1000 DAYS OF STEEM : A Register of Developers

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So far in the 1000 Days of Steem most of our attention has been on content, communities and recruitment.

We now want to turn some of our effort to another important aspect of the Steem platform - development.

Steem has already admirably demonstrated that with its fast, fee-less transactions and with its ready community of early adopters, that it is an ideal platform for the development of apps and dApps.

For this we are very much looking to the community for the new ideas and initiatives.

A Register of Developers

When we launched The Steem Entrepreneurs Program last week we were delighted to see people coming forward with ideas and suggestions.

Through that program we hope we can help some of the projects progress and reach fruition.

While the Steem Entrepreneurs Program is not designed to finance or incubate large scale developments, there will likely be a number of projects that will require and benefit greatly from having access to some technical development skills.

The project initiators may be held back by not having those development skills themselves.

However we have noticed, particularly through the Diary Game, that there are a considerable number of new people who have technical developments skills of various types and various levels.

There is also a body of existing developers, particularly among the witnesses, who already have considerable experience of developing on the Steem platform - people like @steemchiller, @justyy, @hightouch, @marcosdk and the @wherein team come to mind.

To help bring all this technical talent together we would like to pick up on an idea mentioned by Tino Curione @famigliacurione in one of his recent Tino Take podcasts.

We would like to set up a Register of Developers for anyone with technical development skills who is interested in working on projects on Steem.

In the first instance this will be quite informal and we are just asking developers to make a comment below with an outline of the skills they have and at what level.

If anyone wants to make a post with more details and link it in the comment that will be even better.

Once we have seen how many people come forward we will consider how we can make it more more structured and formalized.

We are also interested to hear from university level students who are currently studying Computer Science related subjects. If you are such a student please mention what university you are studying at, the specific course you are studying and what year you are in.

The Register of Developers is not in any way an application for working for Steemit. This is more about bringing people in the community together who might want to work on projects.

Such projects could well be supported by the Steem Entrepreneurs Program.

As ever this is something of an experiment. We don't know yet what skills are available in the community.

We hope the Register of Developers might provide a catalyst to help new projects, apps and dApps get built on Steem.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

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The prizes on offer this month are even more impressive...

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Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Steem-Engine project is abandoned and I think it would be a good time to develop a platform to offer Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Fungible Tokens (FT) that can be added to the upcoming SMT.

Is that a project you would be interested to work on?

It would be a great project and very interesting. In my opinion, more documentation and publicity is needed about the development of subchains on Steem Blockchain and the definition of new and customized smart contracts to facilitate the adoption of more applications. The basic Steem mainchain smart contract is not enough.

Addressing the project of a new platform to mint NFTs and FTs would be a good opportunity to extend also that documentation.

Thank you very much for bringing some attention to my idea! I'm getting messages from developers who are gathering their talents to hopefully begin working on the details. I think it would be great for Steem to implement this alternative "Trickle Up Ecosystem" with other cryptocurrencies which could bring in new capital, as well as new users!

For more information:

Great, this is what Steem really needs.

We and the Nutboxs team are developing Steem DeFi (nutboxs.com is testing), and the Aksai team are developing a new Dapp-Aksai, a social media based on geographic location.

Hope that more partners will join us to promote the development on Steem.

《WhereIN ecosystem Nutboxs testnet online, first Steem DeFi ever!》


Hello, we are cryptomission team.

We are developing steem mobile dapp "cryptomission" for helping steemian make a good habit and keep it. With our app, steemian can write post easily such as instagram app.

We hope our app will be one of the best steem dapps. So we want to contribute our steem community more active. We will prepare posting for Steem Entrepreneurs Program. We need power and support from steemit and steem community.

Thank you.

Hi, nice a new app. Any chance you could post your updates from the Steemit UI?
Please also join our discord as we are going to coordinate/promote some projects very soon!

Our goal is to bring the teams together, you might need some extra hands in the future too?

Thank you for your interest.

It would be nice if we could create something synergy together. Yes. We also want to promote.

I think this sounds a great idea bringing on board the Number of Developers around the globe into Steem Ecosystem. Yes, it has been quite long time we invited Developers into Steem to support the technical aspects of apps and dapps. I really know of @steemchiller very good when it comes to the Steem app and dapps developers. But a lot more of his kind is needed to help so that they can form teams ideally supporting steem growth. I think the idea of inviting University graduate who are pursuing specialized course of IT tech is very great, the young must always step and occupy the position if the old men retire or are no more there. Thanks for bringing this amazing ideas to help steem move forward!🙏😀

I really like this great idea that inviting University level student

I'm a professional digital marketer. And learning 3D animation. If there is any plan with these sector that would be great for us. Hope we will get some opportunity in near future.

Hi, please join our discord as we are going to coordinate some projects of our community members who asked us for help with their ideas. https://discord.gg/PX3XgzA


@steemitblog. Thank you so much for the many amazing projects and programs rolled out. We are barely keeping up, which is such a great thing. This pool of developers is a welcomed idea. Non-technical users of Steemit can have access to them, and work together on projects with great potential. We can't just imagine where Steemit will be in the next few months, but the potential for growth with these projects is amazing.

Thanks for mentioning our contest. Steem to the moon!!!

Thanks for the mention @steemitblog. I'm pretty good at banners design and despite having another proffessional title, I'm currently working as a Community Manager and one of my tasks is posts design. I really love it, just in case there is any project related with that.

Great idea!!

Thank you for all the information you bring us, very useful to continue working with enthusiasm and affection. I love the number of contests that have been opened and that give Steemit a lot of life. Continue the successes in this enriching platform, meeting of multiple languages and cultures

Gracias por toda la información que nos traes, muy útil para seguir trabajando con entusiasmo y cariño.
Me encanta la cantidad de concursos que se han ido abriendo y que dan mucha vida a Steemit.
Qué sigan los éxitos en esta enriquecedora plataforma, encuentro de múltiples idiomas y culturas

Hi, i am so glad to hear about this opportunity. I am a Software engineer from Sri Lanka with around three year experience and currently working in Japan. Yeess i want to work in projects. Thank you looking forward to more updates.

Thanks for amazing project that you rolled out here. But i am a commerce student and if any things related to commerce than please tell me i am really excited if you tell me to do something for our hole community.
Thank you

Hi, it's glad to hear that there is opportunities for devlopers on steemit project. Yes i would like to work on your projects as a developer. Curently i have 3 year experience on IT field and now i am working in Japan as a software engineer. I hope this details are enough for you. If you want to get to know more details about my skills please reply to my message in here.
#onepercent #srilanka #japan

Greetings friends @steemitblog.

I think it is correct and admirable that you put a little bit of your attention in developing the good projects that have been presented in Steemit, there are very good talents that need a little support to start or to get momentum. If we do this efficiently we will achieve a resounding success in the future.

I love the idea of recruiting programmers or developers, I like this discipline of study but I have not had the dedication it deserves to achieve good knowledge.

Successes friend.

I am student of ICT, in which I am learning App development, web development and Graphic designing. If there will be any work for me I would love that.

Excelente cada proyecto, cada iniciativa que nos brindan para crecer y emprender nuevos retos felicidades me gusta la iniciativa..!!

Thank you for beautiful project and Programing roll. I join very soon

I love your initiative it is great to involve students who have good study skills @steemitblog

Hello @steemitblog,

I am a holder of B-tech(Bachelors degree in software engineering and computing).
I am also working presently as a back end web developer using PHP, at Y'G, a company here in my city.

I also have knowledge of python, AI, ML as i do study and research on them during my free time.

Hello! I'm a third year student at Drexel University studying Computer Engineering, though I started as Computer Science. Drexel is unique in that we work full-time half the year and study half the year. So I just finished a six-month job at a major cable company working for a software engineering team. My skills include intermediate experience with Python and Javascript (I developed web apps as part of my job), good familiarity with Linux systems and bash scripting, and experience with Java developing an Android app project.

Thank you for this. Hope you can get involved in some projects on Steem.

Hi I'm really excited by this announcement!

Would new musical compositions or poems count as crafts?

Thank you for all that you are doing for Steem!

We have lots of ideas here, but to materialize the idea into reality, we need these talented developers! I hope with this initiative they all step forward and show us what they have in store for us and willing to help with creating a great dapps for us steem community to use😃
Can you all build an app for auction with steem token, something like Craiglist hybrid with auction features? 😄

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Not to worry @hasi86 your post would surely get a visit, as long as they follow the rules. Even after the end of the contest, votes would still roll out to posts

I hope so. Thank you @doppley Thank you so much for reassuring me this time.

My pleasure :)

Thank you for providing this platform, A Register of Developers, and the opportunity to us.

I have added my expertise in the post here.

Thank you.

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Good move steem team. Here is Js and Python Developer at both sides of the Stack. Proficient in both languages at equal levels, would really put in my arm to any project within or even outside my main stack. I hope to see you @vidder on the wheel too

Hi, I would like to see the possibility of my contribution to this amazing opportunity. I am a Computer Science graduate currently working in Japan. I am looking forward to help for the growth of this project as best as I can.
Thank you very much.
#onepercent #srilanka #japan

What programming languages do you specialize in?

Thank you very much for your response.
Mostly I have experienced in TypeScript, Java Script, Java ...etc.
And also I have learned C++, Python languages too.

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Pleses see my post @rasel72


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Haven't you been banned from the Diary Game for running duplicate accounts?

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