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Wow! This is happening! Very shocking! Not very wise thing to do to damage one’s own reputation!

The division started because there was not enough transparency about the distribution of rewards, as some people might think it was not fair and only favorite accounts always get the rewards, favoritism.

Some perhaps think that leaders get most of the rewards and did not put these back into the accounts to increase voting power, in order to be able to give more rewards to followers’ posts! If this could be cleared up, this could no longer be the reason for creating misunderstanding.

The compensation issue of those working for the community will always be a sensitive point. I think people should not work for free, but the agreements were not transparent. Some envious people can easily use this to create division.

Everything follows karmic law, so I just wait and see. Hope that the division can disappear one day.

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Yes, it is happening to a bigger scale than we thoughts. We are well aware of the fact that division was the result of some kind of jealousy mostly driven by one person. We get some rewards to take care of the community and it is not big at all. People have no idea about the amount of work that is involved. About favoritism, I really don't get it because we upvote people on the quality of their posts and never look at the name or even "side", the criteria to get upvoted is the #thai and the quality of the post. But I also know that there was a lot of fake news from the same person. We are not about money if we were when people come to complain to us about the same person bad behaviors as a Tasteem curator, and we bring the problem to the light, we can have taken the position but instead, we choose to give the chance to one people that weren't following us. I think we are more than fair we have no side and upvote whoever is following the rules with no distinction of who is doing what. We are not here to look at what people think. I also, encourage all community members to apply for some curator positions, they are many apps that require curators and we will recommend them if needed. Those who are in needs of power at all cost have applied at many apps. After concerning all the "fake news" we really don't give it a follow, only when we have some people complaining we have to step in. For this person, many of his followers have come forward to complain of abuses, so we've done our job. After, knowing the guy I am well aware that he continues to spit his venom on us and I have to say that it is his own problem we don't give it a thought. Jealousy has always been a problem in humanity and the best is to not look at it and keep doing our job for the good of our community. About the power up issue, we just added 2500 Steem to Tookta account, but the way I see things is it has to be not only one side, but most of the people in the community are also just keep withdraw and don't bring any good, they have to understand that it is a community work and everyone has is part of responsibility to play in the wealth of the community. On the other hand, we cannot tell them what to do with their earnings, so we have to deal with it. Life and even virtual life is never easy but time always brings the light.

Thank you for your detailed reply. People will not judge the quality of their own posts, they expect the big rewards naturally.

Greed is a weak point which can be manipulated by other people. I see some people hardly power up at all so their earnings will remain small. This is individuals’ investment or non-investment decision.

Good to know that the Thai account got more voting power. I see that the curator of Tasteem gets a generous compensation for the job. This is why there’s so much division about rewards distribution.

I think this is a real test for the Thai people here whether they would have the wisdom to see the right way and do the right things in this platform.

Could I ask you about Weku?
There are several Thai people there. Are that platform tokens really worth people’s effort?! It’s a Chinese base with future ICO. The format is similar to Steemit. Is it a good investment of time to earn some tokens from Weku?

Astrologically or superstitiously speaking, I don’t think the sound of the name is that auspicious. The vibes are not right somehow!
Thais are superstitious!

Thanks for all your good effort.

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To maintain the community and make things work in the best interest of all is a difficult task but we work at it. For Weku, I already look at it and I always think about why these people cannot make something that is not a Steem clone. I really don't see it as a future success story, it takes time to arrive at the same level than Steemit and may never be at this level. Steem is one of the top three blockchain in the world. In fact, Weku reminds me of Golos, that is a clone of Steemit but they have changed their interface since then. Today it is only Russian, Weku maybe the same in the Chinese way. I am quite confident that Steemit is far ahead. But this is my opinion and I am not a fortune teller, so it is difficult to say for sure.

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