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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 37 - Steem Tools

Thank you very much for the mention! We are glad that the Steemit Inc, is appreciating the tools that we've developed. We also have SteemLogin for an easy and secure way to log into Dapps.

Hope that our tools could motivate others to go forth and to trust in Steem as much as we do. In SteemScan we've added a Dev Tool category so that current and new dev on Steem will have a place to find all the informations needed to start developing on the blockchain. Also, our CTO is always open to talk and give some tips to devs so feel free to message us or our CTO - Hightouch.

Moreover, we are glad that you ask this question: What other Tools and Apps do we need?
Because we are also super curious, and as we mentioned before, we work to expand the Steem ecosystem and to develop useful, ergonomic and designed apps/tools for Steemians.
Steemians: your opinions and feedback are highly appreciated and needed!

What else there is to say except let's work together for a better future and a better Steem.