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I was very, very excited to try this out today!!!

Although I really had a lot of fun with my CANON REBEL T6, the auto-focus recording mode of the T7i is excellent. In this vlog, I share more about sola.ai while I test out the recording mode. If anyone is not yet familiar with SOLA, you may want to check it out, as it is another online platform that rewards active users with cryptocurrency!!! This is getting exciting!

So far, I've earned over 1200 SOL in my sola wallet... just imagine if the value of SOL crept up to where STEEM or SBD is. Also, what if it became even more valuable than that? Click here to check out SOLA now and start earning some SOL for yourself!



Besides the fact that the ICO for SOL is over, this video should still be pretty accurate and give you more of an idea about it. Enjoy! Here is the invite code that they provided me with : https://sola.ai/papa_pepper

Until next time…

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hey @papa-pepper, we are two homesteaders also in the ozarks of missouri!

thanks for the heads up on SOLA, i'm going to look into that tonight. you were on the cutting edge of steemit before it got over a dolla bill, so i'm going to take your word for it and check out SOLA..

man, us homesteaders gotta get in on this stuff and make money to grow food and take care of the earth.

thanks for all you do!

<3 @mountainjewel


Cool! Let's meet up soon and hang out sometime if you want!

That’d be great. It’d be nice to connect your online presence with a face and personality.

We are all stronger together.

wow , looking lovely

Great post 👍🏼👍🏼 The pics of the mouse on sola were awesome

Thanks! I am really liking this new camera!

Oh @papa-pepper it really helps, giving eyeopener to us, about ICO and SOLA

Well, the ICO is over, but the site and crypto are growing!

Really , ah thanks

canon it's a very good quality camera its good also its result is very good, i really like canon camera @ papa-pepper please visit my blog once and my friend, we really need help.

Wow, we are not done with this yet, now we have another game player. It's getting bigger and better.Thanks @papa-pepper

Yeah, who knows what'll come next!?!?!

I have downloaded it just now but have not being able to post on it. Please can you help me out

I'm not sure. There should be a square with a pencil in it. That is what you click on to make a card.

Camera looks great. Very kind of you to just give that away. These platforms will make the world, I think, more generous. Thank God! Oh and your logo is making me hungry. I'm going to king taco....now.

Where do you live? Which state?

Right now I'm in Arkansas... you?

Indiana. I've spent a lot of time in Arkansas though. Northern Arkansas around Harrison and the Buffalo River :D

I pass through Harrison often!

Small world lol

My aunt and uncle were homesteaders. I loved visiting them for MONTHS at a time. They up and moved to Alaska though... I haven't had a chance to visit them up there. It's a little farther away than I'm used to lol

Thank you for sharing ;)
I used the invite link you provided to check it out :)

It seems to be legit and I like it so far!

Thanks for the info - I've only just started on here a couple of days ago - I'm learning a lot :)

excellent info from the @papa-pepper himself. sola you said and am using your invite link to register now. seems we may have another social media platform like our dear steem. is solar only for vlogging or like steem has every other blogging tags?
thanks for sharing valuable info as always sir

Anything and everything over there!

Wow thanks will check it out. Registered under your link

nice camera friend.

I just created a sola account this morning. Sola could potentially out preform steemit! You just never really know, unless of course you do the research, or have inside knowledge. As a matter of fact, I should go over there and start posting right now! I will have to find you once I get settled in :)

Thanks for this info @papa-pepper. The earlier, the better

I started using Sola, too, and started earning money (nowhere close to 1200 yet, LOL). In terms of meeting a need, I think Sola has a future to kick Instagram's ass because of how fun it is to use, that creators can make money, and its viral technique of spreading photos.

I think that it has tons of potential!

I just have to say man that you are such a character. I really enjoy the posts and I can totally see you being a captain for steemit in the years to come.

I hadn't heard of SOLA before this post. Thanks for sharing. :D

It's interesting, but I think it'll be worth it!

I don't understand most of this stuff, but its interesting to see/read. :D

I just got in on steemit, already trying to make some followers posting comments everyday and blogging everyday, to do the same thing in 2 different platforms will be way to hard...

Thanks for the heads up @papa-pepper on sola.
I learn more from 20 mins. of quick surfing on steemit than anywhere else online.

Nice knowing that people who can post wonderful things still do
Keep it up boss

Thats great point of view @papa-pepper, adjust well and Crystal clear.
Honestly.. Thats impressed me alot.

Thanks for share in detail,, and the video was generous for social communtiy in photo and video steemit friends.

Keep update and inform us about new stuff.
Permission for resteem @papa-pepper


Thank you very much. I'm really impressed with this camera!

So am I,, I will vote if my voting power full.. Keep posting new release.

I'm a fan of the Canon cameras, but agree that the t6i autofocus for video seemed lacking to me. I've heard many reports like yours that say the T7i is better. I'm a fan of SOLA as well :)

Alright, I did it @papa-pepper. I gotta admit, though, TWO crypto blogging sites seems like too many for me: https://sola.ai/improv

Also, it was my first time making a boomerang style gif, so there's that!

I was also looking at the T7i as an affordable entry-level camera. Or maybe even the next step up. How do you like the shots you get with it.

I have been completely impressed and blown away by it!

I like the spirit of investment in you, always at the point. Thanks for sharing, do have time to check my first Dtube. thanks.

Yes! I'm still trying to figure out sola but it seems like a good Instagram style crypto app. I'm digging it.

I like it, I just wish I had a phone that was compatible with the app.

the sound is really good on this. Did you use a mic or is this just the camera mic?

I'm not seeing much action on sola myself. I uploaded a few cards, but I have stopped for now as i'm focusing on my game on Steemit for now.

Maybe once I get it going here, I'll try it out on sola. Not sure if it would transition over to there.

Looking forward to more from the new camera :-)

I noticed that too. It was just the built in mic!

wow that's awesome then. I'd say that was a good buy :-)

This is a great post @papa-pepper. Would like to chexk out more about SOLA. Thanks for sharing this 😊

SOL is on bitshares exchange looks like it is about $0.20/SOL.

Great video vlog , very clear ! Thats an awesome piece of equipment you got there @papa-pepper !Canon is quality ! 😀📷🎥

I recently started vlogging as well although I don't have a fancy camera yet- just an iPhone

This is really getting interesting

looking massive

this is very good and very great.
success for you my friend @papa-pepper

Sola seems perfect for some of my short content like memes! Will check it out through your link, thanks for the info @papa-pepper!

Your new camera is awesome. I like the quality I am seeing...

The course of my registration and getting acquainted with Sola.ai:

  • The page is automatically set into the Russian language. OK, it's probably the closest language to my location, but it offended me.

  • I couldn't register because of some server error. Fortunately, I'm studying IT, so I looked in the console what's happening. Otherwise, I would probably click on the button to register until death, and nothing will happen.

  • Finally, I can start, but I don't know what to do. The page is really weird.

  • I random click on the buttons and try to find out what they are doing.

  • I scroll through pictures of which 90% are downloaded from the internet. Congratulations! At least, I know @papa-pepper.

  • I use the down arrow. Then I want to return to the previous picture, so I logically click the arrow up and kaboom! I spent AP for some picture of a woman's butt downloaded from the internet - several times in a row before I noticed my mistake.

  • I made my post. No one cares, of course.

  • It shows me some posts with a ton of votes, but no new ones. Some of them have some channel. How did they put it there?

  • When setting the avatar, my face in set as a background of my profile. Yeah, this is exactly what I wanted! ><

  • I ignited the laptop and throw it out of the window. Sola.ai never more.

I'm kidding. I just closed the tab in the browser.

I've never seen a more non-user-friendly website in my life. They should do something about it.

Anyway, thanks for introducing this website to me :D

Thank you...I'm checking it out now. I signed up...just have to learn how its used.

Just got myself in sola.ai last night... (in the process of testing and trying also) having fun posting and endorsing card. Thanks for sharing and spreading. This might help for the platform grow like here in steemmit. God bless

Awesome.....We wants your success.

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