GrumpyCat Weekly Report Thursday 03 May 2018

26 April - 03 May 2018 @GrumpyCat Activity Report

  • This report is prepared by @the-resistance to inform public on the activity of @GrumpyCat.
  • All the information in this report is based on facts and data. Any comment is defined as Comment in the following post.

Weekly Downvote and Self Upvote status of @GrumpyCat (@madpuppy)



Another week of @GrumpyCat fighting with @Haejin.
But in the meantime, he still continues to hurt minnows.

Normally his self-upvote / downvote performance was 3:1.
For downvoting the minnows, this didn't change.
Minnows are still hurt with 380 SBD stripped unfairly by GrumpyCat.

Checking his self-upvotes, 826 SBD shows that approximately 3:1 ratio is still valid for GrumpyCat.
What is extra?
Grumpycat sacrifices his self-upvotes and minnow downvotes for flagging Haejin.
448 SBD of his votes are spared on him.
This means fewer minnows are hurt!

As The -Resistance, we still believe that this is a tribute given to self-upvoter flagging whales so, they don't flag his self-upvotes on his meaningless comments.


Sort: puppy/re-johnsil-healthy-muffins-banana-coconut-and-chunky-chocolate-muffins-20180505t005356986z

Did steemit's "API" went out of control again?
How many upvotes did you and firedream give tr4n515t0h3d93?

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