1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 20 - The Shopping Game, The Diary Game and other updates

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The Shopping Game has now ended.

It was extremely interesting learning so much about how people shop around the world.

Tomorrow Season 2 of The Diary Game begins.

We believe it is going to be the largest event ever held on Steem.

Good luck to everyone who is taking part.

The Shopping Game Ends

The Shopping Game has now finished.

You have until the end of Saturday, August 1st to make your final posts for any shopping you have done up to July 31st.

We will still be curating the remaining posts for the next few days.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We have learnt so much from your posts.

If people enjoyed The Shopping Game we might bring it back for another season later in the year.

The Diary Game Begins

Season 2 of The Diary Game starts on Saturday, August 1st.

This will be a mighty challenge for everyone - particularly the curators.

There will be 3 members of the Steemit Team doing the curation - @steemcurator02 focusing on Spanish language posts, @steemcurator05 focusing on Chinese and Korean posts, and @steemcurator01 covering all other posts and supporting the other two curators when larger votes are needed.

Please remember that votes will not come instantly but anytime in the 7 day voting window.

And also remember that if posts do not follow all the rules published yesterday they may not be voted or commented on at all.

We will be very grateful if everyone makes a great effort to follow the rules, and also to leave friendly, helpful comments on other people's posts reminding them about the rules if they are not following them.


If you spot anyone using #thediarygame on posts that are not relevant please politely ask them not too.


We will be picking up all the teams over the first few days, and will then publish a list for everyone to check.

It is important if you are in a team to mention the team name at the bottom of your post, ideally linked back to your team announcement post.

That will help us spot any we have missed.

The Lucky 10s

The Lucky 10s 10% upvote rewards for comments on Shopping Game posts has been popular.

100 people have received over 300 Lucky 10 votes so far.

We will therefore be continuing this for good comments on Diary Game posts.

Comments giving helpful tips and advice about improving the diary posts, will particularly be likely to attract Lucky 10 votes, as well as comments that are truly engaging with the diary post content.

Country Representatives

We are keen to add to the Country Representatives on an ongoing basis.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest on the recent post. We will be checking in on each of you over the coming days.

Season 2 of The Diary Game will provide an ideal opportunity for anyone that wants to impress us to be selected as a Country Representative. If you regularly make great diary posts, if you make a lot of helpful comments on other people's diary posts, or if you recruit people to join the Game you will attract our attention.

Also if you are taking part in events like @kiwiscanfly's SPUD event, or even organizing contests of your own.

All those things mean we will spot you...

Our first additional Country Representative is @ernaerningsih who we hope will be joining the STEEM POD as a second Representative for Indonesia.

She will be working with @anroja to run the Community Curator account for South East Asia.

@ernaerningsih, please would you confirm in a comment below that you are willing to become a Country Representative for Indonesia, then we will arrange the delegation.

Steemit T-Shirts

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest in getting the Steemit T-Shirts.

We are just checking out shipping costs then we will be making an announcement about the T-shirts next week.

Tomorrow will be a big day with the launch of Season 2 of The Diary Game.

We are looking forward to reading all your fascinating diaries.

Let the Game begin!

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Yes, i really want to become a country representative for indonesia. Thank you so much for the trust given.
My Discord : ernaerningsih#3755
My Email : [email protected]

I am very happy to read the comments of ibuk @ernaerningsih to become the curator of Indonesian representatives trusted by @steemitblog

I strongly support this work, and all will prosper

Congratulations, mother @ernaerningsih

Terima kasih banyak atas dukungan nya @f21steem. The Diary Game Season 2 sudah dimulai untuk 50 hari ke depan. Mari ikut serta meramaikan kontes ini. semoga kesuksesan selalu menyertai kita semua.

Thank you so much Natali. Hope you could share your experience in becoming a curator.

Yes, my dear @ernaerningsih. You will have to read a lot of posts, evaluate how they comply with the rules and requirements of @steemitblog.
Depending on the content: interesting, humorous, beautiful photos you can give an upvote of 30-40% or higher, it all depends on the number of your participants.
If the content is weak, then 10-20%. Meaningful comments 5-6%.
Your participants should be happy that @steemcurator01 gave them the opportunity to receive additional remuneration from you as a curator08, because then our @steemcurator01 will also come to them.
Let's share experiences in this season of the game diaries. Maybe you can give me useful advice, I will definitely listen. Thanks and good luck!

Thanks so much Natali. It so meaningful for me. I need to learn a lot from you and another friend.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

Please make contact with @anroja to work out how you will use @steemcurator08 together.

Ok, i will. Thank you so much

All I can say is thank you for your effort to envigorate the steem community @steemitblog :D

And thank you for joining in The Diary Game - good luck in Season 2!

Wow that's really good idea, again you giving support for comments in Diary Game sessions 2,that's really cool idea. Hope it get good success once again.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Keep on commenting and be lucky!

Sure, I try my best

I will try to see all the posts in Bangladesh and other countries. And I will try to see if he is doing anything wrong. I will try to guide everyone.

Hopefully you and @tarpan together can cover them all.

I will try my best to help all of them.

yes, me and @tarpan are trying to see all the posts in Bangladesh.

Hello, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, thanks for this great support from your end, the @steemghana-steem is thriving well mobilizing its members to play the Season 2 Diary game. We hope to announce our presence within few hours. Thank you very much , Steemit Team!

We have also made announcement in our post few hours ago about the exit of @agodaniel32 from our Country Team Representatives which would be replaced by @njaywan. Thanks very much for your consideration!

Hello, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01
I will try to add new users from Bangladesh and help them in all ways. I have a community called @bd-steemian. I am adding new users to that community every day.

Please check the post-announcement from our team in order that we are sure that you did not miss us. Here's the link related to our team announcement. Thanks.

Keep up the good work.
greatness from Bangladeshi @bd-steemian Team.

Hello community @steemitblog am so happy that today i have officially followed you since June my friend @yohan2on have encouraged me to follow steemitblog all long i have been looking for you. So am so happy that today am here finally. God bless you all steemitblog community members

Hey Micheal, it's good you have done so. I am going to give you a call and guide you further about #thediarygame. I am also going to whatsapp you the post link to the rules and guidelines that you have to follow while participating in the just starting season 2 of #diarygame challenge.

Hey @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 20 - The Shopping Game, The Diary Game and other updates

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters.

There are so many updates in today’s post and I really enjoyed the shopping game hope it will back soon till that the diary game is there.

There is an idea which I want to pitch here to @steemitblog why not to start something like last month review on Steemit I have noticed that this is popular and I really believe that this can attract new users to steem when they will see the activity on the platform but it should come from so many people so it can be like an contest in the start of every month that they will explore there last month.

I have thinks about this and make an last month review of July which you can read here :- July month on STEEMIT in review, How much I am earning on Steemit ??

This is really an busy day for me on steem. I have written so many posts today

Thank you very much, @steemitblog for your efforts and great job in steem. I will love to be one of the country representatives for Nigeria.

On spoting teams, I have a list of teams in Nigeria I published HERE, I hope it will assist in a little way.

Nigerians are united to ensure engagement on steem via #thediarygame and I have assured them of your support provided they have valid entries.

Keep up the good work.

@greatness96 from Nigeria.

Hola ya llego el dia estoy muy emocionada porque iniciamos hoy el diario

Hello @steemitblog, here is the announcement about "The dream team" from China. It was released on July 26, please check it in time.Thank you.

Yeah, the shopping game has been awesome, and now here comes the Diary Game Season 2. Thanks to the @steemitblog and all the Team members who have been supporting the growth of Steem. For Ghana, our Diary Game Season 2 starts today. Thanks to all our Team members who are ready to play!

Que Emoción!! ya estamos en cuenta regresiva para la segunda temporada del diario y definitivamente extrañare al juego de las compras, espero vuelva pronto.

Gracias por tanto Equipo Steem!!

Thanks a lot for this opportunity me and ny colleagues are really enjoying

Feliz de que ya llegò esta nueva temporada. Junto a mi equipo, @vikingastopfive, estaremos compartiendo y engrendeciendo este hermoso evento. Gracias equipo @steemitblog, todo el exito del mundo y un abrazo!...

@steemitblog we Nigerians hope not to waste any of your curation time, because we are kin on following your rules and guildlines for this season 2 of the dairy game.

Working as a country representative will be a mile stone for me on steemit and i will appreciate if am consider worthy of it

@steemitblog , @ steemcurator01
please tell me how to make the delegation SP?
I have a player with low SP in my team and he cannot write comments and edit his posts, which is completely inconvenient and discriminates against him against the background of us :)

Also the question is - is there a service that you can trust so that you can register an account without a phone?

The Diary Game on.

Steem on.

#thediarygame Season 2.

A la espera del comienzo del Diario!! Saludos, hacen un excelente trabajo. :)

Really excited for the Kickstart of the season two and yes my team is set to role on to win this time.

All the best everyone.

Nice updates as we kick start the new awaited game, sure #thediarygame is going o be fun pmus entertaining. Thanks @steemitblog

waooooooooo que emocion estoy lista para comenzar la 2da temporada. Gracias @steemitblog, @steemcurator02 @steemcurator05 @steemcurator01 por excelente iniciativa de la 2da temporada de #TheDiaryGame.

Congratulations to @anroja and @ernaerningsih for representing Indonesia to become Asian curators.
Full appreciation from me, and happy working.

Terima kasih atas ucapannya dan saya senang anda membentuk tim kedua dari Indonesia. Dengan banyaknya steemian dari Indonesia yang berpartisipasi di The Diary Game musim pertama, seharusnya ada 4-5 tim yang terbentuk.

Tapi sayang sekali hal itu tidak terjadi, mungkin banyak Steemian dari Indonesia yang masih tidak fokus mengikuti kontes yang diselenggarakan oleh tim Steemit.

Tapi walaupun tim terbatas, masih ada individu yang semakin fokus dalam berpartisipasi di kontes The Diary Game musim kedua.

Iya bgv...saya juga membuat tim karena ajakan kawan dan dukungan.
Oya bg @anroja tim dari indonesia ada berapa ya??

Cuma dua setahu saya. Semoga tim dari Indonesia kompak dan solid selalu.

Amin bg....

Terimakasih banyak @wira8788. Mari saling bahu membahu untuk kesuksesan semua steemian Indonesia

Sama-sama kakak

@steemcurator01, excuse me, I would like to ask you, please check the registration of my friend from Russia by phone number +79037422602.

She can not register in any way. I also tried to do it for her from my phone and also failed. She would like to participate in our diary contest.

Hi @vipnata - what is the name of the account she is trying to set up?

@steemcurator01, her account name is karinanoire

If you would like to mail [email protected] with the details it will be looked into.

Thank you so much for your help, @steemcurator01. I sent my letter to support.
Have a beautiful day!

Thanks for your support @steemcurator01.

@steemitblog, i and my community @steemalive are 100% ready for this diary game. Thanks to all the sponsors.

Well done to all the participants in #theshoppinggame. Let's now get focused on #thedairygame season-2 challenge. It's already Saturday "August 1st" in Uganda. Let me get to work with my teammates. Will just include the date for today's activities as something that is part of following the announced rules of the game.

Thanks so much, Steemit team for the updates.

This is a great news. We've been waiting for the diary game to start and here it comes. Following the rules is super important. I wish everyone happy new month.

thank you for the caution and for all who finished the shopping game

@steemcurator01 sir, please check my announcement post. It has already been 7 days.

@steemcurator01 @steemitblog


Here is my shopping post. It has also not been checked and it's payout day also passed. Please check my shopping post.

@steemcurator01 @steemitblog


Y llego el 1 de agosto comienzo del juego del Diario. @vikingastopfive, presentes con todo su equipo. Estupendo evento. Gracias equipo @steemitblog, todo el exito del mundo y un abrazo! Nos leemos pronto.

Quite frankly, I think the curators should downvote posts that misuse the tags or that disobey the rules on posts using the tags.

Amazing and exciting initiative. It would really foster engagements on the platform. I'll take part in this particular game

Hola mi amigo @steemitblog y @steemcurator01 ella es mi mamá @alejandri está es su primera publicación en Steemit y me gustaría que la ayudarás con tu voto, ya hoy se cumple el 6to día de su publicación.

The shopping game idea was amazing. Please bring back season 2.

Hey T-shirts would have huge impact on the promoting of steem and sending from other country, it takes greater cost i have an opinion, can you direct fund to trusty people to steemit for making #steemT-shirts so they can make T-shirts with steemit logo in their country, it will have huge impact and less expensive.

#How to fund

It is totally on your disicion, you can upvote by the mean of funding on people post who will be pushing this program and you can fund them with #SBDs...

Thanks for helping all steemians

Big graphics not needed in comments, thanks.

@justinsunsteemit 저스틴 뭐하노~???

우리 스티미 가즈앙~! ♨♨♨

비트렉스 스팀 해킹 사건 진행은 ?


@steemcurator01 !
is there any reason to deserved your downvoting !
미친거 아니니 ??? 다운보팅 받아야 할 이유가 ???

the above comments were

what's going on about bittrex case !
and Steem On !

is there Korean Comment deserved F7ck8ng DOWNVOTE ???


@steemitblog !

what's going on !
뭔일이얏~! 다운보팅~! 기분 드럽넹~!
feels much uncomfortable what @steemcurator01 Done !

Your comment is not relevant to the post so it has been moved to the bottom.

관련 없는 것도 아니고
궁금한 상황 소통의 질문임에도
그렇다고 다운보팅 했어야 합니끄앙 ???

it's not what you think ! @steemcurator01
relevant to current situations about steemit !

if you are official steemit curator ask politely before downvoting !

very upsetting !

you should remove downvoting and Apologize to me !

CC. @steemitblog

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