1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game : It's Your Lucky Day & Photo locations

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As Season 2 of The Diary Game draws to a close we are sure everyone will agree it has been one mighty challenge.

We are still feverishly working our way through all the diary posts distributing votes and points as widely and fairly as possible.

In between all the reading and voting we are planning and preparing for what comes next.

We have a whole range of new projects, activities and challenges lined up to keep everyone engaged, entertained and inspired.

In the meantime keep on writing your diary posts and enjoy our special final promotion - it could be your lucky day...

'It's Your Lucky Day' Power Up Promotion

We have been happy to see so many people powering up their Diary Game posts.

@steemcurator2 has been distributing extra votes as promised to as many posts as possible that have been set to Power Up 100%.

In these last few days of the Diary Game we are introducing one final Diary Game promotion to reward those that have kept on posting and gone for the Power Up option.

Every day until September 25th @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will choose one Diary Game post to give a special boost to.

That post will receive a 50% vote from @steemcurator01 (10M SP) and @steemcurator02 (4M SP) which as well as giving a handsome reward should also push the post well up on the trending page.

It will definitely be your lucky day if your post is chosen!

Here are a couple of 'Lucky Day' posts we have picked so far - go check them out and say hello...

So keep on posting, keep on setting your posts to Power Up 100%, and it could be your Lucky Day!

(Remember, you won't qualify if you are Powering Down at the same time.)

Photograph Locations

We do still see a lot of 'anonymous' photographs in Diary Game posts that really don't add any value.

Adding captions like 'A Lake', 'The Street', 'Regular Market' are a start but that doesn't convey any information or do justice to the value of the photograph.

Giving names helps somewhat, and giving locations even more so.

As well as straightforward naming of locations, there are a number of more precise technical options for adding location information to photographs.

These include Google's Plus Codes, the innovative What3Words system and standard latitude and longitude.

@rishabh99946 has produced some very useful posts on the Plus Codes, and What3Words...

We like both systems, and although it is not in any way obligatory to include this information on your photos, it does add great value to the photographs, and we do appreciate that when we are voting on Diary Game posts.

To help Diary Game participants in Bangladesh Country Rep @tarpan has posted about the Google Plus Codes as well...

And @rex-sumon has produced a useful video...

We do love locations and mapping. It would be great to have something like Steemit Worldmap back again... (one for the developers maybe!)

Thank you to everyone still posting in the Diary Game. It has been a fascinating journey for us all.

We are now really excited about what is coming up next.

Our activities are going to be broadening out considerably. And the Country Representatives and the Community as a whole will be playing an ever larger role as we move forward.

We are delighted that new Communities are springing into life, to join with established ones like World of Xpilar, Steeming Curators and SteemAlive, to offer a wide range of interest, activity and engagement for the ever growing Steem Community.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

SteemFood Community

If you like food and cooking, check out this new community just set up by @alikoc07...

World of Football Community

And if you like football (soccer) @njaywan has kicked off the new World of Football Community with a 'Tell Us About Your Favourite Team' contest...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


I am super happy the World of Football community is getting such positive response from people all over. I am hoping to get a very diverse team of MODs to help promote it in other languages within their respective countries as well. I just have to first make sure they have general football knowledge and can add value to the community.

There is just so much great things going on here on steem right now. Soon I am sure there will be communities covering every possible interest we may have.

Thank you for always supporting us Steemit Team. I am feeling very good about this.

Google location code idea is remarkably awesome. Because if someone wants to share travel experience he/she can share the location of that place. It's not only for just travel , it will also help other blog post such food restaurant review , the shopping place etc. Thanks @rishabh99946 for finding this innovative idea. Thanks @steemcurator01 for showing the right direction.

I want everyone interested in the concept of food and cooking on the Steemit platform to join the SteemFoods Community. By supporting weekly award-winning cooking competitions, quality posts about food and cooking with steemit curation accounts; We are trying to improve the Steemit platform. I am very happy with the posts posted with the hashtag #weeklyfoodcontest, We Are Stronger Together! Join Us and Let Us Show Our Power to All Social Media Platforms.


Muy agradecido de verdad de que mi publicación haya Sido elegida "mi día de suerte" gracias infinitas esto me motiva aún más..gracias a @steemitblog y los curadores @steemcurator01 @stemcurator02 por todo el excelente trabajo que han venido realizando durante está temporada the diary Game desde #venezuela saludos

I have never been so excited before, waiting to see more announcements from team on what's coming next after diary game.. Can't wait.. Looking forward to get a "LUCKY day" haha.. Thank you for this update @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

'It's Your Lucky Day' Power Up Promotion

It will work great. The user will see a rapid increase in his power. Very interesting

One more great news before the end of thediarygame season 2. All these campaigns shows that how much you guys are working on steemit just for us. To keep us motivated and engaged. There were already many campaigns like #onepercent #diarydoctor #lucky10 and now Lucky day.

I am so happy to read this information. I will keep my all upcoming diaries to 100% for hope to be the lucky one. And i will encourage others for this too.

Thank you team

Thank you very much for this update. I will take it to heart

This is a really nice idea. Because if someone wants to share the travel experience, he can share the location of the place. Participants in any competition can have a variety of cuisines in their own space, not just for travel, it will help other blogs such as restaurant reviews, shopping, garments establishments, picnic spots, good places, etc. to post. Thanks for such a beautiful post.

#onepercent #bangladesh

A great announcement.
I am very happy to hear this announcement. And I shared it on my Twitter so that our friend can see it. This kind of announcement will speed up our work. We believe that new announcements will come for us in the future. Seeing this, we will be Acharya. Let us all work together in harmony and we will surely succeed.

The steem team and @steemcurator01

The idea of your google location code is good. If I give a picture of a flower tree in my house. So, do I have to give location code? @steemitblog @steemcurator01

See my posts. I don't understand if there is anything wrong with my post.

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

Espero con ansias saber de que tratan los nuevos retos.

Sangat bersemangat selama "The Diary Game" berlangsung, berharap semoga saya bisa mendapatkan keberuntungan di sisa "The Diary Game" untuk meningkatkan Steempower saya,, smile

I've been posting since the beginning. My first post was a little bad. I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my post. I don't know how successful. I have been I have posted diary games every day from the beginning till now But @steemcurator01 never voted for my post. I can't even raise my MB cost by working on Steemit. I need an MB package of 300 tk per month I don't have any money to buy MB And 2 days. Please vote for me I will work with you for 1000 days Support me a little. @steemcurator01

I am waiting for what come next? And aslo waiting for whose day is "lucky day". Thank you for updating daily.

Thanks for share contest news. I want to participate

Thanks for cool tips! Don't promise to use the Google Plus Code for my home (cyber security, you know) but will try to use for the interesting places I go to. Nevertheless just a few days left...

We are just days away from the end of The Diary Game Season 2 and I can't wait with what new initiatives and challenges the #steemit team will surprise us.

A big thank you to the Community of Curators: @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and @steemcurator05 for the hard work of reading and rewarding the posts of all participants.



Excellent tool for photographs, there are two current contests that are not on the list I thank you for adding them, thanks in advance.

Here I leave the links:

A challenge on the diary game

Drawing and painting contest


Both are open to the entire Steemit community and all Languages.


This is a great news and I am happy at the progress the steemit team has put to make this game a successful one. You guys are truly doing a great job. I have had my posts in power up since the start of the game and I hope to be one of the lucky winners. Thanks guys,you inspire us all.

It is necessary since it gives more confidence and veracity of the content of each publication, excellent !!

it is getting more and more challenging, so that many people try to show their best work. especially for newcomers, especially since there is a very interesting lucky day program.


Excelente hare el esfuerzo posible por seguir mejorando en mis publicaciones en "The diary game"

Nice! This lucky day promotion doing great on the diversity at the trending page.

I am so excited to announce the name of my new community which will be of a bit help in growing the 1000 days of steem

I have used Google Plus code in my pictures since I learned about Google Plus code.I was informed about the Google Plus code yesterday.I keep my posts to the best of my ability.
But it is a great pity that I have not been able to get votes in my diary game posts for some time.Many post dates are over.Please check my posts. @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 @steemcurator03

You misspelled the main tag 'thediarygame' in each of your posts. I have told you many times before. You did not spell correctly. @solaiman12

such a powerful eye sight 😂🤭 @toufiq777 eagle eyes 👀

Thank you Steemit Team for so much.
Congratulations to the winners of 'It's Your Lucky Day'
@maksina and @edgargonzalez

I leave a translation into Spanish for the benefit of the Spanish community.

Gracias Steemit Team por tanto.
Felicitaciones a los ganadores de 'Día de la Suerte'
@maksina y @edgargonzalez
Dejo una traducción al español para beneficio de la comunidad española.

That's really going to be a boost for the diary enthusiast (powering up) in Steem Blockchain. You never cease to surprise towards the end of the season.

Thank you.

I posted about 25-26 but did not get any upvote. Please visit my post. And get upvote @steemcuretor01 @steemcuretor02

I'm sorry for talking irrelevant. I joined the diary game at the beginning date 04.08.2020 . But so far @steemcurator01 have not visited my posts.
but why???

If you get support in any work, the interest to do that work increases. Why can't I get support even after posting regularly? Previously those who did not vote were posted to share the link on @steemitblog . But @steemitblog are not giving any post about this.

where do you post i mean which community try finding your relative country community i hope you will get it.

otherwise don't worry just continue the work and you will get reward with the catchup Policy if you are literally working with quality content.

Hello dear friends!

We hope not to disturb, at the request of @steemitcurator01 we have written some details of our charitable projects, I leave the link below:



Thank you for presenting my post link @sardar-sani

Its essential "google location code use"
This will make the post quality better

Great... Wish to be lucky...

Gracias por las buenas nuevas! Es bueno leer estas publicaciones porque siempre traen grandes ideas y consejos útiles. Vi cómo el venezolano @edgargonzalez tuvo doble día de suerte: al recibir un voto muy importante de #steemcurator01 y echar gasolina. Ojalá todos los venezolanos corramos con la misma suerte en estos 5 días que quedan de #thediarygame. Por cierto, Las chicas de la comunidad de @escriturayreseña también han lanzado un excelente concurso para aquellos que quieran participar, todavía hay tiempo. Y he estado comentando en algunas publicaciones que sería interesante, después que se se flexibilice en venezuela la cuarentena, encontrarnos todos los que participamos en #thediarygame para intercambiar ideas y experiencias. Una forma amena de promocionar Steemit. Un bonito y excelente domingo de éxitos para todos

I observed that already few lucky one's diary game posts are appearing on the trending page because of the extra boost from 'It's Your Lucky Day' Power Up Promotion and getting great traction.

I am sure this promotion of the diary game will get the attention of those who have missed participating in The Diary Game Season 2, and may wait now to Season 3 to start :)

Just awesome!

I am also trying to make my post better. I think I will be a winner one day. 🥰 ❤ @steemitblog

Steem just got more fun and i just cannot wait to see what comes next after the diary game. Thanks for all the work you Steemit Team

Felicitaciones 'It's Your Lucky Day'
@maksina y @edgargonzalez. A seguir participando @steemitblog y apoyando el proyecto.

Наверняка это тоже будут очень интересные проекты!

Thanks for your support and guidance steemit team. We really appreciate it.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores del "Dia de la Suerte": @maksina y @edgargonzalez
Excelente trabajo Steemit Team, esperando los nuevos retos, gracias

Thanks for this post really, good to know they are a lot contest designed to keep us busy and keep this great community moving forward. Will do my best here on out


Gracias por informarnos sobre cómo les gustaría ver nuestras publicaciones, y permitirnos ver algunas de ellas que fueron seleccionadas, como ejemplo para ayudarnos a mejorar, gracias por todas las recomendaciones.

I love to see so much movement and good news, you are doing a great job. Regarding the pictures, I don't share the idea of giving the exact coordinates of my home and the places I frequent, in fact I think it's something not recommended for security reasons. Sharing our routines with locations is too much for me. I just hope that it is not limiting in the initiatives.

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