So the wife bought some new broomsticks......

in #thailand6 months ago

The old one was worn out so when the 'Brushman' came by, she bought three new ones. Why three? Not sure really because she can only ride one at a time....

It's not like she ever does any sweeping with them, that's my department.


I would've thought that those rather stiff looking twiggy outside broom types would have been better for flying on, but what do I know?


The 'Brushman'. It seems tickling stick sales are slow since Doddy brought the final curtain down!

It also appears that it's unlucky to have three brushes in the room together. I found this out after wondering why she'd left one in the kitchen and two outside for the neighbour's pesky black cat to piss all over every night. So I brought them inside to take a picture of them at which point she yelped out in a sound that was oh so similar to a vampire having its heart pierced by a silver dagger. Her Mum who was on the phone at the time cast a disapproving glance in my direction, covered with an owl face that had accidentally being applied to Line chat in my wife's moment of triple broom anguish....


And so now I am informed that I will have three years bad luck which is was my 6th wedding anniversary yesterday so that's a 50% discount by my reckoning!

Stay safe and stay sane. Best wishes


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