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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 23 - Get to know your Country Representatives

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Hello there @SteemitBlog. Thank you @anroja for redirecting me to this post. Here was my application to be a country representative from the Philippines.
My Application To Steem POD and Country Representative | Philippines
I have already recruited 5 people to do the #thediarygame and more to come. Thank you so much in advance.


Saya senang anda terlibat dan aktif. Ini juga akan memudahkan saya sebagai kurator komunitas di Asia Tenggara. Kita bisa bekerja sama saling membantu dan mempromosikan Steem.

saya berterima kasih atas dukungan Anda. ini mendorong tingkat motivasi saya untuk aktif di sini karena saya memiliki sesama orang Filipina yang bergabung dengan saya di sini dan juga akan mendukung mereka sepanjang jalan.

i am thankful for your support. this drove the level of my motivation to be active here because i have my fellow Filipinos who joined me here and would also be supporting them all the way.

Saya akan selalu mendukungmu kawan

Hi @fycee, are you part of Team Philippines, or did you just set it up for The Diary Game?

Hello @steemitblog, I am an admin of @steemitpowerupph. A grpup of Filipinos that aims to power up our steem power monthly and focuses more on cryptocurrencies.

I am also an ambassador of APPICS to the Philippines where I support and guide a lot of Filipino users. Currently our community on appics is really active. So here I am trying to also make them active here on Steemit back again thru #TheDiaryGame and yes created Team-Philippines for this. Thank you so much for responding.