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As we hit the 25th day of the 100 Days of Steem project, we are excited to onboard new Steemians and encourage more engaging content, and really, just give people a place to share their stories.

So today we are taking a musical interlude.

We hope you will enjoy the music.

Our Musical Interlude Playlist

Below are our five tunes for a Musical Interlude.

What would be your choice?

A song to inspire, a tune to relax, a piece to give joy, a track to chill, and an anthem to lead us.

Make a post of your selection and we will give some upvotes to the ones that catch our ears.

Tag the post with #musicinterlude01 and drop a link in the comments

Sing-a-long with Steemit aka Tunes for the Trolls

Queen - Under Pressure

Rudimental featuring John Newman & Alex Clare - Not Giving In

Rag'n'Bone Man - Human

Eminem - Not Afraid

The Who - I Can See For Miles And Miles

We’ll be back tomorrow. In the meantime Dance On!

The Steemit Team


Hi Steemit! :D
To be in sync with this musical interlude, I bring you this intermezzo. I hope you guys have a decent stereo at the office because you might want to play this loud, real loud.

  • Fist piece is selected for the artist name, and the title. Self-explanatory and expresses how I feel. A message to trolls.
    Tears for Fears
  • Next is one of my favorite artist. This is for all my lovely Steemians! GO STEEM.
    Fight Till its OVER

  • Next one is completely different but has the purpose to bring our minds back to how it all started.
    We didn´t start the fire

  • Next and final song of my selection is something that HAD to relate to: I am not fucking leaving, and money. With that in mind, here is The Hum. (Btw a Belgian DJ, which brings us to my man's roots)
    Wolf of Wallstreet - The Hum Feat. Dimitri Vegas

I hope you all liked this selection and keep Steeming!

Great selection of tunes @ciska

It got us dancing 😀

The Steemit Team

Our curator account @steem-bootcamp also rewards an international contribution every day. Thanks to Steemit inc. I have a total of 250.000 SP available including our trail from 1.05.

Tell us every day what contribution we should reward. If we choose it you will get a small vote for your suggestion !

Put the contribution as a comment under: https://steemit.com/deutsch/@steem-bootcamp/28-05-202-your-proposal-our-votesu-or-dein-vorschlag-unser-vote-or-propuesta-nuestro-voto

I just love this challenge here is my entry:- We are not afraid of anything we are steem community

Beautiful music.

Thank you

This is something interesting participating in this challenge.

Until that,

the Hindi translation is ready to read for Indian community:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 26 - Musical Interlude


Thank you for your selection.

This is a link to my event, I hope everyone likes the music inside.

This is my post to participate in the Day 26 of 100 DAYS OF STEEM My Musical Interlude| My Musical Preferences https://steemit.com/hive-148441/@elprofe62/my-musical-interlude-or-my-musical-preferences

hi @steemitblog talk about music, Indonesia steemit community have made a song for steemit :D

That is a great song.

It would be great if @gulistan became active on Steem again.

Thank you

Great tunes, thank you

Hereby my entry. It depends on the mood what the choice of music is.


Thank you, great selection.

Hi Steemit! Here is my playlist, is only music from my country, but this dont care really.


It was hard not to break out into dance moves as I was putting this together :)


I am hopeful that you can improve Steemit to be a very good social site.

Hope you check out my post.

Good plan, thank you

I think underpressure by queen is perfect to sing these days.

Here's my entry~ thanks☕️🎵


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