Texas Gov Calls for Investigation Into Group Overlooking Power Grid

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The winter weather in Texas has left millions without power and now government lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the group that oversees the state power grid.

They want to know what caused the problem and how they reacted to try and solve it. Millions have been without power for days.

They are criticizing the group for not being reliable for the decades and say it's unacceptable to have so many Texans without power for so long in those freezing temperatures.

Time For More Government?

Privatization of the power grid is being blamed for the problem by some.
Wind turbines have also been blamed for a failure to operate during these harsh weather conditions, a claim which has been disputed.

The problem isn't privatization itself but perhaps it is the lack of competition in the market as well as vulnerabilities with the system itself such as a desperate need for some infrastructure upgrades.

The state shouldn't need to import power from others if they could explore competitive alternatives and seek to fuel as much variety and competition as possible.

Right now, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is the group that oversees power for 90 percent of the state.

When they are having a problem then you have to wait for them to get it fixed, you have limited options. They need more who are looking to provide that product to the tens of millions living in this region. Maybe then they'd make those necessary investments and upgrades to try and maintain a quality service to provide to their customers who would have many other options of where to go.

Now companies are also telling customers to brace for seeing higher prices for their electricity too and that this might go on for some days.

The energy company still can't say for many when they might be getting power back. Storms are bound to happen and sooner or later the power companies might fail for one reason or another at delivering that product. But if there are more options in the market for the consumer then they have more freedom available to them to go about trying to solve that need.


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