100 DAYS OF STEEM: MY 1st Diary Game- 6th July 2020

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Good day Steemians!!!!
This is my first entry for the Diary Game. Thanks to @steemitblog for organising this contest.

This morning I woke up a bit depressed, some days are like that. This COVID period, it just seems everything came to a pause and atimes this can be quite frustrating.

So I decided to do something I love to brighten up my mood. I decided to bake!!! It's surprising what baking does to the mental health.

I baked red velvet cake which turned out very beautiful and delicious. While baking it seemed as if the mixing of the ingredients and the production of something delicious and sweet gave me a form of self affirmation and personal achievement.



Baking is so beneficial in improving one's mental health. Baking is a form of behavioural activation which people with mood disorders can use as a means to escape into a more focused activity. This redirection of thoughts is a subconscious form of therapy.

I noticed that after baking this beautiful piece. My mood not only became improved but I became so happy and elated! I felt so much achievement at my creation....


So the next time you are feeling down, please try baking.


Hi @avosep
Welcome back to steemit.
Am sorry you felt sad this morning but we all do so sometimes .

Am glad you found something you loved doing that made you feel better . Personally I enjoy singing and playing my guitar .

Your cake looks lovely and delicious ! Can I have a bite ?

The steemitblog has a lot of exciting challenges and opportunities for you to be fully participatory in the steem community . Cheers and best of luck

Thanks for participating in thediarygame

Hello @avosep, it is incredible how a photography can transmit feelings of well-being, that photo of the cake can be savored, it shows that it was really delicious, good job.
I hope you feel better, baking is a good activity to relax a little. I really like to preparing dessert on the weekends.
I liked your post and the photos of the cake.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

Sorry we missed the voting on this post - we will add it to a future diary post.

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