The Diary Game Day 2 - Sunday May 24 in the garden

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny and very hot.

I slept in until 11:00 today since I have to get up early tomorrow to do some online courses.
I made myself a ham sandwich for lunch then went outside to relax.

Many of the flowers are blooming in our garden so it’s great to sit out there and enjoy the day. They are calling for beautiful weather all week so it will be very hard to stay indoors and do school on the computer.

It looks like more and more people are adventuring out doors as the weather turns nice. I hope everyone can remain 6’ apart so that we can slow this pandemic.

Until tomorrow.... stay safe and keep practicing Social distancing.

These are the lilacs in our garden. They smell so good.



Yeah the nice sunny weather as definitely encouraged more people to leave the house and I can guarantee you that many wont be keeping 6’ apart lol anyway atleast you can enjoy your garden.

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