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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 37 - Steem Tools

I would like to point out @platuro, a programmer / developer who is currently working on a publisher for Steem / Hive. Here you don't need any knowledge of Markdown to create a contribution and can immediately publish your contribution on one or both chains.

The programmer was also involved in the game Next Colony and has already programmed several smaller or larger tools as a study for Steem. He also brings out a VR game that he has designed, developed and programmed completely on his own in the near future. This however on Steam and not on Steem.

Also if a little more air and time is a witness node for Steem is put on.

By the way, he is my son :)

Here you can download a version of the dPublisher for all operating systems




🥰 Yeah that´s a nice tool, I stated it already on the first day of offering it to the community, it´s a quick and handy tool way better than others less complicated and easy to use, even for guy´s who yet not haven´t found their domicile (Steem, or HIVE). I guess we need more of this handy Tools like this,maybe with some more Features but hey developing needs some time 😉

Hello, i'm the developer of this application.
Yes, i will continue the development of dPublisher soon.

Thank you!

That will be great. Keep us informed of progress.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

It is a very nice Tool. I used it too and it is helpfull and many features will come soon.
Best Regards Michael