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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 51 - The Diary Game - Update #1

Any news on when you will stop using the ninja mined stake for governance and let the people decide who we want to decide upon forks by ourselves? These 100 days initiatives are great, but your further participation in governance is hurting Steem.

You mention that @greenhouseradio will have a witness forum, but how many of the top 20 witness nodes are run by the same people and/or yourself? In the interest of transparency, I think all top 20 nodes (and really every witness) should disclose when they are running more than one account as a witness. This mini-sybil attack which you have constructed is a threat to the security of the chain.


Yes, we have been conducting a Witness Forum.
We have attempted to draw in any and all witnesses and users to participate. We are NOT a witness nor affiliated with anyone in the top 20.

@greenhouseradio, have any of the top 20 ever showed up? I know you guys are hosting the forum. I think that's a good thing.

No, we have not had the 'pleasure' of any top 20 witness joining us. We are currently thinking of changing our mission to just focus on community. Can't say we haven't tried.