@timm I saw that @timm-caja made at least 5 transfers to @estabond in the past few days on your behalf. ( 250 STEEM in total)

I'm not affiliated with @estabond but @estabond is down until 2019.
In fact the last vote @estabond made was 11 days ago, so any transfers you made since then would not have received votes.

So just a heads up don't transfer to that account anymore for upvotes until it is back up.

You should maybe send a .001 STEEM transfer to @estabond and ask for your money back. Hopefully a refund will be granted to you when he/she next logins in.

Also if you want to track the voting weight on posts use replace the "it" in the normal steemit url with "d", so you can see if you got the votes you paid for.

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

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