1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Prizes, Lucky Days and other updates

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We are finally reaching the time to award the prizes for Season 2 of the Diary Game.

It has been a long and arduous path.

First up will be the prizes for the individual contest, then the team and recruitment prizes will follow.

We hope the winners will be happy.

The Diary Game Season 2 Prizes

We will be awarding 25 prizes in total...

In Season 1, most of the prizes given were cashed out of the platform.

As an encouragement to Season 2 winners to retain their winnings on the platform we are offering alternative upvote prizes on 100% Power Up posts. These give an enhancement of approximately one third on the liquid STEEM prizes.

These alternative upvote prizes are totally optional.

We will be announcing the winners in the next day or two once all the team have checked and verified them.

There are still some people whose posts have not yet been voted on by @steemcurator01.

Assessments have been made that they do not have any mathematical possibility of reaching any of the 25 winning positions.

We will continue to visit those accounts and give catch-up votes where appropriate.

The Future of The Diary Game

The more open Season 3 of the Diary Game is ongoing.

There are no guaranteed votes from @steemcurator01 in Season 3 but many people who have continued posting their diaries are receiving good votes.

We are particularly on the look out for good Diary Game posts that are set to Power Up 100% to receive the big "It's Your Lucky Day" votes - 50% from @steemcurator01 and 50% from @steemcurator02.

Remember though, to be in with a chance of getting a Lucky Day vote you must not be powering down at the same time!

We are already planning for a Season 4 which will take The Diary Game in a slightly different direction but we will be gauging the community sentiment before releasing details of that.

Review of @steemcurator accounts

Now Season 2 of The Diary Game is reaching its conclusion we are going to be reviewing the allocation of the @steemcurator accounts.

Their deployment for regional / country use was something of an experiment to help with the Diary Game curation.

Unfortunately this meant the previous support for community / topic based curation had to be set aside.

It might now be time to revert the Community Curation accounts back to a more topic based allocation as was used at the beginning of the 100 Days of Steem.

We will then be looking at new ways to provide support at the country level.

Community led developments such as the @steemseacurator account for Indonesia and South East Asia are particularly encouraging in this respect.

In the short term as the number of active Steemians in the Russian speaking countries has dropped, we would like to expand the coverage of the @steemcurator06 account to the whole of Europe.

We would therefore be grateful if the existing operators of that account (@filinpaul, @knopka145, @antorv, @olesia) would share the posting key with the other European Country Representatives (@alikoc07 in Turkey, @girolamomarotta in Italy) and work out a suitable rotation between you.

To encourage people to build up their Steem Power and contribute more to the community @steemcurator02 is now going to be focusing again mainly on posts set to Power Up 100%.

Again remember, @steemcurator02 won't be voting on your posts if you are powering down at the same time.

If people also want to gain liquid rewards they can of course just post twice a day instead of once - set one post to Power Up 100% and the other to 50%/50% rewards.

Season 2 of The Diary Game has been a major learning experience.

It has worked and it hasn't worked.

It generated positivity and it generated negativity.

We are looking forward to moving onwards with the positivity.

Positivity is one of the key words that we cherish. It stands tall alongside commitment, creativity, consistency, quality and loyalty.

We invite everyone that shares this same vocabulary to join us in the next phase of the re-evolution of Steem.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are growing by the day on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...




Really great news! Happy to have the possibility to support the Italian community with the @steemcurator06 account.
I think this could give us a big hand.

I hope to hear soon my European Country Rep friends for starting coordinate our work ✌️

Thank you very much Steemit Team 👊

Hello, do you have a telegram? We are ready to share the key.

Hi @antorv, nice to hear you 👋

Yes, sure, my contact on Telegram is girolamomarotta

What awesome prizes on offer!

The next #spud4steem will have a requirement that all posts relating are set to 100% power up

I think its time to review the steemcurator account too.. this is my personal take on the issue of the steemcurators account usage that been discuss lately.. https://steemit.com/hive-166405/@cryptokannon/steem-pod-open-discussion-vol-01-why-dormant-account-on-steemit

I hope The Steemit Team and other Country Representatives could join the discussion too. Thank you.

A great development, I would be happy to support the Turkish Community with the @steemcurator06 account. Currently, the number of active Turkish participants is very small, so I cannot distribute too many votes from this account. But if you accept it; I can use this account to support quality posts in the SteemFoods Community.

Best Regards... @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

That will be fine when it is your turn to use the @steemcurator06 account on SteemFoods posts if there are not enough posts from Steemians in Turkey.

Blok @steemcurator01 how can we be a parti of the steem community and do something bigger with turkish people etc. We like and admire your work @alikoc07 you are doing great things.

Merhabalar :

Şu anda steemit platformunda aktif çok fazla Türk katılımcı yok. Fakat @steemitblog'u takip ederek güncel tüm etkinliklere katılabilirsiniz. Ayrıca her gün günlük hayatta yaptıklarınızı SteemTurkey Topluluğunda #thediarygame , #betterlife etiketlerini kullanarak 'The Diary Game' etkinliğine katılabilirsiniz. Bunun dışında SteemFoods Topluluğunda yemek ve yemek pişirme ile ilgili içeriklerini paylaşarak size destek olabiliriz . ''Tek başımıza değil Birlikte Daha Güçlüyüz''. The Diary Game için nasıl gönderi hazırlayabilirsiniz ve kuralları nedir ile ilgili bilgileri de sizinle paylaşmak isterim.

  • En az 300 kelime kullanın.
  • Gönderinize Maksimum - 8 adet fotoğraf ekleyin.
  • #thediarygame - #betterlife ve #turkey etiketini kullanın.
  • Başlık : THE DIARY GAME + Sizin Eklemek İstedikleriniz

Steemit platformunu geliştirmek için elimden geleni @steemcurator01 ve @steemitblog'un destekleriyle yapmaya çalışıyorum. Teşekkürler.

@anatolianwishdom @alikoc07 @svm038 - hope you can all work together to build the Steem community in Turkey.

That sounds like a great idea ! İ and mu wife asli we would gladly ve happy to her together and see what we can do together:) thanks for the idea👍

Why not :)could be

In response to the comment section: I explained the current steemitblog activities of our Turkish Participant in the best way in the comment section about The Diary Game. Thank you very much for your support, I continue to work for both Turkish Community and SteemFoods Community, showing my best performance.

Best Regards ...

@steemcurator01 do you have a sugestion for us what could it be better for turkish community development etc.? We perosnaly as musicians love to her people together and ve able to develope any part of art. The same way we would love to see more artists make money easly as others do in their platform.

İf we can get a spacial function in steemit that would great.
Also @aderyn

@anatolianwishdom @alikoc07 @svm038

Anyone of you are welcome to contact us for talking and sharing the ideas.

Discord üzerinden fikirlerinizi benimle paylaşabilirsiniz.

Discord : alikoc07#5714

I have no idea but I'm ready to help whatever happens. Because there is no interaction between the Turks here to provide this when asked from us.@steemcurator01 wants us to do this we will do our best

@anatolianwishdom discord kullanıcı adınız nedir

@aderyn - @anatolianwishdom - @svm038 :

Sormak istediğiniz sorularınızı , yardıma ihtiyacınız olduğu yerde beni etiketleyebilirsiniz. Bunun dışında discord üzerinden de baba ulaşabilirsiniz.

  • Discord : alikoc07#5714

I shared my discord address to interact with Turkish users more. Apart from that, as you know, I created the @steem-turkey account before and set up the SteemTurkey Community. On certain days of the week, I will do Turkish translation of all new announcements on the @steem-turkey account -steemitblog. Apart from that, I intend to prepare informative posts for Turkish participants about new competitions and events.

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards ...

Turkish in Steemit thank you for helping me oldup writers. Steemit is not like the social media we know.

Hello, do you have a telegram? We are ready to share the key.

Hi :

We can communicate via telegram or discord. We should also talk about the days we will use the @steemcurator06 account. It may be better to open a group with people who will support votes using this account via Discord or telegram.

  • Telegram: alikoc07

  • Discord: alikoc07#5714


I'll write you, we made a schedule already.

There's no a such username in tg. @alikoc07


Write me to tg, @julierolf

Hi the Steemit Team,

Thank you for still keeping working hard on supporting the users who producing Diary Game posts. That is overwhelming amount of posts and it is enormous time to read through, check and support them appropriately. There will be many users who will get Prizes, it is like winning a lottery.

When I see that I often look back, the time when we started in 2017 we did not get any support from Ned who represented the Steemit that time. The difference now is noticable that we feel the presence of the Steemit Team (although we have no idea who are behind the team and it might be great to introduce the Team) who is listening to user and happy to discuss and come to some agreement for best for user and platform.

In the time when we started despite of receiving zero payout, we kept going and working hard. I remember my Upvote Power was constantly 28-30%. Together with upvoting in order to be visible I was daily commenting on many posts. The comments not like "great post" "beautiful painting" but more comprehensive. Of course for that we read every single post. That helped us to find many friends all over the world.

Unfortunately, people forget that communication and attention to others makes other people interested in you. People will treat you the way how we treat others.

The new generation of Steemians, come with the firm impression that if they post then Steemcurator have to come. people come to get rewarded and not like our generation of users from 2016-17-18-19 we joined the platform because we wanted to share, we wanted to blog and we wanted to communicate with a nice side effect of rewards.

I would like to give you nice example of people:
@digi-me wonderful blogger posts, @lugina delicious recipes, @brianhphotos with excellent turorials, @nowargraffitis, amazing graffiti artist, @mauromar very interesting posts about astronomy, physic and technology, @dobartim, beautiful original poetry, @harkar, absolutely amazing photogrpahy and blogs about the endless beauty of Norway, @denmarkguy, wonderful blogger and many, many others...

These are users who despite of receiving small amount for their original content creation are still there. They all started without support and still there.

In my opinion we should give support to those users too.

Thank you if anyone had a patience to read till the end.

As always, sincerely @stef1

Thank you so much <3

...great and interesting people you follow, i will check them out :)

... so nice words!! Thanks again!

Muchas gracias por las actualizaciones y por las recomendaciones el configurar las publicaciones al 100% steempower me ha dado la oportunidad de ir creciendo y lo recomiendo principalmente a los nuevos usuarios!
Gracias por las oportunidades y continuamos en la diversión!

Saludos y bendiciones!! ❤️

@steemitblog. Amazing. We in SteemAlive encourage our members to powerup too because we wish to grow our community tiny voting trail. We hope to continue supporting whatever plans and projects are presented by you. Keep up the great work.

Great news everywhere everyday.

Good to hear about these prizes on thediarygame season 2. Idea of giving reward in way of vote is way better. It'll help to build strong sp on steemit.

I think there should be a rule for every contest to set their post reward to 100% power up. It'll help steemit to grow.

Sungguh hadiah yang menggiurkan.
Saya sangat setuju hadiah yang diberikan dalam bentuk voting dibandingkan STEEM cair.

Que bueno cada día con nuevas actividades, los felicito por el trabajo y esfuerzo realizado.
Ha sido una bonita experiencia participar en sus iniciativas. Éxito.

Me parece muy bien la repartición amigo,creo que el trabajo que hacen para verificar todas las cuentas participantes es bastante arduo, se que vendrán cosas mejores y pro de la plataforma. Esperamos esa otra temporada The diary game saludos

Pending those updates from @steemitblog that always bring us good news.

We have not stopped publishing and we are up to date with the contests, sometimes there are so many that we have to schedule the days, it is great

The representatives of Venezuela have been authentic warriors in case you have not read the failures of the basic services covered today.

Congratulations for the continuity of the project, we will accompany you.

Best regards @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

gracias por la buena información @steemiblog, aun en proceso de comprensión de muchas cosas. Grandioso trabajo @steemcurator02 y @steemcurator01.

Wow Thanks for the idea of sharing two posts, I can finally power up 100% and make a 50/50 posts too.

We move to the process ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 steem to greatness

Congratulations to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this great work done during The Diary Game - Season 2 and to all the participants who from all corners of the world were publishing our activities every day.

I look forward to the announcement of the individual and team winners.

Success for everyone! 😉

The 1000 days of Steem has surly brought back a lot of activity on the Steem Blockchain. Looking forward to more initiatives from @steemitblog that would make this an even better experience for all.
Also, congrats to every one who wins in advance.

I'm returning to Steemit after a long time and I find myself with an active community and many fun initiatives to participate in.

It's exciting. Do you have any recommendations for me to get back on track in a positive way?

Hola @mariana4ve, que bueno verte activa de nuevo, de verdad que llegastes en buen momento. Lo primero que tienes que hacer es ponerte al día con la cuenta de @steemitblog, revisa las últimas actualizaciones y eso te ayudará a ponerte al día con lo que está pasando ahora en steemit. Bienvenida de nuevo! 👍🏻

Hola @sampraise muchas gracias por tu atento comentario.
Ayer estuve leyendo mucho del blog de steemitblog y me gustó mucho como se esta interactuando actualmente, pero no encontré el enlace al discord. ¿Puedes facilitármelo?

Excelentes noticias @steemitblog siempre manteniendo la expectativa para las nuevas actualizaciones en pro de la Comunidad Steemit... Saludos!!! 👍

Русскоязычное сообщество всегда с нетерпением ждет захода кураторов. Спасибо за вашу поддержку!

Is that a good idea?

If people also want to gain liquid rewards they can of course just post twice a day instead of once - set one post to Power Up 100% and the other to 50%/50% rewards.

Yes maybe if both post are of good quality.
But I'm afraid that many posts will not get upvote, if they will be seen and commented on

That will be for each creator to make the best of the opportunities.

There are so many contests, challenges and communities, as well as the ongoing Diary Game, it will not be difficult for anyone to make two valid, and acceptable quality, posts if they make the effort.

Or they can just make one post and decide which route they want to take with the rewards.

And of course, everyone should be voting and commenting if they really want the community to grow.

You're right, the competitions are there and they should use them

I am very happy that they are already managing to finalize the results of the second round, it is essential to close this second round of #thediarygame and configure ourselves for what is to come, the future must be great and for this we must work as a team, in a synchronized manner, each community a style but holding hands with others.

I want Steemit to be great and I'm doing my bit by growing and supporting every day.

It's good to be back again. Congratulations in advance to the winning teams and individuals.

The diary game was a beneficial project for most users and I am sure that many who set their posts to Power Up 100% benefited from it.

There's an ongoing contest hosted by @steemalive. It's a daily contest. Click here to read more.

It's open to all steemians.
Kindly participate and stand to win steem everyday.


Hi @steemcurator01
Please tell me.
You have been able to see all the posts of Session 2.

Great update, @steemitblog and @steemcurator01.

Thank you for your continuous efforts to grow steem.

I'm really anticipating the announcement of winners for the season 2 diary game.

Please, what about update on #steemcryptochallenge? I have been looking out for it and I'm sure other steemians are waiting too.


Los premios estas fantásticos ♥️♥️♥️
The Diary Game fue un juego de aprendizaje y que nos dio la oportunidad de conocer a muchas personas maravillosas y sus vidas.
Gracias @steemitblog 😁

A 4 season ?. It sounds great, but I think it should be shorter than the second season.

Despite the fact that people became passionate about the daily game, some were unfortunately unmotivated by the rewards that did not come but it was already a matter of impatience due to the hard work they had.

They have really made an effort, however there is still work to be done and I think they have done well so far, with learning and looking for the growth of the platform. It is time to keep moving forward and despite the problems we have faced, we keep moving forward.

Over here a contest that is not on the list:


Steem On

Prizes should always be given in the form of SP. Otherwise, it would be counter-productive to the objective. My personal opinion though.

The resources should be utilized more on the community-driven engagement. That will produce good results in the long run.

Thank you.

Steem on.

Excelentes noticias y muchas y buenas espectativas para lo que vendrá, que estoy segura que sera para el beneficio de todos y para hacer crecer cada día más este maravilloso mundo de Steemit.

Mucha suerte y éxitos para todos.

Each steemitblog ad is a volcano of emotions, I'm already thinking about what the fourth season of the newspaper will bring. The awards for the second season are great, and the idea of being able to opt for the healing of two publications, in order to be able to configure one at 100% powerup, seems great to me. I find a world of possibilities and varied initiatives that encourage participation.
Have a nice day

Great, for now it's a right decision.

Hi @steemcurator01
I couldn't post any on Diary Game Season2.But I am posting regularly in season3.

The idea of voting is better. If you give steem direct, it will cost. But if you vote, it will be useful steempower will increase.

If I get the first prize. Then my account will have 5000 steempower.

Hadiah yang benar-benar menggiurkan, siapapun yang memenangkan akan sangat berguna jika Steem tersebut di jadikan powerup, tidak untuk di uangkan 💗💗

All who participate in this contest will always be happy, good luck ..

Thank you...

In Season 1, most of the prizes given were cashed out of the platform.

I like your approach to deal with this cashout and I think giving an upvote or powered up SP is way better than giving it liquid.

Keeping Steem powered ads more value on the platform and ecosystem so people should not take the complete reward away from the platform. This is a nice move @steemitblog

I highly appreciate what you have done to build this platform with endless support to all steemian all over the globe, every single one needs to set up their long term commitment to develop better step on steem. Increasing steem power and set up 100% power-up is a smart way to grow.

Also, the Idea in Steem SEA community members to STOP CASHING OUT the steem for meanwhile will help the stability of the platform economic atmosphere. I am sure it will automatically determine the individual long term commitment to the steem/steemit.

The one who is only looking for instant benefits will gradually disappear since the big upvote is finally given to the one who has proved long term commitments. I have discussed with our Indonesian CR (@anroja) the way to encourage our Steem SEA member to think (more than) one step ahead of gathering the power to ensure long term self-sufficient to the community

I hope more steemians will finally realize this important self-sufficient strategy. Thank again @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for your supports

Best regards

Community led developments such as the @steemseacurator account for Indonesia and South East Asia are particularly encouraging in this respect.

We are really proud to be part of this platform and making the path together as one.

Thank you very much for welcoming this little fella on board @steemitblog

Best Regard

Hola pienso que esto es muy bueno y de verdad es algo muy positivo a mi me gusta porque nos ha llevado a relacionarnos con muchas personas en la plataforma pero al escribir el diario nos pone a analizar todo lo que hacemos en nuestras vidas cotidianas y ver lo que debemos cambiar en ella y que debemos mejorar. Esto ha sido una gran experiencia.

Hi @steemitblog @steemcurator01 and other Steemit Inc., teams.

This new initiatives for season 3 sound great. I also think it’s great that you are constantly trying new projects, modifying old ones and continuously trying to improve the positive effects of these initiatives. And all the while concurrently doing the hard work of curation and commenting/engagement.

This new Steemit Leadership model is fantastic, and I truly believe we are going to become one of the greatest blockchain based social media platforms in cryptocurrency one day.

Thank you very much.


#This wonderful graphic is by the talented @stephenkendal

La pusieron más difícil porque yo nunca dejo de publicar pero estoy reuniendo para un teléfono y es difícil configurar 100%. de todas maneras ha sido una bendición esta experiencia. a algun os venezolanos se les complica configurar a 100%

i did not follow the last challenge but i will surely follow the next one

@steemcurator01 did not visit any of my diary posts. Did I miss any of the rules?

Waiting for the lucky day....hope the day come early..thank you so much..@steemcurator01 to visit my post on diary game season 2.. Thank you...

Are you still curating the diary game session 2 posts?
Please reply to this. @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

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