The most famous thirty-six stratagem in military history?(Part I)

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What is the most famous thirty-six stratagems in military history?

(1) Out of thirty-six stratagem(Art of war from Master Sun),

the last one is ------to get away is the best plan.

To get away does not mean to run away. There are two meanings in this strtagem:

(a) After analysis of the situation,Withdraw before the appearance of complete defeat.But not to fight to the end on impulse and lose the whole army. This is the most important test of the a commander's wisdom.

(b) Before the confrontation between the two sides, pretend to retreat and show our weakness to the enemy. there are two benefits:

1st, to let enemy underestimate us.

2nd, to deplete the enemy's strength through planned retreat.

You must understand to preserve your strength on the batterfield is your first priority if you are a commander. If your enermy is too strong, you have to retreat stratagically and avoid enemy's edge. You must win with as few casualties as possible as you can. To win with heavy casualties is not a victory but a tragedy.

But the war is cruel. The casualties are inevitable . That is why you must learn another stratagems to protect your army and to win the war finally if you are a qualified commander.

So here comes the 2nd stratagem from the thiry-six stratagem------

(2) To rescue the Alpha army who is in danger through attack on Belta army or besiege Belta army in purpose.

If you just read the above sentence literally.You can get the 1st stratagem.

But there is anther real meaning as follows:

When the enemy is too strong, you must avoid a positive battle with them.You can take roundabout tactics to force the enemy to disperse its forces to destroy them one by one OR you can seize the weak link of the enemy to launch an attack and kill the enemy. Our purpose is to contain or enchant the enemy and win them finally.

As a commander in the battlefield, Sometimes we can not just retreat even your enemy is very strong.But it doesn't mean we must fight with them directly. We can try to use this stratagem to avoid heavy casualties and defeat the enemy eventually.

The above two stratagems are what I explained today. So you guys can learn it carefully first.