100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 63 - The 100 Days of Steem - What Should Come Next?

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The 100 Days of Steem project is coming up to the two-thirds mark and we are beginning to plan for what comes next.

We have been very happy with how the project has gone so far and how many people have participated.

But we see the project as only the beginning of the next phase in Steem’s development.

We are interested in your feedback on the 100 Days of Steem project.

The 100 Days of Steem - Your views on the Project so far

We still have another 37 days to go on the 100 Days project and we want to make the best use of them with the resources available.

Therefore we are very keen to hear your thoughts and views on the project so far…

  • What elements of the project have worked best?

  • Which parts haven’t worked so well?

  • What would you like to see more of?

  • What have you enjoyed the most?

We are also very interested in any new ideas for the remaining 37 days?

Remember though we don’t have unlimited resources for the project. If you have followed the project so far you will have a feel for what we are able to do within the project.

What should come next after the 100 Days project?

When the 100 Days finishes would you like to see Steemit continue with this sort of project?

Do you think Steemit should be involved in organising these sorts of activities and challenges?

Or should Steemit take a step back and leave it to the community to organise?

Traditionally Steemit has not been involved in such ‘frontline’ activities. Instead it has been left to the community to take the lead on the sort of activities and initiatives seen in the 100 Days project.

Which approach do you think is better for the future development of Steem?

We are interested in all your views, and we are looking forward to the community contributing to the next stage of Steem’s redevelopment.

Steem Charity Day

Don’t forget Thursday is Steem Charity Day and it will be great if you can set beneficiaries on your posts today to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon…

We have set 50/50 beneficiaries to @littledisciples and @thegreens on the 100 Days posts over the past week and it has been great to see such good post rewards heading their way.

Thank you to everyone who voted on the posts.

The 100 Days of Steem project has been a great journey so far.

We have really enjoyed it and we have learnt so much.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas on what has been done so far and what should come next.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Steem Community Forum - Sunday, June 7th

New June Community Curator @greenhouseradio has announced that they are transforming their previous Steem Witness Forums into wider Steem Community Forums.

The next one will be on Sunday, June 7th at 6pm UTC. Everyone is welcome to join in...

Enhance Your Posts with Columns and Centered Images

@shortsegments has published a couple of great formatting tips for enhancing your posts with columns and image centering...

10% Discount on Eco-Friendly Hemp Shoes

@carolinahempco are offering a 10% discount to Steem users on their eco-friendly hemp shoes from Rackle...

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.


I figure I will comment here as well.

I really like the approach that the Steemit Team is currently taking, and I don't think it should end with the 100 days of Steem. I think it is really good for the platform, and that continuing it (even if it is not as frequent) is largely beneficial to this platform.

I have really liked the challenges (though I haven't participated as much as I should), and I find the diary game to be a clever way to get people to post frequently. Not only does the diary game keep consistent posts, but it also interests friends and family of the users. Bravo for that!

I also think that the Steem Pod project was a good idea, and I think it is good that Steemit is trying to use its stake to build a good community. I would like to know what plans are in regards to the Steem Greeter Achievement System. As far as I know, the community still hasn't been set up.

One thing I would really like to see from the Steemit team is a road map. While I understand that changes take time, I think it is reasonable to ask to be informed about what Steemit's coming plans and overall goals are.

In the long run, I would like to see a better website design. Steemit has always been of poorer design when compared to the other platforms (most of which have now moved to Hive). If Steemit is going to compete with those sites, as well as the conventional social media giants, it needs a website with features that will attract users who don't necessarily understand blockchain.

Overall, I have always held the belief that Steem is a revolutionary idea that could change the world. I hope that the Steemit team will be able to help lay the tracks needed for Steem to do that. So far, the 100 days of Steem have definitely made me think they will (and are)!

Thank you for this most useful feedback.

We are hoping to produce a new road map soon.

The Steemit Team

Here is my feedback: https://steemit.com/deutsch/@michelangelo3/100-days-of-steem-what-should-come-next
Would be nice, when you to take a look.

It's been great to send a message that SteemIt is still here, and plans on moving forward.

It would be great to see some stability and along with the fun, important communications.

The wallets are still down, is someone working with the exchanges to open them back up?

Keep up the fun and engagement, I love the curation groups and how you are switching them up.

Let's add a bit of serious talk in there too.

Thank you for the feedback, glad you like the 100 Days project.

Wallets are back on Binance and Ionomy, others coming soon.

Binance is open.
Edit: Sorry, already answered!! :)


APPICS is creating many new accounts and the content of these new users is reflected in steemit; but these users do not know how to use steemit, when I am in the APPICS application there is no way to enter steemit from there. (at least I haven't found it)
How could steemit be promoted among these users? I welcome new APPICS users, I do it from Steemit and they see my comment on APPICS, I invite them to use Steemit, participate in the challenges, etc. But they don't know what I'm talking about or how to get to Steemit.
I'm talking about the users who come directly to APPICS without going through STEEM. We talk about promoting Steemit in other networks and APPICS is a source of users that must be addressed since we have them here but they do not have us in their network. How to motivate them to use the Steemit blogging platform.

Thank you for this interesting feedback. Maybe someone from @appics might be able to respond on this.

The Steemit Team

What Should Come Next?

I would do something like this... #boss4theday


Steemit Steem Blog.jpg

I would set a challenge and ask people..." what would you do if you was Boss for the day?"

I have done this before in the past and the feedback can sometimes be invaluable and extremely useful.

Loving the #the100daysofsteem project.


That's a great idea Stephen, keep tuning in...

The Steemit Team

Thanks for us your help is a great blessing, we have been placing what we have done with the help they are giving us. God bless you Thank you for helping our children in Venezuela, especially in the state of Bolívar, in the city of Guayana. We are very happy because we are not alone in this work, we count on your support. Thanks @steemitblog

We are happy to be able to help the great work you are doing.

The Steemit Team

Hello @steemitblog it will be great if steemit keep focused more such projects like #the100daysofsteem it keeps people engaged and active in the community and its more challenging because of daily diary game! You are doing a great work team!

Thank you for these comments. Glad you like the 100 Days project.

I would like @steemitblog and for that matter Steemit Team to showcase and involve in this similar projects. My reason is that @steemitblog is a large body among all the stakeholders in Steem, and everybody standing at far distance spot you and sees you. If Communities should run these projects many people will be overshadow and wouldn't follow or see at all to participate. For instance, if I use to post in Community "A" who did not organize such beautiful project, but is rather Community "B" who organized it, I may not see Community "B" to share my content on the project, since I'm not used to share my contents there.

Thank you for your feedback on this.

You should organize another 1000 days of challenge after end of 100days. I think 1000 days would be better than 100 days because it's a long term challenge.

Definitivamente... 100 dias es poco para este trabajo tan bueno!!

1000 Days of Steem would be quite a challenge!

Hopefully we can expand our team and our resources before we start on that.

Or should Steemit take a step back and leave it to the community to organise?

I think it has been good to hear from Steemit recently, it is far better than the old "radio silence" approach. I think that in the short to medium term it makes sense for Steemit to continue to take an active role to help incubate more activity.

Thank you for your input on this.

Thanks for this update. Congratulations to those selected for the week.
Mi traduccion al español.

In support of "Steem Charity Day"

This Spanish translation post of "100 Days of Steem" will have a 50% profit for @littledisciples and a 50% profit for @thegreens.
I am @mariita52 from Venezuela for STEEM.

En apoyo del "Día de la Caridad Steem" Esta publicación de traducción al español de "100 Days of Steem" se establece en un 50% de beneficio para @littledisciples y un 50% para @thegreens

Soy @mariita52 from Venezuela for STEEM ...

Thanks Friends

Thank you very much for this.

I will write an post what I think of #the100daysofsteem and how the coming days will be like ??

Hey @steemcurator01,

Hindi translation is ready for this post :- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 63 - The 100 Days of Steem - What Should Come Next?

Beneficiary of this post :- charities and post promoters
Post promoters:- @alokkumar121 , @rajan1995 & @amit1995

Hola como están, por mi parte he disfrutado de cada uno de los eventos que han publicado en los 100 días de steem me han parecido magnifico esos desafíos, a mi parecer deberían de continuar con nuevas estrategias para motivar a la audiencia de la plataforma y para los que están ingresando en steemit hay mucho potencial en esta plataforma para que todas las personas puedan escribir lo que siente desde su corazón y mostrarle al mundo sus trabajos, me encantaría que continuara con esta grandiosa iniciativa que es motivadora

Thank you for your support.


Here are my thoughts from NZ, who by the way announced today that we are TOTALLY COVID19 free as a nation :)

What elements of the project have worked best?

  • Probably just the communication from Steemit Inc in the past 2 odd months, in 4 years here we have never had consistent communication so thanks for that!

  • The Community curator project has been great as are the other initiatives inside the POD

What would you like to see more of?

  • more of the same to build the community further
  • further Steemit sponsored initiatives/competitions which will increase posts & attract new users

What have you enjoyed the most?

  • despite what has happened recently there is still a strong pulse that is the Steemit community, if i had a $1 for every-time over the past 4 years i have been told Steemit is dead or dying shortly i would have around $243,578!


Here are my thoughts on the project thus far

Thank you for your post and ideas.

After 100days challenge should keeping new catagory contest which did not happend yet

Still more to come...


Hello there @steemcurator01 i have been posting my diary game links below the "diary game #2 update" post. I Hope you check them soon because i have like 4 diary posts pending to be checked. I also made a summary so it will be easier for you. You can find my summary post here

Definitivamente 100 días de steem a sido de gran apoyo y una excelente motivación a mantenerse activo.
Es muy necesario que esta iniciativa continué y que se sigan generando nuevos retos.

El juego del diario es mi parte favorita. Gracias #equipo-steem y @steemitblog.

All of these are excellent tools for us here around Steem, but I would like to see SMT where we can help expand the value of steem.

When do we expect to see SMT up and running, so we can go beyond Steem? This is what we need to go the next level, otherwise it will be the same loop and progress.

I build my community using https://Steeming.com of their own token PESOS on top of earning STEEM. It a promising project for users to earn two digital token in a single platform. I would like to extend this to games using the same concept. And hoping to bring more users in the platform. Check it out.

I am excited that i joined the diary game for transformation. @agodaniel32 thanks.

We need to get STEEM on more exchange for US based users. We need some business partnerships and or video game inclusions for the currency. We need you to keep doing writing challenges like you are doing to help spread STEEM far and wide. One thing to remember, the easiest way to get more people using the site is to get the price of STEEM higher. If you focus on that, many of the other problems will take care of that.


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