1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 33 - A Few Updates - The Diary Game, The One Percenters, Country Representatives

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Everything is running wild and fast !

So a good time for a few updates.

The Diary Game, The One Percenters, Country Reps and Community Curators.

The Diary Game

Lots of people are writing lots of posts. And we are giving lots of upvotes.

We know some people get sad and anxious when @steemcurator01 does not visit straightaway.

But do not worry. You do not miss out.

Even if we miss the 7 day voting window we add any missed votes on to your next votable diary game post.

A good number of you will have received those nice 20, 30, 40% catchup votes already...

So as long as you keep posting to The Diary Game you will get the votes.

If you stop posting...

To help us catch we are considering introducing 'Rest Days' when no Diary Game posts will be voted.

For example we might designate every fifth day as a Rest Day, so any posts dated August 20th, August 25th, August 30th would not be curated.

But the disadvantages of this are...

  1. Everyone would lose 20% of their vote earning opportunities.

  2. Many people would not take notice of this and then complain that their posts on those days had not been voted.

Alternatively we can continue as we are and people will need to accept that not all posts will be voted on immediately.

There are no additional resources available currently to increase curation capacity.

We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

Which would you prefer?

The One Percenters

A few days ago we introduced the 'One Percent For Everyone' campaign to reward as many people as possible for making good comments on Diary Game posts...

We are very happy with the uptake on this. Many more good quality comments are now appearing on posts.

There is still plenty of scope for more!

Remember to join 'The One Percenters' you just need to make a good, relevant, engaging comment on a Diary Game post before @steemcurator01 arrives. Make sure you include the tag #onepercent and also a tag for your country like #india or #russia.

It does not apply to replying to comments on your own posts.

But please do reply to comments left on your posts - we do take note of that when scoring and voting posts.

Teams - we are particularly looking to see if you are commenting on the posts of your fellow team members !

PLEASE NOTE - You are more likely to get a 'OnePercenter' vote on your comment if you have voted for the post as well.

Country Representatives

The four recently appointed Country Reps - @anasuleidy (Venezuela), @olesia (Ukraine), @focusnow (Nigeria) and @rashid001 (Pakistan) are now all up and running and you should start to see them visiting your posts if you are in any of those countries.

We will be announcing another batch of Country Representatives that have already been selected tomorrow.

Then we will be looking for more Country Rep candidates.

We are particularly looking for Reps from countries in Latin America (other than Venezuela), India and Russia.

For countries with very small numbers of Steemians currently we are thinking of introducing 'Mini-Reps' with a smaller delegation to kick start activity in those countries.

If you are interested in becoming a Country Representative, or a 'Mini-Rep', take a look at the requirements...

If you meet all the requirements leave a comment below with your name and country and we will take a look.

Country Representatives are going to play a key role in the next major project that will follow The Diary Game so we are keen to get them in as many countries as possible.

@vipnata is no longer a Country Representative for Italy.

Community Curator Accounts

We will be announcing another regional / continental Community Curator account shortly.

For those Country Reps currently operating the regional / continental Community Curator accounts (Africa / South East Asia / Indian Sub-Continent) we are interested in your feedback on whether you are finding the accounts useful or not.

@vipnata is no longer operating the @steemcurator06 Community Curator account.

We invite @alexmove and @olesia to take over the running of this account to cover Steemians in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

@alexmove, @olesia - if you are willing to take this on please leave your contact details (Discord, Telegram or email) in a comment below and we will contact you to provide the key for the account.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela.


1st- I love all the work and the efforts at spreading rewards.
2nd - I think it is fine for people to "have a chance for a vote" not to demand a vote.

3rd- I love that you have so many initiatives going but also people have to have a plan to grow their stake and become sustainable on their own and not just be on the taking side.

I love all the work you are putting in and it appears to be working.

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@alexmove, @olesia - if you are willing to take this on please leave your contact details (Discord, Telegram or email) in a comment below and we will contact you to provide the key for the account.

@steemitblog, I'm ready, thank you.


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People also need to remember that votes are a privilege and not a right

100% True!

Definitely. I am very happy if I get a vote these days. It is certainly a privilege.

That's correct

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Hola, a veces se me olvida la etiqueta #onepercent en los comentarios de los compañeros jajaja.
Todos queremos tener la visita de @steemcurator01 pero se nota que es un gran trabajo que requiere tiempo y dedicacion; por lo que le vendria bien ese dia de descanso por lo menos una vez por semana, somos humanos y podemos entenderlo, todo no se trata solo de la monetizacion, estamos muy agradecidos por los beneficios recibidos y por la valoracion dada, asi que merecido su dia de descanso jajajaja.
Saludos y mucho exito en sus funciones.

We really appreciate for your work. Let's continue as it is now, please. Where I can, I will explain to people they should wait.
I've been waiting, too, and wasn’t disappointed! I'll show them my own example.

I think we should stick to the game as we are now! You're doing a great job curating all the huge amount of entries that are being posted. People are really engaging on the game and it's really nice to know about their daily lifes, so it'd be a pitty if this changed just because a few are complaining!
Thank you for all your hard work!

I'd like to register as rep for singapore and help to grow steem community.

On the other hand, I support the rest day idea. I support the idea of every 7th day , say we set middle of working day -Wednesday to be the rest day, in my humble view, most of us who are salaried workers will be getting tiredness middle of week.

I think it's better to leave things as they are in terms of voting steemcurator01, since we already know that you don't forget anyone. And the reward for posts is sure to find its owner sooner or later. I am ready to wait and hope until the last))

Я тоже полностью поддерживаю! Пусть будет так как есть.

We really appreciate for your work.
Keep it up plz

Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 this sounds an interesting contest, but will need a bit of your support. The contest to promote Steem, that is running by @mister-omortson:


We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

Which would you prefer?
I think your team needs to rest too, the same with us steemian. They can always participate in other contests if they have too much time to spend on steemit, there are still #onepercent still running, then other contests by steemian, lot of ways to earn other than #thediarygame

yeah thats true. but if you have too much to spend. then its perfect for him. . but everyone didnt get much time. i am trying my best.

i prefer 5-7 days .

Thank you

Hello steemit team.

Thank you very much for this initiative, I have been able to grow a lot in recent months thanks to you.

But I wanted to tell you that my team has lost a lot of enthusiasm and confidence since most of them have not received so much support (not a single vote from @steemcurator01), I fully understand that there are many users who are participating and it is difficult to support all of them, but we've already left dozens of comments and they still haven't seen us. And it's been 16 days since the initiative started

Thank you so much for your incredible effort, I would really appreciate if you could support my team. We are @team-roraima from Venezuela.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

@sardrt Italy
Ringraziamo per l’attenzione che il Team ha dimostrato verso la comunità italiana e facciamo presente che siamo pronti a partire se a loro va bene. Io sono a disposizione del Team , come già segnalato, per la rappresentanza.

I have always seen the user @sardrt as an extremely balanced person and able to manage situations with the most disparate implications, so I cannot help but support his application with the utmost conviction as possible, as he enjoys my utmost confidence...

Ho sempre visto l'utente @sardrt come una persona estremamente equilibrata e in grado di gestire situazioni dai risvolti più disparati, per cui non posso fare a meno di appoggiare con la massima convinzione possibile la sua candidatura, in quanto gode della mia massima fiducia...

Grazie per questa opinione... aiuta anche me a capire chi possono essere degli utenti interessanti da seguire.

Me too ask for @sardrt and @girolamomarotta as italian representatives, as I've said many times.

Anch'io appoggio @sardrt e @girolamomarotta come già ribadito molte volte.

I strongly support the candidacy of @sardrt, in my opinion the most suitable person to fill this role. I join in her thanks to the Team for the care shown towards our community at this particular moment and I also make myself available to become an Italian Country Rep, should there be a need. Thank you!

Appoggio con convinzione la candidatura di @sardrt, a mio parere la persona più idonea a ricoprire questo ruolo. Mi unisco ai suoi ringraziamenti al Team per la cura dimostrata verso la nostra comunità in questo momento particolare e mi metto anch’io a disposizione per diventare Country Rep italiano, qualora dovesse essercene bisogno. Grazie!

We are a good team and in any case we will work together. @girolamomarotta has gained experience in recruiting and organizing groups that few have on Steemit. He is therefore a very precious person. His choice would therefore be perfect.

Siamo una bella squadra e comunque si lavorerà assieme . @girolamomarotta ha maturato una esperienza nel reclutamento e nell'organizzazione di gruppi che pochi hanno su Steemit. E' quindi persona preziosissima. La sua scelta sarebbe quindi perfetta.

Anche io come tutti con tanto piacere sostengo @girolamomarotta e @sardrt per la rappresentanza d'italia !

Also for me @sardrt and @girolamomarotta, they are the 2 ideal representatives for our community given their experience on the platform and what they are already doing with the ItalyGame team bringing old Italian users to write again on Steemit. Please consider their application.

Anche per me @sardrt e @girolamomarotta sono i 2 rappresentanti ideali per la nostra comunità vista la loro esperienza sulla piattaforma e quanto stanno già facendo col team ItalyGame portando vecchi utenti italiani a scrivere nuovamente su Steemit. Per favore prendete in considerazione la loro candidatura.

We also support @girolamomarotta and @sardrt for Italy's Country Representatives!

Why doesn't anyone come to our diaries? not before with @steemcurator06, not now. We have a whole team that is being ignored.
I am stopping this game.
Diary posts go to nowhere. We are separated by language and country. Stimit has always been famous for the fact that everyone was equal here and there were no divisions, only by interests.
Now someone gets ups every time and a lot, and someone just stays in the backyard. This is a bad game.

daybook (62) 3 hours ago
Hi @steemitblog! I am glad that there are so many participants in the new season. I understand that it is very difficult to supervise such a volume of work.
I am also very sad when neither @ steemcurator01 nor @ steemcurator06 stop to read my blog for a very long time.

Some of my messages have already been closed without your attention, and the next ones are already being prepared. Check out my blog, please.

many thanks!:)

Hi @steemitblog! ! I'm really sad too when neither @steemcurator01 nor the @steemcurator06 stops by to read my blog for a very long time. @steemcurator01 hasn't read my blog in 11 days, @steemcurator06 hasn't read my blog in 8 days.

A few of my posts have already closed without your curation and the next ones are on their way. Come to my blog, please.

About my opinion about rest days, I think its a cool idea but on the other hand, i dont think i am going stop posting my diary post.

I say so because, this game has made me to be accountable for my day, writing my diary allows me to focus on your writing without worrying about my audience or what anyone else will think. And doing it regularly helps me improve my thinking processes, and has made me become more creative in how you think.

For some of us complaining that our diary post has not been rewarded by @steemcurator01, i want you to know that: Your only audience is you, so it really does not matter if what you write does not seem very exciting or inspiring or rewarded. Over time, you will find it becomes easier to write, so it is important to just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and simply get started.

  • writing my diary has also help me remember events and activities.
    this is because, writing about positive events, and looking back on them, can also be a good way to boost your self-esteem.

For the records, @steemcurator01 has never visited any of my diary post for the past two weeks but because of what i gain writing it, i dont think i am gonna stop even during the rest day and i am positive that i will keep posting about my day even after the diary game.


Perhaps you might consider having the Game run from Monday thru Friday, with the weekend off, both for the Steemians to take a break, and the Steemit Team to catch up on the votes. It's really great how popular this initiative has become!

Unfortunately, I need to note that the selected candidates for the role of curators in the Russian community both from Ukraine. Now They have their own national dialect. Our russian team has not received votes from curator06 for more than 10 days! This situation does not encourage us to take a part in diary games.

@ alexmove received the keys of curator06 and did not forget to upvote his own posts. But he did not consider it necessary to support the posts of the Russian team. I ask you to find at least a one RUSSIAN curator, not an emigrant! not an Ukrainian! but a real Russian curator. It will be fair and honest!

Please pay attention to this post. The text is written in the Ukrainian dialect, and the support comes from the @curator06. In the same time the Russian community has no support!
After receiving by them the keys of @curator06 only Ukrainians (narrow circle of acquaintances) have upvotes!

Yo trato de poner la etiqueta #onepercent como lo indicaron, no estaba segura si había que colocarla cuando respondías comentarios en tu mismo post, aclarado.
Es verdad todos queremos tener la visita de @steemcurator01 es un privilegio tener su nota de visita.
Es súper importante el apoyo que le das a los miembros de tu propio equipo, es motivación ánimo para que publiquen todos los días. Se ha notado una mejoría en las votaciones al incorporar a representante país. Es un trabajo que requiere tiempo y ponerle mucho corazón. Me parece excelente un día de descanso en la semana, no es mala idea. Como siempre lo digo el juego del diario es terapéutico, muchas veces llegas cansado en la noche a elaborarlo y tu energía cambia al contar tu día.
La plataforma Steemit ha sido de mucha ayuda a los venezolanos para la compra de alimentos.
Un abrazo en la distancia. @steemitblog

Hola @steemitblog y @steemcurator01, con respecto al día de descanso, si ustedes pueden curar a todos sin descanso segun sus posibilidades está genial, pero si no pueden estaría bien que descansaran porque este trabajo tampoco está fácil, en mi opinión todo dependerá de sus posibilidades y la de los representantes de cada país.

Con respecto a la etiqueta #onepercent trateré de acordarme a la hora de comentar ya que se me olvida casi siempre.

Otra cosa que quería recomendarles por si estan de acuerdo y quieren imlementarla, por qué no crean una comunidad solo para publicar el diario allí y se les haga más fácil, y como votar a todos, para nosotros sería más fácil a la hora de votar y comentar, también pueden hacer por paises, algo así como "The Diary Game Venezuela" mi país, y así pero con los demás países que están participando, pienso que sería más organizado tanto para ustedes como para nosotros, con esto podemos comentar a más personas, ya que algunos publicamos el diario en otras comunidades y cada quién en la que cree conveniente para su diario.

¿Que les parece la idea? Desconozco si alguien ya se los haya propuesto antes, pero creo que sería buena idea.

The rest day is a great idea, both for you "The Steemit Team" and for all of us participants, also that this day will be ideal to catch up with other publications, contests, challenges and the interaction between the participants.


Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Congratulations on the great success of the Diary Game!

In response to your question, I have two suggestions.

I think your team deserves a break, so I would agree with a day off. Your team deserves rest just like the rest of us!

I think people should change from demanding a vote to accepting there’s a chance at an upvote

But, I would like to help you with this problem, by creating a new an account @steemitcurator01 which could be funded by you and would do two things:
Upvote all votes made by the Country Representatives, so quality content is upvoted. And reduce some of the complaints about no votes from @steemcurator01 team.




Not all of you can visit the post. Because there are a lot of posts every day.

Every day 55+ posts are made from our Bangladesh. All of them are new And from our 'Steem Bangladesh' Community there are regular 40 to 45 posts. 60% of them have not yet voted Because of this we have to face many questions every day.

I want only one thing from you, please 1%, but you vote in everyone's account in Bangladesh. Everyone will be satisfied even if they get 1% votes.

We are controlling these 55 members with great difficulty. You must see all the posts in Bangladesh at once. And take any action quickly.

I think the people of Bangladesh from other countries are more active in Diary game.

Thank you

Bangladesh has two Country Representatives each with 5000 SP and access to the @steemcurator07 Community Curator account with 200K SP - more than most countries.

Are you voting on all these new people with these accounts?

You are also the recruiter of many of these new people.

We really see a large part of the job of the Country Representatives to manage the new recruits in your country.

If this doesn't work and people only want the vote of @steemcurator01, then we can reallocate the 5000SP Country Rep delegations elsewhere.

The Steemit Team

I understand what you say.

dear @steemcurator01 please visit my profile @mohibur for a while.
its already 2 of diary game post payout without voting from @steemcurator01
i have followed all the rules and keeping my reward as 100% power up.
thank you

They must see your posts. So wait.

The rest day is a good idea but it is better to continue the game as it has been for a while now, the game have been a source of encouragement to many steemians @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 and it helps to build content writing among steemians. I am one of those few whose post have not been visited by @steemcurator01 but I am willing to wait because I know my post will be remembered.

Hola @steemitblog, me parece muy buena idea lo del descanso, todos necesitamos un respiro y los entiendo a ustedes como equipo para atender tantos diarios y debe ser una locura mas bien los felicito por tan excelente trabajo. Pd: Sigan visitando mis diarios jeje @steemcurator01 visitameee jeje.

Saya sangat suka dengan produk-produk unggulan yang di buat oleh kurator,pada saat ini sudah sangat banyak pemain di steemit,dengan ada kontes dan saya sudah mulai aktif lagi sudah lama saya istirahat tidak pernah membuat poStingan dan sekrang sudah membuat

I am a new member.
I want to thank you for your great efforts.

I think we are used to the situation of waiting for curation now, altering it will take a whole other getting use to, let’s stick with current situations

I would suggest continuing with the current process without Rest Day.

Though, I have a suggestion that country representatives could help in preparing an excel spreadsheet with users who hasn't received any visit yet on their diary posts till date so that it will be easy for steemcurator01 to refer the sheet country-wise for now for unvisited accounts catchup.

Thank you!

Agradable post, espero que las cosas sigan en pie como estaba no me parece mejor la otra opción y gracias por el soporte.

last upvote from @steemcurator01 was 6 days ago :(

Saludos @anasuleidy agradezco visite mi cuenta ya que no me han valorados mis post

Hola @giocondina acabo de leerte, que gusto disfrutar de tus dia.

We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

Which would you prefer?


I like the "continue as we are" option.

I haven't received I single vote yet from @steemcurator01 on any of my diary post's and I still believe we should keep the original system in place, I say this because I feel while it's a good idea I think having these off days will really confuse many, lets just keep it simple and wait is my opinion.

Happy to be a representative from #canada

Saludos! Aún no he recibido la votación de @steemcurator01 en ninguno de mis diarios, en mi opinión deberían continuar manejando el mismo sistema de trabajo, me parece más eficiente a pesar de que no recibamos la curación de inmediato, vale la pena esperar.
Vamos por más...

I understand that it is not possible for you to vote for everyone in one day and it is not possible for anyone. You haven't seen my posts for over 10 days, but I haven't stopped posting. I am posting every day but I am a little sad that you did not visit my posts.

Many Bangladeshi have joined this platform and they are leaving this platform again without getting your support. So pay a little more attention to those who have just joined. I have applied as a representative from Bangladesh. If you make me a representative, I can support many in Bangladesh and especially those who are new. Bangladesh has two representatives and more representatives are needed here

Hola como están, se que hay muchas personas escribiendo en el juego del diario, eso implica mucho trabajo pero hay que esperar con calma que pasen por nuestras publicaciones del diario pero considero que si se merecen un descanso para relajar la vista y curarse en salud.

Y de verdad a veces en los comentarios se me olvida poner la etiqueta #onepercent tratare de estar mas pendiente de eso.

y me han dejado post sin vota de fechas anteriores pero entiendo que es un trabajo muy fuerte.


We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

I totally agree to introduce a weekly break to the diary game. You need it to be able to follow us better. I think it is very important that there is an immediate feedback of your evaluation on the post. Then it also serves us so that we can better select our works and our diary proposals. On the day off we can dedicate ourselves to the many initiatives that are being organized on steemit, participate in contests, get to know other users better and make more comments. So in my opinion it is absolutely appropriate to take a break from the game to improve the overall quality of the platform.

We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

Which would you prefer?

Hai tim Steemit, saya lebih suka di jeda dalam periode 7 hari agar MANA akun kurator meningkat.

For those Country Reps currently operating the regional / continental Community Curator accounts (Africa / South East Asia / Indian Sub-Continent) we are interested in your feedback on whether you are finding the accounts useful or not.

Akun yang anda delegasikan kepada kami sangat bermanfaat bagi Steemian di Seluruh Asia Tenggara, mereka mendapatkan peningkatan reward yang sangat berarti. Mungkin kami harus bekerja ekstra untuk semakin selektif dalam memberikan voting.

Buenos días, los felicito se que están trabajando mucho. Para mantener la dinámica del juego. Y seguro se sumarán mas personas a la comunidad. Se que lograrán las metas que se impusieron

I think the rest day would turn to increase the number of posts that are to vote. That is my personal opinion so we should maintain it as it is.

*"Thanks very much for your quick prompts, Actually I found using the @steemcurator04 account very useful, curating quite number of Steemians work in Africa. So far the 3 members and now having our brother from Nigeria added to us have agreed to use it wisely and it is helping most Steemians around."

Уже 6 дней посту @ulialitva1991

Let me keep calm, because I have been very worried since the beginning of the game none of my post have ever received any vote whatsoever. In fact I have meet with the person who invited me that I don't know what the matter could be. Let keep blogging

@steemitblog It seems to me that like this, it's fine, we are many people posting in #thediarygame, hopefully they will vote for us at any time, we just have to be patient.

Posting everyday on Steemit is fan and something that everyone of us should be doing if we have the quality time to do so. Though rest days for the diary game posts can really help out in catching up with the curation duty on your side, I am generally not in agreement with having those rest days. Let's just keep posting voluntarily for the good of the platform that is in terms of keeping it very active while making friends through leaving valuable engaging comments on each other's posts. There is no need to slow down.

Thanks so much steemit team for the updates.

I believe that one of the viable options would be that the representatives' accounts are taken as trail, and that the @steemcurator01 account follows those trail 100%. The representatives must follow the indications of how the delivery of votes will be carried out, these accounts must be governed according to the power of attorney of @steemcurator01, that is to say with percentages from 1% to 40% as determined by the person in charge of the @steemcurator01 account

With this, the scope of support of the @steemcurator01 account is extended and it follows up all the actions carried out by the representatives with their respective trail,

We're explaining the rules to new users. They are participating in thedairygame. But they are not getting votes so they are giving up hope. I have not received any votes in my post for seven days. I am a regular user for one. And I post every day. We hope you take care of our community. I am a member of @steem-bangladesh community.

A good initiative,i hope everyone will understand this
Thanks for everything

I have been posting, upvoting and commenting since I joined Steemit but so far I have not received any upvote from @steemcurator01. So, please check my posts a bit.

Thank you.

I really don't think any of my post has been visited by @steemcurator01 but I think it is better you stick to the method of voting and just look for other ways to spread the vote around.
For the role of country representative
@oluwatobiloba for Nigeria.

porque steemicurator 1 no me visita? no está asignado para hacerlo? o no pertenezco al grupo que le corresponde o no les gusta mis diarios

¡¡Hola @sharifanamin!!
Debes tener paciencia, son muchas las personas participando, sin embargo aunque aun no has recibido la visita de @steemcurator1, si has disfrutado de las visita de @steemcurator02 y de @steemcurator05.

¡¡Pronto amiga!!

si. tienes razón. gracias por todo. el solo hecho que me hayas respodido es confortable.

I am new to this platform. I joined here on 05-08-20. But so far I have not received votes in any of my posts.

I think it's current system is better, since we already know that you don't forget anyone. And the reward for posts is privilege not a right. I am ready to wait. And I think rest day could make me lazy

Согласна! С отдыхом мотивация ослабнет ;)

Siempre es bueno un descanso para agarrar nuevos bríos. Saludos.

This is really a welcome development. I feel that more and lot of people are sad and are already backing out from writing the diary post.

Two members of team #9jafive have completely abandoned the contest because it's their first time going into it and they haven't received any upvote of any sorts on any of their post despite following the guideline of the game.. They have written up to day 13 and they started from day 1 which was August first.

I feel a change is needed and it will be better if five days are been used to intensively curate posts and the sixth day would be for resting.

Despite not receiving upvotes also, I am atill committed to the cause because I know that a lot of entries are been made and it won't be essay yo fully curate all of then ..

Kindly look into the account of @dtwo and @dmysto who hasn't been curated from team #9jafive

The diary game.....
Wow thats interesting.
This kind of contest at anniversaries like 1000days and so on were grabbing much attention and people were participating as well.
Proud of being steemer.

hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 I try to publish every day, but here in Venezuela it is really difficult, first the power goes out frequently and when there is, there is no internet, or you are very busy; I will continue to publish, but it would be great that you go through my profile, thanks !!

Saludos @steemitblog, desde mi punto de vista me siento bastante cómodo con el sistema actual de publicar todos los días, creo que me permite no perder el rumbo y las constancia que llevo, pero acepto lo que la mayoría opine siempre y cuando sea para el bien de todos en general, se que muchos tiene problemas de conectividad, ocupaciones y servicios en general que les impide publicar a diario

🇻🇪 👍

I haven't received many votes in my post yet, so I request @Steemcurator01 to visit all the diary game posts on my profile

You will definitely see everyone’s post.You must not disappoint anyone.It is 100% true.I am definitely waiting for you.I will tell everyone to be patient.

Thanks.@steemitblog To give such a beautiful direction.

I think you didn't understand the post. Please read again. Moreover,

votes are a privilege and not a right

We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

I prefer 5-7 days. its better for everyone.

Why not have the curations done by a bot? The timing of the bot could be stretched over a day so that everyone got the same voting power. A bot could adjust the voting percent so that everyone got the same reward for their post.

Anyway, I wrote up a post on How I would program a tag based challenge on SteemIT

I would enter all of the posts in a database. I would assign posts to the curators from the database and have them grade the posts. I would then do all of the voting with bots because the bots could adjust the rewards to make them equitable.

PS: The data I collected on the 13th shows that the Curators missed over 50 payers in the game. The curators had given over 40 rewards to insiders of the game.

Why not have the curations done by a bot? The timing of the bot could be stretched over a day so that everyone got the same voting power. A bot could adjust the voting percent so that everyone got the same reward for their post.

However, then the rewards of the posts would be completely independent from their quality and the effort made to write them.

A possible solution would be to follow the manual upvotes of community leaders / country representatives automatically.

I agree with you. That’s exactly why I started the Country Specific Curation Project and I created accounts to follow the Country Curators

in the Dail Diary game. So all posts rewarded with an upvote by the Country Representatives also get rewarded with a voted by the Country Curation Accounts. Learn more about these 14 accounts here. LINK. @shortsegments


We are particularly looking for Reps from countries in Latin America

I am from Uruguay.


Having curators funded by Steemit is a good idea but is this sustainable? Is anyone investing in Steemit because of this initiative or bothering to gain other followers and produce interesting content? In my view, occasional Steemit curator votes based on good content, distributed fairly would be a better incentive for longer term blogging and investment in Steemit 💭

I agree, so I developed the country curation product, so people could invest in Sttem and reward curators in their country.

Greetings @steemitblog I would rather leave it like this, that's fine, it's just a matter of time and @steemcurator01 will vote for everyone, of course or that the work he does is quite difficult for so many people and they could give him his days off, but in my opinion would be better without changes. @steemcurator01 hasn't voted for me, but I know it's only a matter of time before I do ...

Saludos me parece muy bien en la forma que están trabajando actualmente, y seria muy agradable recibir votos esas fechas, y me parece muy bien seguir haciendo las publicaciones del juego del diario todos los días me parece excelente.

I believe the current situation is cool, a 5 day rest wouldn’t be good for morale

Greetings, friends.

Let's hope everything gets better.

I am also not upvoted from @steemcurator01. I know you handle every where but i also work hard on this. Thank you

@steemcurator01 has not come to me yet, that's very sad. i spend much time and effort writing the diary. still i hope he will visit me.
in my opinion it's better to have everything as it is without any breaks which will make people lazier)

not paid on any of my diary entry @steemcurator01

We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.
Which would you prefer?

I appreciate the idea of Rest Days, specially your team should get a rest middle of week. But you also mention the drawback of this are...

  • Everyone would lose 20% of their vote earning opportunities.
  • Many people would not take notice of this and then complain that their posts on those days had not been voted.

The second point is really a matter of thinking because some will forget/missed the notice and will complain about vote.

Either way, some people will not stop complaining.

So, I appreciate Rest Days .

Greetings, dear friends, in my opinion, it is good to be patient and understand the work that daily healing generates, it would be great a call to wait and trust that the vote will be given in due course by you @steemitblog or by @steemcurator I think it is a better way to stop publishing one day, since this for the platform would leave the platform without activity in this aspect of daily play. I am to serve in any country in which support is needed to carry out this work. I am from #venezuela and I lead @littledisciples with my wife but I would like to be able to bring steemit to more people who can benefit from this great social network.

Estoy muy contenta y entusiasmada con todo lo que hasta ahora he vivido en esta nueva experiencia, agradecida por todo el apoyo, creo que debemos continuar como estamos y esperar por las curaciones retrasadas.

Me parece bien como está el juego, sólo hay que tener un poco de paciencia. La buena comunicación ha sido importante, me da tranquilidad saber que sólo es cuestión de tiempo. Gracias por la consideración de mantenernos informados de cómo van las cosas.
Feliz noche.

Hi !

We are interested in your views on this - Rest Days (probably every 5 - 7 days) or continue as we are and people accepting delayed curation.

Which would you prefer?

I will prefer continue as you are , Becouse i know you care for every participant of The Diary Game

I am from Nigeria and I can't use Bittrex.
Why can't I use bittrex @steemitblog

Hello @okoyejoshua, pls desist from bringing up matters that does not relate to the subject matter. You can ask questions in any Nigerian or African group. Thanks.

@okoyejoshua try to use binance then..

Greetings team @steemitblog, I consider that the rest day is important for curators, since it is a very hard work that they do. I agree, let it be every 5 days. Blessings.

Hi @steemitblog

I have created a project called Country-Specific-Curation to provide rewards to content creators and country representatives. Here is the link explaining the project Link 1 and here is a link explaining the project progress more then one week into the project. Link 2


I am new in this platform. I live in bangladesh. I joined in 10/08/2020 on platform. But I have no receive vote in my post. please take the vote in my diary game post.

@steemitblog, good job I'm ready, thank you.

Which would you prefer?

Hi! Thanks for great job!

I'd like the "continue as we are" option, although I have expired posts.

Ok for the rest day, I agree

All voted, thank you

Ever since I joined the podium, I've been working hard every few hours every day.
And I didn't find any expected results.
I wish your support with respect and submission in order to reach my noble goal

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