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Even if you have a TETHER or not, this news is important.
First of all, (USDT) may be D List at any time,Any Exchange like Binance
The reason Gave a notice toTETHER
BITFINEX and TETHER run the same company New York Court has given notice to BITFINEX. ''SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF NEW YORK''
Gave time until 5th of May To make a presentation TETHER has been under the impression that $ 850 has been stolen. May be two important things, That's the first thing that the TETHER company might stop. Because the company has given a response but it is so bad response that you will be frustrated to hear it,
But fear is one TETHER may be closed at any time Because the notice came from the court.
At this time I think it is very risky to keep TETHER