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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 23 - Get to know your Country Representatives

I really want Steemit T-Shits for the Turkish Community.

I want to be the Representative of the Turkish Community and prepared a post introducing myself. Would you check ? I will also actively participate in diary games and other events. @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Contact Discord: alikoc07 # 5714


We will certainly consider having a Country Representative in Turkey.

How many active Steemians are there in Turkey now?

There are no users currently very active in Turkey can say. But I can say that they do not know the activities in detail and they do not have information about how to participate. I can translate the information shared daily in Steemitblog, and I can also provide information about the rules required to win awards in events such as diary game, shopping game. I had previously created a community for monthly community curation and applied. Turkish Users gave me a lot of support here. I am sure that if I become a representative, we will increase the number of users by establishing the "SteemTurkey" community by supporting the quality and original content of Turkish users together. Two years ago, a company had done content and contests in this way, and then our number of active users was quite high. Currently, the Turkish Community is sharing posts there because they receive support from some communities on the Hive platform. @steemitblog