The most famous thirty-six stratagem in military history?(Part II)

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Today Let me introduce you the 1st stratagem from the thirty-six stratagem------

To hide from the Gods and sail across the sea.

You must think this is a myth and it is not possible to do it in reality. This is just a metaphor and the real meaning is to use lies and camouflage to hide our true intentions from the enemy,then take action secretly.

we can read and understand the above sentense from different angles.

(1) Careful preparation or tight guard will make people slack.It will lead to failure normally.

(2) The people or things we saw ordinarily, we often do not doubt about them.But the danger is always from those ordinary people or things.

(3) We can hide the real secrets in public things, but not hide it in opposition to public things.We will often get better results.

(4) A secret strategy is often not carried out in a hidden place.

(5) We can use tactics to paralyze or confuse enemies first, and then attack when they are lax.

Hoping you can understand it better. If you have any new idea,pls share it to me.

The next stratagem I talk about is------destroy enemies with borrowed weapon.

People said it is so easy to borrow a weapon to destroy enemies in reality. But the real meaning of this stratagem is as follows:

(1) To destroy enemies without appearance

(2) To destroy enemies without enemies' knowing.

(3) To destroy enemies through 3rd party.

This is one of the most intelligent strategy. If you can learn it very well in the future.You will be A invisible and terrible existence.

Will be continued......