1000 DAYS OF STEEM : New Challenge - My Town In Ten Pics

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Everyone likes a new challenge - both in life and on Steem !

Our recent challenges like the Diary Game, the Crypto Challenge Month and A Better Life With Steem have all been quite wordy.

This time we thought we would go visual with a new photo based challenge.

We have enjoyed seeing so many great photos in the Diary Game from where you live.

So we thought we would expand that into a new My Town In Ten Pics challenge.

My Town in Ten Pics

This challenge is all about showing us the area where you live - your village, your town or your city.

If you live in a very rural area away from any settlement then it can just be for your surrounding area.

To enter the challenge all you need to do is make a post with up to 10 photos that you have taken of any place, building or location from your area.

These don't need to be of famous buildings or tourist locations. They can be of anything - shops, streets, factories, parks, factories, temples, cinemas, schools...

Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

If you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

Each photograph must be geo-located using either Google Plus Codes or What3Words, or ideally both...

@rishabh99946 has produced a couple of handy guides explaining each of these in more detail...


This Challenge is quite simple, with few restrictions...

  • The Challenge will run from Monday, October 19th to Sunday, October 25th.

  • You can enter as many times as you like, but no more than once a day.

  • Each post can include any number of photographs up to a maximum of 10. All the photos must be from the same city, town, village or area.

  • All photographs must be taken by you, and be from the place where you currently live.

  • All photographs should include a caption saying what they are and geo-location information from either Plus Codes or What3Words, or ideally both. The Plus Codes must include the country.

  • Photographs should include the date when they were taken.

  • At least one of the photos should include a sign with your Steem username and the date.

  • The title of each post should be in the form of...
    My Town In Ten Pics - Name of Town/City/Village [date]

  • Every post should include the tag #mytown10pics, a tag for your country for example #india, and a tag for your town, city or village for example #barquisimeto. These tags should all be in the first five tags. Other tags such as #the1000daysofsteem are not needed. Do not tag @steemcurator01.

Photographs must be your own work. We do not want photographs taken from the internet. We will be reverse checking a random selection of the photographs, and we will also check against the geo-location information.

Anyone found to be using photographs that are not their own will be banned from this challenge and all future activities run by Steemit.


This is about content and interest value, rather than photographic skills.

You should still select your photographs carefully - make sure they are not blurred, too dark or badly framed.

There are no points or prizes in this challenge, and there are no guaranteed votes.

However @steemcurator01 (10M SP) will be voting on as many posts as possible every day.

Votes will be awarded according to the quality, composition and interest value of the photos. How informative the captions and any descriptions are will also be considered, along with the general layout and presentation of the post.

Photos must include the geo-location information to qualify for votes.

@steemcurator02 (4M SP) will be giving additional votes to posts that are set to Power Up 100% (as long as you are not powering down at the same time).

Please do NOT put links to your posts in the comments. We will be scanning the #mytown10pics tag to find the posts for voting, so make sure you spell the tag correctly and include it in the first five tags.

We hope the community will enjoy this new challenge as a change from all the writing based challenges.

It may not suit everyone. If you don't want to reveal any details about where you live this won't be a challenge for you. But there are plenty of other great photograph based challenges run by people such as @xpilar and @axeman.

We look forward to seeing all your photographs in the coming days.

In the meantime we are just finalizing the winners list for the Diary Game that we will be announcing very shortly.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Security, Scammers and Phishing Attacks

Unfortunately Steem has been hit with two 'plagues' in the last few weeks.

The first has been a wave of spam accounts being created and posting junk posts. This is a by-product of the instant account signup facility. Engineering are busily removing the delegations from these accounts to hopefully stop the post spamming, and looking for more robust verification methods to try to curb this problem.

The second, more serious issue has been a 'phishing attack' where hijacked accounts are placing comments on posts promising free tokens from an JUST airdrop if you click on a link. That link will lead to your account being compromised and your funds stolen.

These posts from @toufiq777, @justyy and @xpilar give more information...

The Engineering Team are also looking at ways to deal with this problem.

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are growing by the day on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...




Just need to share pictures? How many words should be written in this challenge?

This is about photographs, rather than words...

Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

If you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

I was searching for the same in this post.

Congrats to all winners

This is a great contest. It's very interesting. You are giving so many contests and I joined every contest. But I didn't get any support for 3 months. Why I will be interested to join your another contest? I'm losing hope's and interest day by day. I'm not complaining. I'm just describing my situation. I hope you will understand.

Yes, you are right. You have been working since the first season. Don't get tense. You participate in this contest. Of course you will get good support.

This sounds pretty cool. I'll be ready for the next week then. See you on the challenge. Steem on.

Interesting proposals, for those of us who like to take pictures I imagine it will be 300 words.

This is about photographs, rather than words...

Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

If you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

Understood and clarified the extension @steemcurator01 thanks.

Hey @steemcurator01 past few days i was unhealthy and was under treatment now i am fit and getting back to my work and yes i brought back all my steem powers and deligated it to @secretbeauty account . Thankyou!

Muy interesante, por lo que se entiende, importan mas las fotos que las palabras. Me encantaría poder mostrar el pueblo donde vivo, quedarían maravillados con sus bellezas de cerros....

This is such nice challenge! All of us are from places that are so different from each other that it's going to be beautiful to see and get to know other locations! :)

@belenguerra Con las fotos que sacas, la rompes en este concurso... sabelo!

Jajaja que genial!!! Amé el concurso!! <3 gracias @fendit!! Ojalá las vean jajajaja

Oh!! I love it!! We still in lockdown, but I'll do my best to take some new pictures! If not, I'll participate with some that I've taken before!! Awesome!!

I have a question @steemitblog, the photos must be specifically of the place where I live, or can they be of some parts of the City where I live?

Muy buena iniciativa @steemitblog bendiciones♡♡

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Está interesante este desafío de fotografía, ¿no habrán pensado en hacer uno de dibujo?

There are often drawing challenges run by @xpilar, @stef1 and @art-venture.

Gracias @steemcurator01 por la información.

I love "mytown10pics" contest...!

Gracias @steemitblog es un honor participar

Ohh excelente ya tengo una excusa para salir de paseo por mi pueblo e ir de visita por los sitios más lindos e interesantes.

No son muchos, pero son muy lindo para hacerles fotografías, desde hoy empiezo ha hacer la lista de lugares que visitaré.

Gracias por esta nueva y genial iniciativa.

#onepercent #venezuela

It will certainly be a relaxing week for many, who feel writing is cognitively challenging. Full of fun, easy to participate, and lowers the barrier to entry.

Thank you so much.

I just love the concept of this contest .
And I also think that the engagement in #learnwithsteem under "a better life with steem" is decreasing day by day. I have done total three digest post. And I realised that they are loosing interest I think. So please try to add more attractions. Thats my personal opinion. Thank you.

Excellent @steemitblog, I find the proposal quite attractive, I will continue to participate.

I have a question, Can I share more than 10 photos and can I share more than 1 photo of same place?

Hello, please try to read the contest rules which are easy to understand:

  • Each post can include any number of photographs up to a maximum of 10. All the photos must be from the same city, town, village or area.

And you can share more than one photo of the same place as long as you show different locations and descriptions in the photo. Thank you.

I would certainly participate in My Town In Ten Pics challenge by following all the rules mentioned here.

I just came to Agra, last week. It is in Uttar Pradesh, India. I am gonna stay here with my family for I think 2 months. I will love to share pics of this city.

Agra is a popular tourist place in India because of Taj Mahal, one of the eight wonders.

I like it, I already started to visualize myself riding my bike around the city to take pictures. Thanks @steemitblog for this challenge.

Regarding this:

and looking for more robust verification methods to try to curb this problem.

Why not implement that the user enters in the primary record a photograph where the person who will open the account is seen and that holds a sign where the user has written that he will have more the date he is entering. This would be a good use to avoid spam accounts!

Well it's an opinion! maybe it will work.

Наверное, пора учиться привязывать свои фотографии. :)

This is a great contest I would also like to join it.😊

This is very interesting competition and a big challenge. My best wishes to all the contestants.

Thank you Team, Great Challenge !!!
Translation into Spanish, for the benefit of the community.

Gracias equipo, gran desafío !!!
Traducción al español , en beneficio de la comunidad.

Thanks to this post it's a very good idea for everybody
It will help us to know and some other people to know our places and to know if we live in a rural or an urban area
Thanks these good ideas.

I am in very family trouble. I have posted steemit diary for 50 days. There is no support. I gave a powerdown a few days ago due to family problems. For this the @steemcurator03 stopped me from voting. So, I turned off the powerdown. I need a lot of money. Because I have to pay my privet's salary. I can't give powerdown. What will I do now? @steemcurator01 Please help me.

Make a charity post so we can help you also.. The community is here


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@stemitblog you need to think to add also the HereWeGo because some smartphones ( Huawei ) don't use Google play services and we can't made tags of locations with this apps you propose


Another great challenge.
I would love to share my city pics with steem and love to see others too.

with the help of this challenge, we'll get more knowledge of user's living on steem. I love this idea.

Security, Scammers and Phishing Attacks

This is really a big problem on steem as of now as this might cost some users on steemit. We must have to resteem @toufiq777, @justyy and @xpilar posts to inform everyone about this phishy attack. I also updated and pinned about this on BOI community I hope this information will covey to every steemian.


Excelente propuesta, me animo a participar, ¿se puede todavía? @steemitblog

me encanta, trataré de participar.
#onepercent #venezuela

Greetings, I am doing one and it has a lot of receptivity! It is the post that has been commented the most, check it, thank you!


So it is only showing the town in 10 pictures and little caption, then no need to add any word to explain. It looks easy but actually difficult to explain things without words. Very interesting. Resteem it and wanna participate. And it is better to translate manually into Bahasa for better understanding for our Indonesian members. Thank you and cheers

Every photograph must have a caption to say what and where it is.

If you want to include a few words of added description that is fine.

Thank you very much, will do it accordingly

We translated the post into Italian for our community. Thanks for all your new proposals.


intresting challenge

I liked this idea, most of all I missed it, hoping there will be competitions like this.

Wowww! Extraordinary contest, from this moment I will be preparing my posts to participate. It really surprised me that out of thousands of cities and towns that exist in the world, my city #barquisimeto was chosen to illustrate the use of the required tags.

Thanks @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for promoting these fantastic initiatives.


Magnífico concurso de fotografía donde podemos mostrar nuestra localidad, y sitios hermosos dónde vivimos, me encantó, estoy anima en participar, gracias de verdad por este nuevo desafío que nos motiva a participar y nos inspiran en gran manera .👏👏

I would love to take part in this challenge, but I have a problem: the city where I'm from is too dangerous and I can't take any pictures outside without being in danger of robbery and violence in the streets.
However, I have some pics I took when I travelled to another country... Is it valid that I pick those photos for the challenge? Excuse my ignorance.

Que interesante, así podremos conocer mejor del entorno de nuestros amigos, de seguro que será un viaje en fotografias...

#onepercent #venezuela

Saya telah melakukan

excelente Challenge, esto nos ayudara a conocer mucho más de cada rincón del mundo.


OK just saw it that means I have only tomorrow

Hola ya realice mi post para este estupendo concurso, espero continúen este tipo de retos, saludos.

Hola amigos y equipo de @steemitblog. Si ustedes supiera que fácil fue hacer el recorrido y tomar las imágenes. Todo un placer. Tengo tantas que creo que si me da el tiempo mañana voy por otro post.

Lo que me costó trabajo fue lo de los códigos. Al no estar familiarizado, se me enredo el papagayo, pero pude salir adelante. Otro aprendizaje más logrado en y con steemit.
Aquí les dejo mi aporte, Mil gracias a todos y espero disfruten de mis fotos.

Mi San Fernando en diez fotos.

Guao que bueno que ya legue justo a tiempo casi de cerrar el concurso, ahora veremos si es verdad lo de un refrán que los últimos serán los primeros ja ja ja


Saludos amigos. Hoy me atreví y contra reloj trabajé en esta nueva entrada. No pude quedarme quieto con tantas fotos que tomé y se que quedaron buenas a morir.

Espero que les guste y disfruten tanto como yo he disfrutado hacer este post.

11:46 pm

For the future I will propose one more topic - "Your house plant".

I highly intrested in this new challenge. a great prompt, thank you! resteemed.

Se ve interesante este concurso de fotografía de nuestra comunidad o pueblo,sera una semana de salir por las fotos y mostrar lo mejor de mi pueblo que me vio nacer!!

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Your account is banned.
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