1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Introducing #DiaryDoctor

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Anyone fancy being a #DiaryDoctor?

We are keen to keep improving the quality of The Diary Game posts.

And we are keen to get more people commenting and engaging on Diary Game posts.

So today we are introducing #DiaryDoctor - another way to earn through helpful commenting.

What is #DiaryDoctor ?

Many people are writing many great Diary Game posts.

Some people are writing not so great Diary Game posts.

And some people are struggling...

It would be great if those people who are already confidently producing good posts are able to help those who are finding it difficult to produce good posts.

So we are inviting people to make friendly constructive comments on other people's Diary Game posts to help them improve their posts.

This would not just be about following the rules, but more about content, style, formatting, presentation etc.

For example...

  • "I love your content but have you thought about including more white space and paragraphs to make it more readable"

  • "You are using interesting photographs but it would look better if you formatted them to similar dimensions and only used the best ones for each subject"

  • "Good post, but do you really need all those gifs and logos cluttering up the end of the post"

  • "Looking good, but are 15 different tags really needed?"

  • "Very interesting daily activities but have you thought of just writing in your own language - intermingling two languages can make the post difficult to follow if not done well"

  • "Your photos would be so much more meaningful if you added captions saying what they are and where they were taken"

We hope people will take these sorts of comments in good spirit and take on board the ideas to improve their posts.

Better posts mean better rewards !

To encourage people to make these sorts of comments @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will be rewarding them with extra votes.

We will only reward comments that we agree with and are made in a friendly, constructive manner. Votes will be between 2% and 10% depending on how useful they are to the post author and how clearly they are written.

If you are commenting on a post in another language you might want to use a translator to translate your comment into the language of the post so it is more likely to be read by the post author.

To participate in this make sure you add the tags #diarydoctor and #yourcountryname to your comments.

You can comment on as many posts as you want. But you must comment before @steemcurator01 arrives to be in with a chance of getting a vote.

The OnePercenters

We are still running the general OnePercenters comment reward system.

For that you just need to make a meaningful, engaging comment on a Diary Game post (other than your own), before @steemcurator01 arrives.

Make sure you include the tags #onepercent and #yourcountryname.

We are giving out a large number of these votes each day so it can be an easy way to earn extra votes.

You can comment on as many posts as you want. The more the merrier!

And @steemcurator01 now has 6M SP so a 1% vote is quite worthwhile.

Comment Contests

We love comments and we love comment contests.

There can never be too many of either.

Check out these contests from @anasuleidy and @sapwood...

If anyone else is running a Comment based contest please do post it in the comments below.

Commenting and engaging with other people's posts is a vital part of building a strong social network.

We want to see more of it.

Coming across Diary Game posts with no comments makes us sad.

Please expand your circle and go out and look for new posts to comment on. You might make new friends who come and read and vote on your posts in return.

Becoming a Champion Commenter might be lucrative for you - you can now earn through the 'OnePercenters' and through the 'DiaryDoctor' - and the Lucky 10s are still lurking out there as well...

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Netflix Review Contest

To launch their new Writing & Reviews Community @fendit and @belenguerra are running a Netflix Reviews Contest...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


diarydoctor is great. I'm sure I will get a lot of healing from diarydoctors for my thediarygame post 😄 . I'm fine with that, lets together improve each other so we all become a great and strong community.

I would definitely like to appreciate the comments. Because it is possible to easily fix the mistake of the post giver by commenting. New users will be able to fix any errors by looking at the comments themselves. This will enhance their experience and enable them to post flawlessly.

@sm-shagor & me have already done a promotional tour on behalf of our steem Bangladesh community. This tour was attended by all the team members in our area and many came from outside. Many of them liked our tour. Many have expressed a desire to join this platform. We are going to teach them something and bring them to the platform. We will be encouraged if you comment on how our tour went. We have the desire to go much further. We are going to take initiative to promote steem at district level in very soonAnd this month I am going to take the initiative to take a class with projector ,for New Commerce


Que buena iniciativa, está inquietud la manifestaba a algunos de los usuarios que visitaba respaldada por las reglas del juego, ahora será más eficaz porque podremos ayudarnos con nuestros comentarios mutuamente, de esta manera se logrará publicaciones de calidad en forma y contenido, haciendo de Steemit lo mejor.


Been on to this lately thou was confined within the 'rules of the game' phrase and seeing this expansion of need-for-comments, gears engaged.

I take #diarydoctor as the best development in #thediarygame in the context of guiding people & it is a win-win case for everyone, the parent author as well as the commenter. And I see this as a positive iteration to #thediarygame season 2.

Because if we , move from season 1 to season 2 and so on, there should be a visible improvement in the quality, we must be able to tell the world that not just we have the quantity of engagement but also the quality of posts and engagement.

Now with #diarydoctor it will help many to groom up the fellow struggling players and that will help to create great camaraderie in this diary game.

And thank you for the mention of Project Affable.

Have a great day.

Steem on.

I like this idea lot I feel like my post are good when I have time so I will try to give out some praise and pointers.

조금더 현실적인프로젝트를 진행했음한다. Ui개선이라든가 재단은 뭐하고 있건지 로드맵부터 발표해줘라. 1000일 프로젝트 정말 성의 없다. 차라리 10,000일 프로젝트를 하던가~! 더성의 없게~! 이러한 재단의 무관심과 무책임은 전 하이브직원들과 다를게 없고 커뮤니티는 차츰 서서히 침몰해가고 있음을 명심하자. Plz~

Thank you for this opportunity. I believe this will go a long way to encourage engagement on steem.

Great idea! There is little interaction on this platform. It is necessary to create communication nodes between people. Not only technically link the cells into a chain, but also connect people at the level mental.

The #SteemitTeam Excellent initiative from #diarydoctor, whenever I visit the publications, I always try to make my comments productive and if I see any flaws I try the best way to tell the author of the publication, so I like that the effort that is made is appreciated.

But, something that I have noticed and it is very worrying, is that there are many entries that expire without anyone voting for them not only for steemcurator01, which I know has a great job and I am aware that the vote may take time, but they are not visited by @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03 @steemcurator05, my account @ francyrios75 and that of @ amart29 are an example of that, in my case I have tickets that expired and did not even reach 1$.

This situation also demotivates users who are participating in the newspaper game, it is not much use, that only nice words are said to an author, if their work is not monetarily valued, both things go hand in hand.

Without the intention of generating controversy, my humble opinion is that the accounts @steemcurator 02,03,05, should coordinate a little more, because while some publications are not visited, other accounts are sometimes visited by up to the 3 accounts in the same publication, that creates inequality in the game, and we are all supposed to play on equal terms.

I repeat again that my intention is not to generate controversy, I am very grateful for the support that the community in general is receiving, my interest is only that the game is fair for everyone, as I have always understood that it is the intention of the excellent steemit team.

Thank you very much and God bless you

Your intention is appreciated. It is always good to notify and bringing to attention which helps to make a good productive platform. To make an improvement in the product first we have to sure that the previous one is easily working 70%-80% and have extra time to spend on the new improvement things.

I was here to raise the same voice but I was quite sure that someone might notice the same and I found your comment, you raised voice for many.

Last month I proactively worked and make a post on every day, I got vote on only 2 posts, the rest of my posts are not visited, and finally, those posts die. Even there was a post created on which we have to make comment our username if posts are not visited, I saw as many people like me did that too, but it seems the plan did not work for all because my posts were just waiting and waiting.

My understanding here, this is a global platform there might be more than 1000 posts they have to visit in a day don't know the exact counts. Until don't know the exact difficulty they are facing, we can just notify, because the people who are giving their 100% every day to visit each post and spent their valuable time is really appreciated and can understand how it may be critical to visit each post/verify and up-vote before the posts going older.

It is okay that I have not received a vote on my 22 posts last month and I am not worried about that because I understand is the time they have not got on my posts is surely spent on other posts, so it okay that someone got the upvote, after all, we every one have to work together here and support everyone to make an excellent Active platform.

But it was also noticed that some posts are regularly and proactively getting visited and this thing forces me to think more even I am promoting steemit through my YouTube Channel.

it is a great idea,if work together with this project then we can find quality post.

Checking posts that are not meeting the rules still wastes time for our curators so we are considering a system whereby once people have not met the rules three times then they would be dropped from our curation altogether. We will be deciding on whether to implement this during the Mid-Season Break.

Have you decided to give up this idea?

This is excellent!
Thanks for these great ideas.

¡Esto es excelente!
Gracias por estas buenas ideas.

The translation into Spanish.

La traducción al español


Nice initiative @steemitblog. We run contests weekly and our engagement rate improves with each contest. Our current contest is also comment based. We asked participants to drop their childhood picture (12years or less) and a current picture now. Then participants must engage with the entries by discussing the changes between the childhood and adult pictures. We currently have 143 engagements in less than 2 days. Here is the link.


Great initiative, lets work with this so as to achieve quality diaries in the game, as for me? Am in for this
Diarydoctor, here i come!

Hello @bright-obias
Your diaries are incredible!!! I succeed as Diarydoctor,

Haha, its nice seeing you again, where have you been my great mentor

my great mentor? Thank you for that qualification, now I am working more within my country but I always remember you with appreciation. Receive greetings and a thousand blessings.

Haha, thank you very much ma'am

This is a great opportunity to teach and also learn for others on the platform. It gives room for positive creativity.

Thank you for this wonderful initiative that will motivate many people to be more participatory with their comments as well as many of us will receive good recommendations to improve our publications. Motivation, participation and interaction!

Thank you for promoting our contest!! ☺️☺️
As well as this, I think this new idea of #DiaryDoctor is a great way of getting to know what others think of the quality of the post, I’ll try to see what can I contribute to others!

Nice initiative...most times I notice someone struggling to make a post in English, I write a comment and translate to their native language so as to encourage. The diary posts should be able simplicity and comfort in my opinion. Write in whatever language you best understand.

HI @steemitblog, My diary posts are often not "rated". In the first edition they were all voted, now almost half are not voted by the editors. Maybe I'm wrong in something. I will try to improve. Here my profile.

In the first 25 diary games you did not see my 21 posts and you said that the posts you did not see later would be rewarded. But sadly, you haven't seen a post of my diary games that started on this 1st September. It's really sad for me. I try to post quality and every day I comment on many posts. I try to follow all your rules. But one thing I noticed is you don't notice my posts. I want to be representative from Bangladesh

Please see my posts @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Thanks a lot for sharing the contest in here @steemitblog!

Excelente iniciativa, necesitamos que mas personas comenten y se ayuden a crecer mutuamente.
Con la ejecucion de mi concurso #yotevisito muchos de los participantes me manifiestan cuanto los desmotiva no recibir comentarios, pues sienten que publicar no vale la pena... Asi que cualquier iniciativa que los motive a interactuar mas es increible.

Equipo Steemit Gracias por el trabajo y por la mencion.


Excellent initiative, we need more people to comment and help each other grow.
With the execution of my #yotevisito contest, many of the participants tell me how much it discourages them not to receive comments, because they feel that publishing is not worth it ... So any initiative that motivates them to interact more is incredible.

Steemit Team Thanks for the work and for the mention.

Cheers !!

A great initiative, #diarydoctor is the best for the author as well as for the commentator scenario. This will make a positive impact on #thediarygmae posts.

Improvement is what we lack in season 2 of @thediarygame, but with the help of @diarydoctor, we will learn so many new things as well.

Another best project from @steemitblog.

Saludos amigos @steemitblog,
Me encanta comentar, jajaja, me dicen parlanchín en mi casa,es bueno ganar por comentar creo que sacaré provecho a uno de mis talentos!!

Saludos y bendiciones!!

Thanks very much @steemitblog for this updates, infact I have been politely urging my team members to always engage others as they engage them with upvotes and comments. How do Steemians expect upvotes or comments meanwhile they aren't performing any? The #DiaryDoctor would really guide those players struggling to what is desire by the community as far as this contest is concern, to come out with the best out of irrelevance. I'm so excited for the 6M Power by @steemcurator01. The community is really improving on base on asset, please, everybody let's push on Stern!!!

This post will make a reader very attentive.Readers will read the post well and comment accordingly.Everyone will be interested to comment on everyone's post after knowing this.I am also very happy to find a source of extra income.Thanks @steemitblog for making such a beautiful post.

@steamcurator01 Welcome to 600k sp.Hope to get your valuable vote in my diary game post soon.
Thanks @steemitblog and @steemcurator01. I wish you all the best.

I like the posts in two different languages as it helps me learn to read different languages.

Also when a post has two languages, I feel comfortable replying to the post in either language.

I think the #dairydoctor will help others who may not be able to follow updates by @steemitblog. We are in a way helping them improve upon their posts quality by helping them align their posts with #thediarygame rules. It will also improve upon posts quality here on steem in general.

This is truly a great initiative.

since 11-8-2020 to at this moment @steemcurator01 did not visit my diary post and I also did not get any others support in my diary post.

Thanks overall…………….

Good initiative

Otra actualización me parece genial, hacia falta ponerle nuevos retos al juego diario!! #DiaryDoctor me parece genial apoyar a otros a realizar mejor trabajo y ganas por eso... incluso estas acotaciones sobre mejorar las publicaciones no están demás tomarlas en cuenta, así vengas realizando buenas publicaciones... siempre se puede mejorar!

Me encanta todas las sugerencias por que ya las he puesto en práctica antes de este post tratando de mejorar y también he recibido buenas sugerencias.

#diarydoctor is a brilliant idea in my opinion, but it is difficult for those of us who are small to do it, because the risk we will receive is a downvote, because not everyone likes to be corrected for their posts, especially those who do it are small fish.


All your enterprises are appreciated.We should all follow @steemitblog.
Because here we can find out what we are doing wrong with our diary posts.
We can see that some Steam users are only blaming that @steemcurator01 .You should first check whether you are doing the diary posts according to the rules of the @steemitblog.
We should all do all the posts according to the rules of @Steemitblog.
I think most steemit users do not follow @steemitblog.

The steemit team is working for us 24 hours a day
The steemit team @steemcurator01

Aloha Steemit Inc., Team

This looks like another great initiative to promote engagement. This aspect will also teach tact and humility, sometimes hard to accept and learn.

Great Job!


You definitely have to develop the "comment culture". We have become used to posting and expecting others to comment on our posts. With "The Daily Game" you have the opportunity to develop our culture of commenting and we should take advantage of it. I have particularly received rewards for commenting from @steemcurator03 and this motivates those who comment. Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Blessings.

Hi @steemcurator01 and @steemblog, can you please see my posts

Me sorprende que diga que las publicaciones que no cumplen las normas son una pérdida de tiempo para los curadores y serán eliminadas.

Digo que me sorprende, porque he visto publicaciones que no cumplen en absoluto con las reglas. Ponen una y otra vez las etiquetas que se les ha dicho que no pongan, con imágenes borrosas y muchas veces con mala ortografía y los curadores las recompensan mucho.

Por otro lado, he visto publicaciones que son impecables, con fotos hermosas y muy claras, una escritura hermosa, una historia que atrapa al lector, que no son muy apreciadas por los curadores o simplemente no son tenidas en cuenta.

Entonces no entiendo el sentido de esas palabras. Si son pérdida de tiempo para los curadores, entonces deciden recompensar de manera muy generosa y sustanciosa todo lo que ustedes dicen que NO se debe hacer y a quienes lo hacen bien, simplemente o no los recompensan o los recompensan muy bajo.

Son cosas que definitivamente no las entiendo. Y me disculpo si sueno discordante, pero son dudas que me han perseguido desde el inicio de esta segunda temporada.

I am surprised that you say that publications that do not meet the standards are a waste of time for the curators and will be eliminated.

I say I am surprised, because I have seen publications that do not comply at all with the rules. They put up again and again the labels that they have been told not to put up, with blurry images and often bad spelling, and the curators reward them very much.

On the other hand, I have seen publications that are impeccable, with beautiful and very clear photos, beautiful writing, a story that catches the reader, that are not very appreciated by the curators or are simply not taken into account.

So I don't understand the meaning of those words. If they are a waste of time for the healers, then they decide to reward in a very generous and substantial way everything that you say should NOT be done and those who do it well are simply not rewarded or are rewarded very little.

These are things that I definitely do not understand. And I apologize if I sound discordant, but they are doubts that have haunted me since the beginning of this second season.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

If you would like to give some examples we will take a look...

No, sorry. The idea is not to harm those who have been blessed and/or benefited with great votes from your account. This is an invitation to review those posts with more attention, to value so many users who really deserve it and not to leave them out. This is my first time in the game of the newspaper and I came motivated by the comments of last season and I think that you and the users, are doing well. Every user takes very seriously what they do, I particularly try to make my photos clear and I follow the rules and just like me, there are many users who do it and do not feel well rewarded or supported. I know that some detail can slip through your fingers among so many publications, but if I think it is good to look more closely at the use of labels, for example, and if you really want it to be followed, support those who follow the rules.

Excelente iniciativa, siempre me encontraba con publicaciones en dónde le hacía algún tipo de sugerencia con respecto a mejorar sus publicaciones, esto hará que se de más ayuda e interacción entre todos los usuarios de steemit y participantes del juego del diario, seguimos aqui en el mejor lugar haremos brillar a Steemit ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐

Gracias por la iniciativa esto es un gran apoyo para todos


In order for us to create our posts, we must follow all the rules given by the Steemblog.
But I think most people are posting without following all the rules of Steemblog.
As a result, they are sorry for not getting the vote of @steemcurator01 . But steem team are working for us 24 hours a day.

If you don't mind, @steemcurator01, you haven't seen my posts for a long time. Please see my posts. I have tried to post according to all the rules of Steam blog.
Please see my post: @rasel72

Hello @steemcurator01.
This is a very good initiative. But you haven't seen a post of mine yet. So I don't understand if my posts are right or wrong. Please if you visit my diary game I would understand my mistakes.

Hlw @steemcurator01 can you please see my posts @yeris

Did you read the comment on your last post?

A convertirse en un #diarydoctor, muchas gracias por estas increíbles iniciativas, sé que vamos por más...
Activos en el The Diary Game...

I'm trying to comment on people's posts like this. So, that they can make the quality of the post better.
After explaining to many people, the quality of their posts is not getting better. Still trying.

Don't lose heart, you're doing a great job.

you are doing great work brother @toufiq777
it will help many to create great content.

Thanks for the initiative, I am very happy to participate in this challenge. Thanks for this second edition.

excellent initiative @steemitblog, so new people will receive help and we can help to make our posts better and better.

Excelente iniciativa, con esto motivamos a muchas personas y nos ayudaremos juntos a crecer cada dia.!!

Me encanta esta iniciativa @steemitblog , la mejora debe ser continua y con mucho compañerismo se puede lograr, en mi caso tomaré cualquier tipo de critica constructiva o recomendación, si me las dan estaré totalmente agradecida!


We will create content according to your instructions.
We should all follow all your instructions so that we can create good content.
The steemit team and @steemcurator01

It's a great idea. Especially for newcomers, it'll help to make a nice diary post. Even they get to know about steem formatting and guideline.

This is wonderful and a great initiative to increase the engagement on Steem blockchain through diary game and motivation one another to comment well and get rewarded as well.

Greetings @steemitblog always attentive to updates, thank you very much for this important information. We constantly talk about that in our team on a daily basis remembering to give support with the vote, commenting and resteem. The contest of the friend @anasuleidy I am already participating, one of the foreign participants who visits was interested in being in the challenge and the representative contributed a if he can. The second contest I think from what I understood only labels of the #india.
Converting the players of the newspaper game into #DiaryDoctor is not bad, when one sees an error in a player that could affect their performance in the challenge we tell them to correct it, anyone can make a mistake and others can improve their diaries with those recommendations.
Bringing in new representatives from countries to give support is great. Everyone loves steemcurator01 they celebrate their visit always. Keep going.

Saludos @steemitblog siempre atenta a las actualizaciones, muchas gracias por estos datos importantes. Eso lo hablamos constantemente en nuestro equipo a diario recordando dar apoyo con el voto, comentando y resteem. El concurso de la amiga @anasuleidy ya estoy participando, uno de los participantes extranjeros que visite se intereso por estar en el reto y la representante aporto un si puede. El segundo concurso creo por lo que entendí solo etiquetas de la #india.
Convertir a los jugadores del juego del diario en #DiaryDoctor no esta mal, cuando uno ve un error en algún jugador que pueda afectar su desenvolvimiento en el reto se lo decimos para que lo corrija, cualquiera puede cometer un error y otros pueden mejorar sus diarios con esas recomendaciones.
Traer nuevos representantes de paises para dar apoyo es estupendo. Todo el mundo adora a steemcurator01 celebran su visita siempre. A seguir adelante.

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