Devastating Cost From Recent Winter Storm in Texas

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There is a devastating cost that Texas will face thanks to the recent winter storm and severe weather that rolled through. It's estimated that this storm could cost more than any other in history for the state. Millions of people had to deal with no power and no water for days, bursting pipes and significantly destroyed homes and property damage.

The power grid reportedly came within an inch of months-long failure that could have been catastrophic, unlike anything they've seen before. The storm already managed to inflict a great deal of damage without that happening and still there were millions having to go without electricity and clean water for days. Road conditions were hazardous and several lives were lost. They will be rebuilding and cleaning up from this storm for some time yet.

More than 18k claims have been filed for burst pipes in homes and businesses around the state.
They are also going to have to worry about mold now after all of that flooding too. The average pipe claim could be $10k or more that gets paid out, based on past experience with those claims.

The recent texas winter storm is set to become one of the largest insurance claim events in history.
Millions of gallons of water has leaked and many properties have been destroyed. This is certainly a region that doesn't see weather like this very often and with the failure of leadership at various levels, they weren't ready to deal with what came.

Plumbers around the state are going to be very busy for some time helping thousands of people repair the damage that had been inflicted by this winter storm. When they might get up to 10 calls a day on an average day, now they're getting probably 100+ or more since the pipes started to burst around the region for many.

They are getting a record number of calls. Some Texans are even traveling out of state to get the supplies to fix their own or fix others. There are also skilled professionals coming in from other areas of the U.S. to help those in need.

Various businesses have come in to help in this time of need for so many. Whether that's helping with burst pipes, giving people free food, offering a clean and warm place to sleep, they've come together to give to those most in need and suffering in the community and it has been great to see.



What political fallout do you expect from this disaster?

Oh dear This is really sad. I hope the government finds a very swift way of responding to the plight of these victims.

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