The Diary Game (7/10/20): A Long, Long Day in Ba Sing Se

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Greetings fellow Steemians! I am a little late with this entry, but it is better late than never in my book. I didn't have time to work out or even write a diary entry yesterday as I had a very busy day. Let's get into the details pf my day!

My Day

I woke up to my alarm at 9:30. I set it 30 minutes earlier than usual the night because before I had a home haircut scheduled around 10:30. At 10:20, I showered in preparation for my haircut to get my scalp wet. While my mom was getting her hair cut, the power went out briefly during a wild thunderstorm and rainstorm. I finally got my hair cut at 11:15. What do you guys think?


I had my usual breakfast at 11:30. An hour later, I brushed my teeth and actually flossed for once (@cmp2020's recent diary post reminded me too). I browsed Steemit for a bit until I had leftover pasta with tomato sauce for lunch.

After lunch, I did some shopping with my mom. We bought 8 t-shirts on Old Navy's website. I felt a little tired after we finished shopping because I woke up earlier than usual, so I took a nap at 2:15. It was a really long and restful nap as I woke up around 4:45. I was hungry after my nap, so I snacked on some honey graham crackers. Once I was done snacking, we bought some more Levi's jeans for me (2 blue pairs and 1 black pair). You can never have too many jeans!

Before dinner, my dad and I tried to test out my computer lock that we had bought from Dell. However, we didn't realize when we ordered it that the lock did not fit into any of my laptop's side ports. So, we put the lock back into its packaging to return it and get our money back. We ultimately decided that I will not need a computer lock for college because my laptop will always be in my bag, and I will always make sure my dorm room is locked. Hopefully my roommate is not a petty criminal.


After the lock fiasco, we had dinner as a family at 6:30. My mom made tacos tonight. Specifically, we had yellow corn hard tortilla shells with ground beef, black beans, and assorted vegetables (onions, peppers, black olives, etc.). There was also picante sauce and sour cream, but I didn't have either because the meat mixture was already pretty flavorful and spicy.


At 7:30, my family and I watched the movie Knives Out. Essentially, it is a comedy and murder mystery rolled into one. I highly recommend not only because of the plot, but also because of the many famous actors/actresses in it including Daniel Craig (he also has played James Bond apparently), Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, and many others.

A little before 11, my friends (including @rasmuffin) and I Facetimed and watched ATLA together. We finished the last four episodes of season two. They were very "shocked" by the ending of the season finale.


You may have noticed that the title of this diary entry is a play on the lyrics that Uncle Iroh sings in the episode "The Swamp". I couldn't help myself! I am really punny today. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading about my eventful Friday. Until next time!


Hi @jmor, your´e right we never have enough jeans, I buy them very often.
I have never tried tacos, but I also think the same, it is a very spicy combination.
I like the description you made about the movie "Knives out", on which platform did you see it, on Netflix?
By the way, good haircut..!

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