Challenge: Selfie With Your Family, Total Prize 50 STEEM

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The Diary Game" is almost over with only a few days left, many steemians are active and involved in The Diary Game so far, and that is a positive value for the steemblockchain.

For this occasion I want to do something different than I usually do on "The Diary Game" and for other contests as well, but today I want to enliven Steem for the rest of The Diary Game.

Today I have a thought to make a challenge for steemians and everyone can be involved in this excited challenge.

The challenge is: "Selfie with Your Family"

The goal of this challenge is none other than solely to share life experiences that have been lived with family.

As far as my experience in Steem platform, only a few Steemians who wrote about their family.

In my opinion, family is everything and family deserves to be brought into all aspects of life (positive).

Tell the journey of your life with your family, each of your stories is very valuable.

The Selfie Family Challenge that we will create refers to several important things, namely:


  • Post Your Selfie photo with family "Original" can be more than one.
  • Write a post (English) about how you enjoy life with your family at least 300 words.
  • Comment this post with the link to your post of family challenge post
  • Use #familychallenge as one of your tag
  • Announcement is 7 days after This Post.
  • The winner will be contacted

Total Prizes for Family Selfie Challenge

  • Winner1 ----> 25 Steem
  • Winner2 ----> 15 Steem
  • Winner3 ----> 10 Steem


The Jury who will judge this Challenge are myself @steemadi & my friend @el-nailul

I really hope to get support from @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemcurator08 for the success of this challenge



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