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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 23 - Get to know your Country Representatives

I would like to be considered for a USA Representative spot. I AM a diehard STEEMER and always recruiting people to our beloved platform. You will have a hard time finding a more LOYAL supporter than myself in the USA. As you probably know I also run GREEN HOUSE RADIO and always interact with people across multiple platforms, being sure to bring a postive light to Steemit. @steemitblog

Good afternoon @fracasgrimm; In which city are you located? In my healing process I sometimes meet some English-speaking users, It would be interesting to form a core of users in North America that help to activate different internal communities There are many Latinos living in the United States, whom I could very well support directly with ideas and strategies to grow together.

I live in Casa Grande, Arizona. I am a Caucasian, so while I fully support people of all culture, I do not have a direct connection to any Latino communities or causes.

Hi @fracasgrimm, active Steemians in the USA seem to be quite thin on the ground at present.

Do you know of many others in the US?

Yes. A good portion of the people I know here are from US.

How many active Steemians do you think there are in the USA now?

I guess I can do a poll? Is this one of the questions asked of other country reps? I am not feeling the love for the USA much. Why would it matter? We exist. No denying we have users here from the USA. Is there a minimum number needed to have an official community rep? Hey where did most of steemitinc once reside? Texas or something? WTF.

I’m a American and use Steem every day. Haven’t been super active, but we still here