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Hello Steemians, this is a quick update on the testnet. A new testnet has been deployed with a new Chain ID 0feb08c380aeb483b61a34cccb7271a3a99c47052bea529c4a891622f2c50d75 and is running on branch 20191101-smt-testnet. You can still connect through peer

We’re a bit busy preparing to leave for SteemFest 4 and putting the finishing touches on our presentations. We’ll be opening the conference with a group presentation featuring @elipowell, @vandeberg, @roadscape, and @andrarchy, followed immediately by a Q&A. We will also be giving separate presentations on Smart Media Tokens (@vandeberg and @gerbino) and Hivemind Communities (@roadscape). If you won’t be attending SteemFest be sure to catch the livestreams, and for those attending, we look forward to seeing you there.

The Steemit Team


Please upload livestreams on youtube again. Thanks


If you won’t be attending SteemFest ...

At least I will ... sitting at Dubai airport just now, waiting for the next flight to Bangkok. See you there. :)

see you there.

live stream is gonna be great ---i could not join ..but will obviously check out

Just keep us updated on the live streams please. Even on twitter or anything so we can catch the main presentations.

Wow! I just hope I can be at the steem fest as this is gonna be very interesting apart from meeting with other fellow Steemians, it's a great opportunity to learn more and explore!

Keep us updated. I also hope some regular vlogers will be of great help if they can make a video record and post on dtube or YouTube.

Thanks for sharing this great post 💪❤️

Can we connect to the testnet through the browser?

What changed about this new testnet?

@steemitblog Hi.... sir.... Thanks. testent

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Thank you!!@sahmed123

no need for apologies, as long as you give us update it's fine. good luck ij steemfest

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Still can not use the API @

I understand that's not what it says in the post, but I don't have the ressources to set up my own node just to look at the testnet.

Access to fetch at '' from origin 'null' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. If an opaque response serves your needs, set the request's mode to 'no-cors' to fetch the resource with CORS disabled.

I was told this should be easy to fix on your end.

What are you trying to do and how do you get this error? I think there's no condenser instance running on, so there's no point in just clicking the link in a web browser. I can connect to via python/beem, but haven't had the time to go further...

This is the 3rd time I am commenting on this.
I am using dsteem like this:

<script src="[email protected]^0.8.0/dist/dsteem.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var client = new dsteem.Client('');
    client.blockchain.getCurrentBlockNum().then(function (err, response) {
        console.log(err, response);
var client2 = new dsteem.Client('');
    client2.blockchain.getCurrentBlockNum().then(function (err, response) {
        console.log(err, response);

This is the same code twice, just with different nodes. works, does not work. ( also when I add the port :2001 )

I also tried beem in a similar way (set_shared_steem_instance), actually but also got an error.

Sorry for not checking your previous comments. Add crossorigin="anonymous" to the dsteem load and use the correct testnet url.

<script src="[email protected]^0.10.0/dist/dsteem.js" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var client2 = new dsteem.Client('');'condenser_api', 'get_dynamic_global_properties'
               ).then(function(err, response){
                   console.log(err, response);

Well thanks. That works.

crossorigin = "" does not seem to do anything, and this works with either http and https.

<script src="[email protected]^0.8.0/dist/dsteem.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var client2 = new dsteem.Client('');'condenser_api', 'get_dynamic_global_properties'
               ).then(function(err, response){
                   console.log(err, response);

The above works fine.

So I assume condenser works, but app base does not ?

I'm not vert familiar with dsteem. I get invalid cast errors with 0.8.0, but it seems to work with dsteem 0.10.0.

that @0.8.0 is just an artifact - I copied those lines from somewhere.
I am not very familiar with dsteem or JS in general, either.

How do you get beem to work, then ?

from beem.blockchain import Blockchain
from beem import Steem
from beem.instance import set_shared_steem_instance

blockchain = Blockchain()

testnet = Steem(node=[""])

blockchain2 = Blockchain()

This does not work either, I tried variations of the url with port and without and http https ...

the 2001 is the seed node port, you don't need that. The following seems to work for me:

>>> from beem import Steem
>>> s = Steem(node='')
>>> s.rpc.get_version()
{'blockchain_version': '0.23.0', 'steem_revision': 'ece53e85f7718a4b10aadf0b46e3ddbab0db3117', 'fc_revision': 'ece53e85f7718a4b10aadf0b46e3ddbab0db3117'}
>>> from beem.blockchain import Blockchain
>>> b = Blockchain(steem_instance=s)
>>> b.get_current_block_num()

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I think @misterdelegation is one of your accounts.

Keep up the good work. A video would make much more sense. Thanks for sharing the continuous updates.

i would love to be among what do i need to do?

Where are we able to find the livestreams if we're not going? I trust there will be replays available too?

Por favor quien me ayuda, no puedo subir iIMAGENES a mi blog ME DA ERROR CUALQUIER IMAGEN.

excelente.... tecnologia de vanguardia

Very gooooooood

Cannot wait for the livestreams!

Looking forward to the live stream. Great job Steemit Team

The creative aspect of steemit is overwhelming. Lol. I will try and keep up. Thanks

This is gomna be cool, its just a pity i cant join, hoping to see live streams though

Hello guys. I'm new here. Forgive me for asking. I have a problem. I try to power up but it did go to the savings my mistake .what should i do 😘

Awesome, thanks to STEEMPEAK UI, I didn't see those news :( A good excuse to be back to Steemit ;)


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Does this affect the price of SBD or STEEM coin?

excellent update all the best for the platform!

Please upload livestreams

hola no me deja entrar en dtube y recien ingrese,teneis algun tipo de tutorial en español ?

Whenever you land could this account PLEASE set an avatar? From the point of view of trying to explain this place to non-geek external people, it would help if when we try to talk about important developments, the account giving out great information doesn't look like an NPC spam account.

Thank you for all you're doing, spend 1 minute putting an avatar and perhaps a header on this account.