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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 5 - The Diary Game - The Shopping Game - Building Community

in #the1000daysofsteem4 months ago

Quite exciting things happening on Steem now. I think I'm motivated enough to re-start contenting and engagement here. Besides, I'll restart my offline promotionals for steem. I've been a Steem influencer in my local community and I'll hopefully get everyone back here. Lemme make my introduction post for the Diary Game. I wish I can make up for the 995 games remaining.


Will look forward to reading your diaries when Season 2 starts on August 1st.

Hope to see you with your first Diary game. I really miss you @uyobong. When you are with me I feel at home. For the last couple of days I searched for you and couldn't find. Thanks for your great love & passion for steem, let's make Steem a better place.

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