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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game Season 2 - Team Winners Announcement

in #the1000daysofsteem6 months ago (edited)

Hi @steemitblog, why is the winner always the same person, yesterday they were elected, today they were also the champion. This is unfair.

I am a little confused by your work, a system like this does not make this community more advanced, try more relevant. he said for mutual interests, but the reality that happened instead.


Why do you keep posting such ridiculous nonsense comments?

Unless you have something useful and sensible to add please do not comment on the @steemitblog posts.

Hi @Steemcurator01, do you not understand my English. You never take it fair. If there is input, you never want to define it

@steemcurator01 why do you sign -(min) in my posts? even though it is my own writing, and the pictures I posted are all mine, give me a reasonable answer, so that I will be quiet.