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Top morning steemit....
Incase you don't know or haven't heard of a tribe called



Telokanda is a social advertising platform built on the Telos Blockchain where users can buy ads, sell ads and get rewarded for taking actions on other user’s ads.

This tribe has it own native token called Kanda, along side this community as an invention of the challenge app, the challenge app is created for users to challenge and perform certain tasks this creating a social blockchaiñ atmosphere and users will be rewarded by a token called CHL

The KANDA tokens available on @steem-engine and on the Telos wallet. While the chl token has a pegged asset on steemengine

Get your Telos wallet today for desktop or download TELOS WALLET App on Google playstore for Android or App Store for iOS mobile.

A lot of Giveaways from time to time in our discord channel where we reward users with TLOS and KANDA,steem,doge and hive tokens. It will be of high advantage to join our party every Friday for cute 😍 giveaways.

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