win 1 @steembasicincome just by voting so even if you don't have chance to enter, you can head back for another chance to win!

The Prizes

First Place - win 5SBD in every round

Second Place - this is triggered once we hit ten entries, and 1SBD and 1 @steembasicincome share

Third Place - this is triggered once we hit twenty entries and is either 1SBD or 1 @steembasicincome share

Stand Out Story - if I am still thinking about your story by the time the next contest goes up, you will win your choice of 1SBD or 1 @steembasicincome share

Author's Choice & Voters Prize - I have a prize for Authors Choice so I am asking everyone who enters to vote for their favourite from the other entries - I will release a list of entries when the contest closes and will be asking for the votes there. One lucky voter will also win!

Round Five


1. One Entry Per Person
2. Prose, poetry, any form of fiction is accepted, as long as you tell me a story based on the prompt
3. Your entry must be written for this contest, and inspired by the prompt
4. Entries must be submitted by Midnight (BST) on Monday August 27th (That gives you two weeks to enter)
5. Use #tellastorytome, you don't have to, but your stories are so good I feel like they deserve their own tag
6. One picture only please, additional images of text are fine, but I want you to tell me a story with words, so only one actual picture
7. First Place wins 5SBD more prizes up for grabs if we get enough entries - sadly if we keep getting no SBD in payouts, this may have to switch to steem
8. Link back to this contest somewhere in your post. I would be really grateful if you also resteemed this contest (not doing so won't get your entry disqualified, but it is very much appreciated to help get the word out there, and more entries means more prizes)
9.I don’t really want to specify how long it should be, so no min length, and aim for under 4,000 but if it goes a little over, don't worry, I normally find myself wishing your entries never ended
10. Post a link to your tale in the comments below

The Prompt

Your entry must be inspired by this prompt, I am looking to hear the story where

Deep below ground, a portal opens...

I am looking for a science fiction/horror/fantasy story about a mysterious portal to another plane/realm/dimension

I want to hear the story of a bridge between dimensions/worlds/realms/whatever on the other side. Something must pass through the portal, one way or another. This doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, and can be the setting in which your story plays out, or it can be the driving force, the rest is up to you! Since we have a bit longer than we used to, I am giving you a broad scope here, just make sure your story grows from this premise.

If you are looking for more ideas, some of the questions you could answer include:
- Is it public knowledge? Who knows? How do those who know react to this?
- What comes through/lies beyond?
- Where did it come from?
- What are the consequences for earth as we know it?

I have left a lot open, and look forward to seeing where you go with this. This could go a lot of ways, and I am looking forward to seeing who's story you chose to tell, and where it takes them.

Don't forget to include a link in the comments!


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Steem On!

The Mono-verse, multi-galaxy approach to this story would certainly be intriguing to pull off. But now I'm wondering if I should include the girl who lives next in a haunted mansion (and you better know her name because it's Ashley!) or Mr. Rip and Tear (or, in the upcoming game, Mr. Slice and Dice) a.k.a. the Doomslayer! I'm all ears for any suggestions on who I should pick. (Also resteem'd.)

Reference to the characters I chucked out casually:
The Doomslayer (Doom)
Wang's Doom2016.jpg
Ashley (Warioware series)
Ashley 15.jpg

Oh I am so excited already! I wana say Ashley, she looks like a real firecracker, but then, mr slice and dice, I love a bit of doom! Ghosts or amazing monsters? Oh it is so hard to chose. Damn it, monsters normally win out in the end but I think I want to hear your story featuring Ashley! Either would be brilliant, you know so well what I love lol! It took sincere effort but I resisted the temptation to make a joke about growing some typing fingers to go with those ears haha I just can't wait to see what you end up with now. Like being allowed to rattle a present but not open it lol

Oh I will make sure Ashley will use the darkest spells and continue brewing the meanest potions. Even if I may be the ingrediant she seeks!

In case you want to hear her theme and her whole lyrics.

Thanks for hosting the contest and congrats to @gwilberiol for their compelling story.

Five days left if this one caught your imagination :)

it certainly did but I'm not sure if I'l manage to write a tale

Thanks for the fun even,t had such a good time! :D And congrats to everyone on the amazing stories! <3 Stoked for the next round!

Can't wait to see your entry come in! Still five days left :)

Thanks for the reminder! :D Have some definite ideas in mind... just hope I can get it all written up in time!

Congratulations to all who participated. Great project. Keep up the good work

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That being said...


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Did I say you are 99 storied shades of awesome? Because you are.

Here's mine...

Once apon a time there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died.

The end

This looks very interesting. I'm going to have to think on this.

Still just over five days left to enter ;)

I'm thinking ....

I'm also going to have a sweet surprise for you soon.

Here's my story:

It's not all in one post and can be a little long if you read every possibility (but still under 4000). But you might get lucky and pick the shortest one, so who knows.

I just realized that each part has a picture, because they're separate posts and I always include one, but they're at the end so...don't scroll all the way down?

Here's my entry! Thanks for the fun contest! :D

Well I finally made it, after doing other things I finally got it going. Anyways, here be me submission: The Spirits' Cave Course for this contest here.

Aww yes! I am so excited!! You had such a good streak of being the first entry, I am used to the torture of waiting the longest to read yours, but I may not make it until next week lol

Thank you so much!

Anyways, thank you for allowing this oppurtunity to happen so I can make this lil’ tale here.

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