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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 37 - Steem Tools

Not much into tech. There used to be a tool called steempress was a wordpress plug in. I believe it does not work for steem anymore ...wonder if there is a replacement. Will help many wordpress blog users to leverage the blockchain.

Also steem does not seem to be compatible with RSS aggregators. Which also should be looked at.

There are millions of wordpress sites out there. Steem stands a very good chance to getting into that eco-system. Just like there are millions of video blogs with most of the videos hosted on youtube. Imagine if we can provide a facility where people can post on the blockchain. Monitise their content and post the seven days pull the same content into their wordpress using RSS feeds. That way the wordpress owners become indirect brand ambassadors of the blockchain. Every click will bring the user to steemit.

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