1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Six New Country Representatives

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We have been busy the last few weeks with the Crypto Challenges and the like but now we want to get back to the important business of expanding the Country Representatives network.

There are already 36 Country Reps doing a great job helping to build Steem around the world.

This week we would like to add six more to the team.

New Country Representatives

With the growing number of new Steemians in Venezuela we would like to invite three more people to join the Country Rep team there...

In Nigeria @focusnow and the SteemAlive team are doing some great recruitment so we would also like to invite two more people to become Country Reps there as well...

Finally, for this round, we have also invited @saxopedia to become a second Country Representative in Cameroon.

If these people would like to take up the offer to become Country Representatives please comment with your acceptance below and then we will arrange for the 5000 SP delegation to be sent.

Once accepted, these new Country Reps should be incorporated into the relevant @steemcurator curation teams.

Expanding the Country Representative Network

We plan on continuing to expand the number of Country Reps around the world so we are always on the look out for more potential candidates.

Our goal is to have enough Reps in place so that every post gets visited by at least one Rep.

We would like to see Reps commenting and engaging on every post in their country, offering support, encouragement and guidance.

We would like to see Reps checking in on all Steemians in their country, especially newer ones, to ensure they know how to vote optimally and how to claim rewards.

How many Reps will be needed to reach this level of coverage we are not sure yet. We had thought that about one Rep for every 40 active Steemians would be enough but it seems this is not sufficient so we are now looking to double up on this. We will now be targeting at least one Rep for every 20 active Steemians.

This increased ratio will also pass more voting power into each country community as we delegate 5000 SP to every Country Representative.

Rewarding the Country Representatives

We are also reviewing how Country Reps are rewarded for their efforts.

Currently they receive the 5000 SP, additional votes on activity reports and preferential voting on their general posts.

This approach is rather 'hit and miss' and we find it difficult to relate reward to effort.

We would like to streamline this a little.

Rather than the current mix of weekly and monthly reports that sometimes do not contain much useful information we would now request one main monthly report that contains...

  • the number of active Steemians in their country at the start of the month
  • the number of active Steemians in their country at the end of the month
  • a summary of any special activities or contests they have been involved in during the month, particularly in relation to helping Steemians in their country
  • a summary of any issues or problems amongst Steemians in their country during the month
  • any plans they have for the coming month to grow and develop Steem in their country.

With these single, consolidated reports we will be able to give higher rewards.

Additionally we would also find it very useful for Country Reps to maintain lists of active Steemians in their country to help ensure everyone is being supported and no one is being missed out.

These should be posted ideally every two weeks. They should be listed alphabetically, and active and inactive (if included) accounts should be listed separately, with totals shown for each.

Where there is more than one Rep in a country, the Reps can either rotate the posting of these lists or nominate one person to post and share the rewards via the beneficiary feature as appropriate.

We are also looking to give more rewards to Country Reps via votes on comments.

We will be particularly looking for comments from Reps giving helpful tips and advice on how to improve posts - rather in the old #diarydoctor style.

This is primarily for Reps commenting on posts from Steemians in their own countries.

With this comment reward approach Reps will have the opportunity to gain significant extra rewards.

If you haven't connected with your Country Representatives yet here is the current list...

Cameroon (@njiatanga), Ghana (@njaywan, @oppongk), Nigeria (@beautychicks, @focusnow), Uganda (@yohan2on), Mexico (@leveuf), Argentina (@belenguerra, @fendit), Venezuela (@adeljose, @anasuleidy, @edlili24, @mariita52, @tocho2), Bangladesh (@rex-sumon, @tarpan, @toufiq777), India (@neerajkr03, @rishabh99946, @sapwood), Indonesia (@anroja, @ernaerningsih, @nazarul, @radjasalman), Japan (@cryptokannon), Pakistan (@rashid001), Sri Lanka (@besticofinder, @randulakoralage), Italy (@girolamomarotta), Russia (@filinpaul, @knopka145), Turkey (@alikoc07), Ukraine (@antorv, @olesia) and New Zealand (@kiwiscanfly).

If you are in a country without a Country Rep comment below - we will see what we can do.

We will continue to review the Country Representatives over the coming weeks to explore further refinements and improvements.

The Country Representatives allow us to put more direct delegation into the community. With the six new Country Reps over 200,000 SP will have has been delegated out through this route.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are growing by the day on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...




Hello Steemitblog, I assume and accepted this new responsibility that has been assigned to me by the Steemit team. Hoping to do my best to promote and continue to strengthen our beloved community.
Contacto: [email protected]

Hola Steemitblog, asumo y acepto esta nueva responsabilidad que me ha sido asignada por el equipo de Steemit. Esperando hacer todo lo posible para impulsar y continuar fortaleciendo nuestra querida comunidad.

Hola @albenis, ubícame por discord tocho2#8353

Hola tocho2, no tengo discord.
Este es mi correo [email protected]

Hola tocho2, ya abrí mi cuenta discord, La dirección es albénis#2946.

Amigo, ya te contacté, búscame allí y acepta mi solicitud de amistad

Saludos y felicitaciones Albenis. Sigue con tu buena labor ahora como curador y representante de país. Feliz y larga vida.

Gracias Mariita, siempre dando tu apoyo y buenas recomendaciones, sigamos adelante.

Congratulations @albenis
Steem on!


Thank you @shortsegments . For your support.

Mil felicidades @albenis, tu trabajo a sido increible, este es el resultado de tu gran compromiso... Bienvenido al equipo, cuenta conmigo!!
¡¡Un abrazo!!

Hola anasuleidy, Gracias muy amable, daré lo mejor de mi. Para el crecimiento de todos lo miembros de nuestra comunidad.
Tanto nacional como internacionalmente.
Feliz noche.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

I confirm that I received the 5,000 SP delegation Thank you very much I will use it in the best possible way to strengthen the community. And the growth of STEEM

Confirmo que recibí la delegación de 5.000 SP Muchas gracias lo utilizaré de la mejor manera posible para fortalecer la comunidad. Y el crecimiento de STEEM.

Buenos días equipo @steemitblog hoy amanezco y luego de mi oración en el que decretó mi semana como una semana de triunfos y victorias recibo esta grata noticia para mi, es un placer ACEPTAR este nombramiento por reciprocidad hacia mi labor en la plataforma agradezco al equipo de curadores por el valor en estos 90 fantásticos días de ardua dedicación en la plataforma...

De igual manera felicito a :

@inspiracion y a @albenis por su nombramiento en la plataforma así como también a los nuevos representantes:


Felicidades para Ustedes

Quiero aprovechar la oportunidad para ponerme a disposición de mi equipo de representes para Venezuela: mi protectora @mariita52, @anasuleidy, @tocho2, @adeljose y @edlili24 ya que su experiencia y consejo seran muy útiles para esta nueva responsabilidad que he recibido, me imagino que habrán lazos de comunicación vía discord u otra plataforma para trabaja en conjunto, espero su apoyo para comenzar a trabajar desde ya..

Discord: wilmer1988#7749

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍 🎉

Hola, ya te contacté por discord

Saludos y felicitaciones Wilmer, espero que disfrutes tu nombramiento como curador y representante de país. Feliz y larga vida.

Amen gracias estimada @mariita52

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Congratulations @wilmer1988


Steem On!

Wow thank my friend @shortsegments

Best regards 🇻🇪 👍

Gracias por tus comentario, felicitaciones también para ti.

Mil felicidades @wilmer1988, Definitivamente estas son excelentes noticias para iniciar una semana de bendiciones y abundancia... Bienvenido al equipo, cuenta conmigo!!
¡¡Un abrazo!!

Gracias @anasuleidy me parece que fue ayer cuando yo te felicitaba a ti....

Saludos felicitaciones, bienvenido al equipo cuenta con mi apoyo y ayuda cualquier duda pregunta! Bendiciones 🙏

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Gracias equipo @steemitblog y @steemcurator01 a trabajar y contribuir con la plataforma

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

This is so huge and I simply can't contain my happiness on this appointment.

Therefore I @whitestallion readily accept the appointment as the country representative of #nigeria and pleage to do this job to the best of my ability.

Thanks so much to the steemitteam for this privilege.

Congratulations @whitestallion im so happy and proud of you...

Greetings and congratulations @whitestallion welcome to this wonderful work as curator and representative of the country. I hope you enjoy. Happy and long life.

Thanks so much, I aim to serve.

Congratulation @whitestallion !

Your joy is so big it makes me smile and feel happy.
Your hard work has brought forth rewards,
Enjoy and Steem On!


Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Wow, I just received my delegation and I am truly honored, together we will make much progress. Thanks for the trust, i will give my all to the steemit community.

Wow! I am very much happy to accept this New Role as a country Representative. I will do all it takes to work with other country repsentatives to enhance this blockchain. thanks to @steemitblog, I really appreciate your Efforts and the support so far.

congrats to my fellow new appointed country reps.


I am very happy that we are in this together. congrats once again

#onepercent #nigeria #affable

Congratulations @bright-obias welcome to this wonderful job as curator and representative of the country. Hope you enjoy. Happy and long life.

Thank you very much my beloved friend. I very happy to join the team and i pledge to do great works. I've really missed you on this blockchain, i could remember when you were my mentor. Thank you very much for the love and assistance.


Thank you happiness and joy is mutual.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Wow! I am very much happy for this new appointment on steem blockchain. Thanks for choosing me as the Cr for my country, i will do my best to work with the current Country Rep . Thanks once again for the Delegated SP.


Thanks to the @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and the entire steemit team for trusting me with these responsibilities and making me the second country Reps of Cameroon.

I here by affirm the role as the second country Reps of Cameroon while looking forward to better know the other 36 Country Reps.
Congrats to my fellow appointed CR's

@whitestallion and

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Thanks The Steemit Team.

I am highly obliged to you for making me CR'S, delegating 5000sp to me and keeping that trust over me that I can be helpful to the growth of Steem in my country. Thanks again.

I will start be creating a Cameroon community to keep track of if not all, most Cameroonian steemians on steemit.


That will be great if you can work @njiatanga to get the Community set up.

Yeah of course,
Good thing we are in the same city.

¡Muchas gracias por la invitación a formar parte del equipo en Venezuela!

Para mí es un honor formar parte del equipo de Steemit. Me gusta poder apoyar a los usuarios y orientarlos para poder crecer en Steemit y sí es a través del equipo me parece una manera maravillosa.

Felicidades también a los demás invitados.

Saludos a todo el equipo de Steemit, y de nuevo, muchas gracias.

Saludos al equipo de Venezuela, les dejo mi contacto en Discord para que me contacten, por favor, y empezar en coordinación con ustedes:


@adeljose, @anasuleidy, @edlili24, @mariita52, @tocho2

@albenis @wilmer1988

Hola, ya te contacté

Saludos y felicitaciones @inspiracion, bienvenida a esta maravillosa labor como curador y representante de país. Feliz y larga vida.

Felicitaciones, @inspiración, muy acertada esta escogencia que sé será de gran ayuda para quienes vemos en Steemit una buena plataforma de creación de contenido. Te deseo mucho éxito en esta nueva etapa.

Muchas gracias amiga @charjaim, por tus buenos deseos :D Espero hacer lo mejor.

Mil felicidades @inspiracion, que bueno que en esto corto tiempo desde tu regreso a la plataforma estes tan comprometida, se que haras una labor genial... Bienvenido al equipo, cuenta conmigo!!
¡¡Un abrazo!!

Gracias @anasuleidy, por tus palabras. Igualmente cuentas conmigo. :D

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000 SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Yes, that's correct, I already received the 5000 SP. I will be using this delegation in the best way to support the growth and strengthening of the community. Thank you for trusting me.

Thank you for streamlining the report and the rewards process for CRs. These reports would be helpful to see the country-wise stats easily and based on the data, we can work on the weak areas and fix the issues if any.

I am also working on an additional feature in #SUT to show country-wise active users on a single click. I will keep sharing updates on this. It is taking more than expected time for me to finalize the technical approach but yes, I am making progress and there are no blockers so far.

Thank you Steemit team for providing all these unique opportunities.

That sounds like a very useful feature on #SUT.

Thank you

Thank you for this feedback. I am trying to complete and deploy this feature on production #SUT soon.

The monthly report is really a good idea and that will give better insight if we can include the data of at least the previous two months, making a statistical model and letting the community know where do we stand.

Thank you.

And congratulations to the newly joined CRs.

Steem on.

Good idea to include the previous month's data for comparison.

Yes, at least we get to know the pattern.

Thank you.

Hello, dear @steemitblog and @steemcurator01. It's being quite difficult to find users from Argentina and despite the invitations I've made, people don't "trust" a lot in a "new" platform. This is a culture that we have here in the country.

They don't understand cryptocurrencies and as you can see, there are a few users from Argentina. In fact, I found the platform looking for a place to write and I fell in love with Steemit for all the things that offer: meeting people, knowing about other cultures, contests.

I will keep talking with people here and I have a Facebook and Twitter that I created specifically for Steemit promotion. I work there as much as I can, not that much because of the tasks here and other responsibilities, but I'm doing my best.

As a CR I have been helping in other communities as Newcomers and Steemit Nursery, and also of course we have Writing and Reviews Community with @fendit.

Same happens to me. I've talked to my friends and family about Steemit but there's somehow mistrust when it comes to online platforms aside from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I have been thinking about getting in touch with people from different Facebook groups that might be interested in what we can offer in Writing & Reviews, but up to now I just couldn't find the time to do it. Between my personal life and the tasks we perform here as CR and part of the Steem Greet Team, it has become somehow difficult.

Aside from this, we talk every single day with @belenguerra and we always try to come up with new ideas to make our community more interesting and to make users engage and connect between themselvs, so we wouldn't like that to be shadowed either.

@steemitblog @steemcurator01

Congrats to the newly appointed country reps. The monthly report should be sufficient if country reps couldn't do it weekly.

I would like to invite all of you newly appointed Country reps to Steem Greeters discord too if you interested to join the team discussion and operation https://discord.gg/ySnfMGxh

Thank you very much for the invitation.

Sure, I will join right away. Thanks for the invitation.

@cryptokannon, it has been my desire to assist in the steem greeters community. Now is the opportunity, I'll definitely join the discord group discussion. Thanks for the invitation.


Thanks for the invite @cryptokannon

thank you very much @cryptokannon

Thank you for continuing to actively support the great Steemit community.

Assigning country representatives is a sign of the interest attributed to all Steemians in general and impartially.

Delegating functions to people with knowledge of the general situation and culture of each country allows a more personal treatment with each Steemians.

Congratulations to all the guests and welcome to your new assignments.

Translation to Spanish

Gracias por seguir apoyando activamente a la gran comunidad Steemit.

Asignar representantes de países es una muestra del interés que se atribuye a todos los steemians en general e imparcialmente.

Delegando funciones a personas con conocimiento de la situación general y de la cultura de cada país se permite un trato mas personal con cada Steemians.

Felicitaciones a todos los recibieron la invitación y bienvenidos a sus nuevas asignaciones.

Traducción al español

Greetings, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, that is wonderful and I'm really glad to see that we are growing as a whole, steem community is growing everyday, we really appreciate all the efforts made by the Steemit team.

It's also good idea to provide a proper report every 2 week, as it would provide more transparency and clear information about what's going on in the particular country.

Congratulations to New country representative, thank you for this information.

Congrats to all new Country Reps!

Well, I've been planning to write a report today, because it's time, last one was a month ago. Let it count as I've been following "once a month report" recommendation already 😃

Totally agree that there's no need in weekly reports (that's why never did this).

Great initiative @steemitblog. Thank you for the updates.

Congratulations to all the new country representives.


Thank you for your support.

Thank you very much @njaywon

Thank you for your support.

Thanks my friend @tarpan


Thank you for your support.

Felicidades a todos los nuevos representantes, y bienvenidos los compañeros de Venezuela: @albenis, @inspiracion, @wilmer1988

Muchas gracias tocho 2, agradecido por tu siempre buenos comentarios hacia mis publicaciones.

Congratulations dear friends!! Please ask if you need anything! Welcome to the team!

Am so happy that my two recruits have grown to become valuable members of this platform. Congratulations to @whitestallion and @bright-obias for achieving this feat. Congratulations to all the other appointees. Let's work harder and push Steem to the moon!!!!!

Thank you very much @focusnow, i am very much happy that you motivated me on this blockchain, together we'll push steem to its higher plane.


feels so great to be back
congratulations to our new country representatives.


Welcome back sir @njiatanga. We have missed you a lot. Glad you made it here. Hope you got something for the team?

Enough for the team to carry @focusnow . have missed you all so much

Thank you very much @njiatanga, i am happy that you are back. Personally, i have been missing you.


@steemitblog I will surely commend your efforts to see that every post on steemit gets visited, you are doing a great work.
Congratulations to all newly appointed country representatives, best regards on your new position.
I am also happy for my friends @bright-obias and @whitestallion on their invitation to be new Nigerian country representatives. I know you guys are equal to the task.

Wow, this is really goodness to the newly appointees. Congratulations to them all. My special congratulations to my fellow steemalive members

Thank you so much @steemitblog for recognizing our community.
#teopercent #nigeria

Thank you so much my beloved friend. I am very much happy to have known you on this blockchain. Thanks for the comment. Together we'll push steemit to its higher plane


I am so happy to have known you too. Cong once more

Congratulations to the steemit colleagues who are trusted as Country Representatives, I hope that this trust can improve performance and bring back the golden age of Steemit.


Thanks @steemitblog for this update

🌹Congratulations to all new Country Representatives🌹

Monthly Report is a great idea to present the progress .

thank you friend

Gracias @steemitblog por mantenerse al tanto de lo que está aconteciendo y poder aclarar esos pequeños detalles, de verdad que felicito a los representantes de mi país @anasuleidy, @tocho2, @edlili24, @adeljose y @mariita52 que hasta ahora se han esforzado y trabajado en pro del crecimiento y progreso de la comunidad venezolana🤝.
Que bueno que se le habrán las puertas a más venezolanos de formar parte de este equipo... Y sé que vamos por más!

Congratulations to the new representatives @albenis, @inspiracion, and @wilmer1988, welcome, I know they will accomplish the task with the greatest responsibility and commitment.

I like the list of items you want to see in the reports, I would like more if you will put everything you want to see in the report, so we know if we are providing the information required by you

I also appreciate, that you leave a comment in the reports, either thanking or leaving a suggestion for improvement, as we are here for that, "To keep improving".

Thank you.

Muchas gracias @adeljose :D

pd: @adeljose por favor comunicate conmigo por discord: inspiracion#0799

Hola a todos, felicitaciones a todos los nuevos integrantes de los representantes de países, especialmente a los de Venezuela. Esperamos que tengan un excelente desempeño en sus labores. @albenis, @inspiracion y @wilmer1988 muchas felicidades. DIOS les bendiga

Amen @beautiful12 gracias por tus palabras, esperemos estar a la vanguardia con las responsabilidades.. Amen...

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Hola beatiful12, Gracias por tu comentario.
Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia.

I think every week a list of active steemians should be made for the country representatives of each country. Through this we can easily know the number of active steemians per week. Make a list of these active steemians and inspire them by up voting. Then the number of active steemians will increase day by day.


Thanks to steemit team.

thank you very much .

Thanks so much for the support @boss75, you have been a true friend.

Maravilloso! El trabajo de los representantes de cada país es muy importante, porque cada acompañamiento y guía es un gran impulso para hacer crecer la plataforma. Ojalá los candidatos propuestos acepten la misión y se unan al equipo que día a día nos acompañan a los venezolanos que hacemos vida acá en Steemit. Juntos creceremos con Steemit. Saludos


Felicidades a todos los nuevos representares! Muchas Bendiciones en su nuevo camino y responsabilidad!


Thank you very much my friend.

Thank you so much.

Muchas gracias, por tu comentario y bendiciones. Igualmente bendiciones para ti y tu familia.

Hello! new ideas and initiatives are great! there will certainly be a lot of praise under this post, but I want to say about the unpleasant moments. More than a month has passed since the end of the second season of Game of the Diaries, and the results have not been announced. People feel cheated. All the same, the second season was announced as a competition, but not all participants even received votes for their posts. Even a member of my team did not receive awards for posts in the second season, although she continues to write to this day. As a curator I have no advantage, I don't get a vote from @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 even at 100SP. The number of active participants is decreasing every day, I'm afraid that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We cannot make empty promises to authors and try to keep them. My colleagues and I reward all authors, but this is not enough. I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I'm adding value to my work, neither for the community members, nor for myself. Thanks!

Felicitaciones a los compañeros seleccionados para tan importante labor.en particular para el amigo @albenis, un steemian nuy activo y que cuando ingresé me dió mucho apoyo y ha sido un modelo a seguir,me alegra muchisimo,muy merecido espero que acepte,bravooo por todos.
#onepercent #venezuela

Hola marito74, agradecido por tu amable comentario, tu le has puesto mucho empeño y dedicación para desarrollarte día a día en la comunidad Te felicito y gracias por tu apoyo.

Hola feliz día, felicitaciones a los nuevos representantes de países de verdad que esto es una gran iniciativa y se que realizaran un gran trabajo

Felicitaciones a los nuevos representantes

@steemitblog siguen incorporandose buenos representantes.

Gracias mi estimada @sacra97...

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Hola sacra, muchas gracias por tu apoyo y por tu valiosa participación en Steemit.

Feliz de que personas que se ven a diario y con los cuales comentas seguido logran subir escalones en esta plataforma. Esto es inspirador para seguir trabajando y enfocarte en el reto planteado de ser en un futuro como ellos que son ejemplo de trabajo. Felicitaciones a los nuevos representante. Excelente trabajo del equipo @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02.

Especial reconocimiento a los de mi país Venezuela @albenis, @wilmer1988 y doblemente especial por @inspiracion. Que siga la funcion, a seguir produciendo material de primera calidad.


Así es amigo @panchocroquer jajaja tienes nombre de pista de automóvilismo...

Amén esa es la actitud amigo seguir trabajando y desarrollándose en la plataformas creciendo día a día...

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Si vale por ahí van los tiros con mi nombre, jajajajajaja no por la pista sino por el personaje.

Vamos subiendo como la espuma.


Hola panchocroquer, muy amable de tu parte por tan hermosas palabras. Mi Norte es apoyar y dar lo mejor de mi, en nombre de Dios, a todas las personas de buena voluntad.

Que lindas palabras ¡Muchas gracias @panchocroquer! :D

Hello @Steemitblog, thank you for this enlightening post. I am from Papua New Guinea. I'm wondering if there are any Country Representative from my country here on Steemit. If not, I'd like to be my Country Rep. Thank you.

Conozco la trayectoria de los nuevos representantes de Venezuela y realmente han hecho un meritorio trabajo y merecen este reconocimiento. Felicitaciones para ellos. Seguro seguirán con el excelente trabajo que hace el gran equipo de Venezuela. Que continúen los éxitos, que el éxito de ustedes, es el éxito de todos. Saludos

Felicitaciones a:

Por ser invitados a formar parte del equipo steemit.

Buen trabajo.

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Muy agradecido amigo @alfredogarc

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Gracias Alfredogarc,muy agradecido por tu comentario y apoyo.

Nice update I hope I can become a country representative one day

It's been a long journey for Steem's progress. I as a steemians will wait for new things for the sake of steem progress. Hopefully it's better known all over the country. Thanks for all the steemit team

Felicitaciones a todos los nuevos representantes de país, en especial a los de mi Venezuela.


Se que junto a los demás nos enorgulleceran con su buen trabajo y orientaciones para hacerlo cada día mejor.

"Exitos para todos"


Gracias dianag28 muy amable por tu comentario y gracias por tu apoyo.

Lindas palabras amiga @dianag28 gracias Dios mediante así será...


Saludos 🇻🇪 👍


Congrats to the newly appointed country reps.
The future of Steem and Steemit is very bright, as it truly lives up to one of the ideas of DPOS blockchains and distributes the wealth generated from the Reward Pool very widely around the world using Country based Curation where seeds sprout, saplings thrive and the many branches of Steem grow.



Of course the future of steemit is bright. Thank you @shortsegments for congratulating the new country reps including me. I appreciate you nice words.


@shortsegments thank you so much for your words. :D

Thank you for congratulating, thank you for support.

Thank you for your words, what an interesting future awaits us...

Greetings 🇻🇪👍

Thank you very much for the congratulations

Felicidades a Todos los nuevos representantes, bienvenidos al equipo se que continuaremos trabajando a buen ritmo es un gusto poder ver que se unan mas al equipo!

Congratulations to the new appointed country rep's @albenis , @inspiracion , @wilmer1988 , @bright-obias
@whitestallion. Wish you all the best !

Thanks so much, we will try to very possible best to steer the steemit community to new heights.

Thanks so much my friend @besticofinder

Thank you very much for your support and congratulations.

Wow I sure have missed a lot
A rep per 20 active Steemians..., Doesn't that sound like a lot though?

Congrats to the newly elected still, all the best :)

Felicitaciones a los nuevos representantes.

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Congratulation to you Mr @Bright-obias
I'm extremely very happy for your new role as a country representative @God bless your new appointment

Thank you my beloved brother. Together we'll push steem higher in our city

Many many Congratulations to all new CR's ,
The comment thing will be very beneficial as it will help new members getting guide from Country representatives. Also they can interact with many members while commenting on their posts.

first of all congratulations to all @albenis
@whitestallion and hope this team will be on of the best team representative in their countries and they all looking very much great and has great spirit to work yeah i really appreciate this great job , best of luck dear all and keep continue your great work , that is big reward to you all and honour for all of you,, best wishes and superb

thank you very much my friend

For a couple of months, try to swap Country Representatives.

Dear @steemiblog, thank you very much for your hard work supporting us with 4 country reps. I am from Indonesia

Best regards

I was kinda sad that many Filipinos left Steem. Hoping many of them will go back. Though, I knew a few who are still here.

Which Filipinos are still active on Steem?

Congratulations to the newly approved/assigned country curators.

This is steemit doing and it is great and marvelous in my sight!😍😍

Hello @steemitblog, I am from Tunisia, unfortunately I do not see that my country is represented in my favorite blog, I want to know the conditions to integrate it here.Thank you in advance.

It would be great to start building a Steem presence in Tunisia.

Do you know of any other active Steemians in your country at present?

Hi @steemcurator01, I think we haven't a large Tunisian community in Steemit, maybe we can create a Maghreb community that includes Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco but I have no statistics about the mass of members. What recommendation that can help me please?

You could maybe start a Steem Tunisia community, and post some content about Tunisia (maybe My Town In Ten Pics for example).

That might attract some people from Tunisia, especially if you can promote it on other social media.

It's a good idea, i will try it! thanks @steemcurator01