This is me, @ecodesigns from Bamenda - Cameroon

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Green greetings,


I am @ecodesigns, a textile recycling and fashion designing hub of @thegreens that is training women and girls for free in textile recycling and fashion designing in a bid to curb women and girls unemployment and engage women in environmentalism.
I am located opposite Providence Clinic at Foncha Street in Nkwen - Bamenda of the North West Region and i am a social enterprise that is helping people and the planet.
I have been on Steem for over one year but i have been in existence for over two years now.
Last year, i graduated two trainees and i look forward to graduating four trainees this year.



I currently have seven women and girls who are learning textile recycling and fashion designing at my hub and i am glad to connect with Steemians accross the globe who are passionate about women and girls education and empowerment.

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This introductory post marks the beginning of my participation in #TheDiaryGame and i can't wait to share daily updates of what's happening at my center.



EcoDesigns is a textile recycling and fashion designing hub of The Greens (@thegreens) that trains young girls for **FREE** in Textile Recycling and Fashion Designing in a bid to reduce female unemployment, inequalities and poverty, promote female entrepreneurship, improve the health and wellbeing of orphans, prisoners and poor people via the donation of free clothes, as well as combat textile waste pollution and climate change. *It’s a branch of The Greens’ Waste Business Hub, a startup incubator that is training young and underprivileged youths to exploit the business opportunities available in the domain of waste, hence nurture a generation of Waste Business Entrepreneurs (Wastepreneurs). Waste Business Hub is currently educating and empowering youths in the recycling of tires, textile and plastic wastes.* EcoDesigns currently has 03 Training Directors and 13 female trainees who are learning fashion designing, embroidery and overlocking as well as how to transform textile trash into textile treasure.

Every week, the hub upcycles 50 pounds of textile waste in a bid to curb textile waste pollution and Climate Change.

Support @ecodesigns

By supporting @ecodesigns, you are contributing to reducing female youth unemployment and poverty, promoting women empowerment and entrepreneurship, improving the health and wellbeing of orphans, prisoners and poor people who can’t afford quality garments, as well as contributing to fight textile waste pollution and climate change. You can support @ecodesigns by;

1. Delegating @ecodesigns Steem power. We appreciate any amount of SP Delegation.

2. Upvoting @ecodesigns Posts

3. Donating @ecodesigns Steem or Steem Dollars

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5. Organizing a charity fundraising or Sewing Machines drive for @ecodesigns

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the clothes are beautiful.
the project is wonderful.
top job.

Nice, keep it up