Variable Hydro Rates Means Some In Texas Are Facing Thousands in Electricity Bills

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For some in Texas they've got fixed hydro rates but for others who have variable rates, they have recently seen a significant increase in the cost for their electricity. For some that might have spent around $1,200 for the entire year last year on this service, they could find themselves paying more than that per month now because of the winter storms and power grid issues in Texas right now.

People have been posting their electricity bills on social media to share what they have been facing as they've been dealing with the crisis in Texas.

Along with power outages for days people are also facing issues with pipes bursting and the flooding of their homes, offices, schools, and other venues. They have also been lining up for hours to try and get food from restaurants in the area.

Suppliers Getting Low
The dangerous road conditions are also making it more difficult to replenish the stock on the shelves that has been cleaned out by many.

Some Texans have been going to the store and seeing empty shelves for things like meat, toilet paper, and other essential goods once again. But it should only be a matter of days or weeks before that gets back to normal.

Last year, COVID-19 prompted many stores in this state to seek to diversify their supply chain and that is going to help them to navigate this problem here with the storm as well. There is plenty of food and water in the surrounding states, it just needs to make its way to those who need it in Texas right now.

It has been a gross failure of leadership at several levels, with some lawmakers seen leaving for Mexico, while others tell you that they owe you nothing after taking your money from you for decades.

Their power grid allegedly came within minutes of catastrophic failure that could have meant months without power. There are many who are suffering today and will be cleaning up from the storm for some time yet.

Still hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power in Texas.
And they will have serious water issues to deal with too after many had their pipes burst and significant damage inflicted to their homes and other buildings.
For those who haven't checked their electricity bills yet in Texas they might be in for a surprise, as some have seen theirs go up by thousands within just days.