100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 75 - The STEEM POD Project - the Next Phase

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The STEEM POD is a project to recruit and reward members of the community who want to help develop, promote and grow the Steem platform.

The project began with the recruitment of the Steem Greeters around Day 24 of the 100 Days of Steem.

It was expanded with the addition of Social Promoters, and then formalized into the STEEM POD Project on Day 40.

Other roles have been added and there are now 8 members of the STEEM POD.

With just over 3 weeks left on the 100 Days of Steem, now would seem a good time to review the STEEM POD Project to see how best to take it forward beyond Day 100.

The STEEM POD Project - the Current Situation

To reward the work done by members of the STEEM POD they are given a direct, ongoing delegation starting at 1000 SP and progressing to 5000 SP according to ‘Proof of Dedication’...

  • Level 1 = 1000 SP
  • Level 2 = 2000 SP
  • Level 3 = 3000 SP
  • Level 4 = 4000 SP
  • Level 5 = 5000 SP

Additionally reports and other relevant posts by the POD members are generally rewarded by upvotes from the 3M SP @steemcurator01 account.

At present there are 8 members of the STEEM POD…

They have all been doing excellent work in their various roles.

Check out this post for example to see what the Steem Greeters are doing on their new Newcomers Curation project…

With the general growth of activity on the platform, and particularly with the new Steem Greeters Community Curator project, the current POD team is going to need more help.

The Steemit Team is therefore keen to recruit more dedicated Steemians to join the STEEM POD.

We have included recruitment notices in a number of recent posts which have resulted in a handful of applications that we are currently looking at.

But we thought we would get more applications.

We are considering why fewer people than expected have applied to join the POD.

Is it because the rewards are too low for the work involved? Is it because the reward structure and all the different roles are too complicated?

Or is it perhaps that people just don’t want to get involved in working to build and promote the platform?

The STEEM POD Project - the Next Phase

We are therefore looking to introduce some changes and some simplifications to make the STEEM POD project more attractive and more sustainable.

First up, we plan to expand the system of delegation rewards through levels 6, 7, 8, 9 up to Level 10 with 10K SP.

This will give room for longer term progression with greater rewards.

Secondly, we are considering scrapping the specific roles, and encouraging all members of the STEEM POD team to contribute in as many areas as they are comfortable.

We want to remain ‘hands off’ as much as possible so we are looking towards the team working co-operatively and being self-organizing.

If this doesn’t work effectively then we might need to look towards some form of team leader roles based on member levels.

The STEEM POD - Your Thoughts and Feedback

These proposed ‘Next Phase’ changes are not finalized, and are open for discussion.

We would particularly like to get feedback and input from the 8 current members of the STEEM POD, but we would also welcome comments from the wider community.

For existing members, would these changes work for you?

Do you have any other ideas for improving the operation of the STEEM POD?

For the wider community, do you think the STEEM POD Project is useful?

What would make you want to get involved?

The STEEM POD - Applications Invited

We are keeping the application process open on an ongoing basis for now.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the STEEM POD, read all the relevant posts, maybe talk to one of the existing POD members, and then make an application post including…

  • Details of your experience on Steem
  • What skills, and languages, you would be able to bring to the POD
  • What Steem communities you are, or have been, active in
  • Why you would be a useful member of the STEEM POD.

To help people decide if they should apply, we do have a number of basic criteria…

  • you must have been on Steem for at least 3 months
  • you must be regularly active on Steem, through involvement in projects, or though posting or curation
  • you must have a good understanding of how Steem works as a whole, just having posted on Steemhunt or Actifit for example is unlikely to have provided a sufficient level of understanding
  • you must ideally have at least a basic understanding of written English, or be a proficient user of Google Translate!

We are also looking for people who are dedicated and focused on Steem. Active users of other similar platforms are unlikely to be accepted.

Make sure you tag @steemcurator01 in your post, include #the100daysofsteem and #steempod as tags, and put a link to your post in the comments below, or on the latest 100 Days post.

We are excited about the potential for the STEEM POD to be a rewarding vehicle for community involvement in building the Steem platform.

We look forward to reading your thoughts, suggestions and applications!

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

I LOVE STEEM Campaign with WhereIN

@wherein, who have recently received a 1 million SP delegation from Steemit, are launching a two week ‘I LOVE STEEM’ campaign with their WhereIn Android App.

WhereIN are linking with long time Steem promoter @stephenkendal to help with the campaign…

The Knitrias Project - week 7

The @knitrias Project has posted its week 7 project update including interviews with @xpilar...

Steem-Python Library

@remlaps has spotted a couple of issues in the steem-python library v1.0.1, and offers some work-arounds...

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.


Is it because the rewards are too low for the work involved?

Yes, that should be part of the problem.

Or is it perhaps that people just don’t want to get involved in working to build and promote the platform?

I think many people are interested to promote STEEM.
However, most average users are having many tasks to handle in their real lifes, often a full-time job and/or children ... Considering this, requirements like (for example) writing weekly reports could have a deterrent effect, and just not everybody has enough time. That's just my guess though ... (but in my own case for sure having enough time would be the biggest problem).
Some patience is needed, and I guess the number of 'POD members' will increase over time.

Nevertheless, you are doing a good job, implementing some 'structures' (STEEM Greeters, the Diary Game, ...) to get and keep people involved in and active on STEEM.

Beside these useful and really needed fixed 'structures', in my eyes it is important to seek and support also these creative and free-thinking users/authors who write about many different topics which don't fit into any predefined, rigid categories. They are important to let the platform look as diverse and interesting as possible.
Therefore curators should seek actively for them and encourage them with their upvotes (I know that it's easier to scan certain tags ...). That's what I also do: seeking and upvoting great posts with nearly no pending reward.

Apart from that I would like to make two small, more technical suggestions:

  • Users with less than 500 SP don't have the 'upvote slider' which means they always upvote with 100 % of their voting power. I think it would be really useful if all users, also the small ones, could decide themselves how much of their voting power they use per upvote.

  • If I write a post in HTML and later edit it, SteemPeak shows the perfectly correct, original HTML code in its editor, while Steemit doesn't. The consequence is that I am editing nearly all my posts with SteemPeak only, which prevents me from switching completely to the Steemit interface.

We are very happy to be part of the Steem POD project, we really enjoy doing supporting other people, we are doing our best to make our voting power reach many publications and thus be able to reward more people with their work. The work of healing is very complicated, but we do it with all the desire in the world, because we have great faith in the platform, because there are many people who deserve the support. To finish thank you very much for these new updates, the POD project is very good, but more people and communities are needed in the group, who support others.
That way we will all grow faster.

We are really doing our best, thank you very much for all the support. ❤
#SteemIsTalent #SteemON

Thanks for the invitation to discuss this important subject. First, I want to encourage all the users in conditions to apply to make this exercise in accordance to your own affinities and circumstances of time, abilities and good spirit. I can assure that the possibility to help others is one of the greatest rewards that one can find on the journey on this platform. The task can be as you decide and always adaptable to your own pace, you can define your goals and progress and always enjoy.

About the next phase I think both propositions about functions of the PoD members are not mutually exclusive. I think a frame of activities helps to organize and focus the work, but at the same time interconnections between different tasks could appear organically in accordance to the specific projects the members are performing. For example if one member needs some help from other members he must offer clear petitions and coordinate the efforts to achieve the goals, so the other members can cooperate in the optimal way.

I think the Steem Greeters are doing great work in the coordination and support for a variety of projects as curation, discussion, learning curve and communities, their recent proposal on the Achievement Program for new users is a good proof of that.

The idea of extending the program to reach even more support sounds great. Time, results and progress on every project will determine the necessity of more resources and support.

Thanks for launching this important initiative, I'm sure that every step, even little, is very important for all the community sharing experiences here on the Steem blockchain. My admiration and well wishes for every one on the Steemit Team!

Best regards!

Traduccion al español
Las recompensas de esta traduccion son para apoyar el trabajo de @littledisciples en Venezuela y @thegreens en Camerún.

Recruiting more Steem Greeters /// Reclutando más Steem Greeters

Would then need to make an application post following the procedure in the original post…

Deberá realizar una publicación de la aplicación siguiendo el procedimiento en la publicación original ...

100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 24 - Recruiting Steem Greeters

Evening :) here are my thoughts

All POD members are all very committed steemians who want this place to be the place to be, giving us more SP will help us build bigger brighter events/competitions.

As for scrapping the roles i have no problem with that as most POD members have extra events/competitions to run etc.

i still think steem greeting is something that should be a part focus of the group roles as i think this group is a pretty good team :)

As for a team leader of the POD it needs to be an external neutral steemian, someone experienced.. i vote for @whatsup as he is a veteran of steemit and has also supported steem while being respectful to all.

Please remember there has been a massive change in the Steemit Landscape over the past 3 months and i think the dust is still settling,
we are making progress & the future is positive!


Thank you for the promotion space. Upvote for the contribution of charity.

So many proposals have been mentioned that I do not know what else I can add. And I think this is precisely one of the great things to point out about #the100daysofsteem; thanks to this initiative the community is very active and very interested in the creation of content and the expansion of the Steem community. It is a great job that the @steemitblog team is doing, as well as that of all the members of the Steem POD. All communities are excited. But, as many people already mentioned, going out to promote our ecosystem on social media is expensive and complicated. Fortunately I am taking advantage of the advertising investment I have paid for my own projects to share with Steem's promotion. But it's not enough. Justin Sun is a very active person with great social influence. If only he mentioned Steem once a day the value of our work would multiply. Justin Sun has made a strong investment in Steem and I don't understand why we don't have him support in social media. It would be very beneficial for everyone.

First of all, I thank all the Steemit Team & the great work from @steemcurator01 for his immense contribution as the first curator among all the curators. Indeed he has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is much experienced to fit this job.

I think it very good extending this ideas to the whole household of Steemit, since one head cannot decide an important matter. I have many ideas and opinions to express here, but much has been covered by my Dear Sister @cryptokannon, very dedicated Steem Greeter. The task is heavy but the servants are too small as the Bible will put. In this respect many ideas ring in our mind as @steemitblog rightly raised here; what could be the main reason many people are reluctant to apply for the POD work? It can be so many factors that aren't based on one reason. One would say it is because of time factor, others would say the resource or the reward is scanty, other group of thought would also say that is because of stressful nature of the work or the work load. Any of the above can be the reason why many people aren't applying. In my area as Country Curator, about #195 Countries in the World, which possibly we may find Steemians in all the Countries, it is only me who is a Country Curator. The rest of the Countries are vacant. Who are ready to apply and manage the other #194 Countries. Even with my area there are few Steemians who post concerning Ghana, most of them are not regular, so I have strategize to get a wide range of good contets from West Africa and Africa as a whole. So if you check my first week digest post report you can see this modality.

In going forward, two things have come to my mind, any way possible we can go with it:

  1. Increasing the delegation power of the Steem POD work can really help for the POD members to get reach out of many good contents which are coming from Steemians. In my case I would be able to filter most contents from many countries in Africa in addition to Ghana.

  2. On the second thought we can also decide to curate some of these contents as and when the POD members report in their weekly posts. Of course our reports are shared through the comment session of @steemitblog. If there are more good contents to be curated within the week, the POD members can decide to report twice a week for frequent curation.

It sometimes discourage members when their work are reported in the 100 days of Steem and they are not recognised. Meanwhile because the POD members have mentioned that their posts has been curated by say "A" curator, they would anticipating an appreciable upvote for their effort.

I think when POD members are incentivized, when they have enough power to operate and reach out many Steemians in the World, it will even attract more members to apply for the position as POD member. I know the purpose redefinition of POD work is promote more Steemians work, and encourage them to work harder so that we can build Steem and make it stronger than before. Thanks to all contributors of today's Discussion which will help Steem to move forward.


For the wider community, do you think the STEEM POD Project is useful?

This is a very useful project that is surely going to add value to the steem ecosystem. The focus on onboarding new users and their retention is a great way for promoting this platform.

The Steem POD project is a great solution to the big challenge that the new users have always faced when trying to get started on the steem ecosystem.

What would make you want to get involved?

I love steem and i want to grow with this platform. I feel there is a great hope and potential that the steem ecosystem has to become a much better platform through the lots of valuable activities that i see running on the steem blockchain during this #100daysofsteem initiative.

I want to dedicate most of my time and efforts to the growth of this platform.

Thanks so much Steem Team for the updates.


As I already wrote in my post, I am interested in inviting people to Steem to show them what opportunities are available.

At the same time, work outside of Steem is not visible and may not be as interesting as here. But still this is work. To do this just like that, without reward or with insufficient reward, interest quickly disappears.
And it’s not clear how much I can earn by inviting people here. Once a week when I publish a report? I do not understand.

As for me, it would be great to create a referral program in which the one who invited received a certain percentage of the invitee's rewards. It would be cool.
As an inviting person, I am interested in finding talented people. and here everything is transparent and clear.

Ukraine & Steemit!
We are a creative and potential team in Ukraine

More 2 years ago I generated ideas

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Steemit keep making us proud thanks for this gesture #Ilovesteem

Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, this is entry my diary game:


Thank you for your curation all this time,
Regards from Indonesia.

Regarding the POD role, I guess I was never clear exactly what the goal of the role is...

Curators are clear, Greeters are clear (and doing a great job)

What would be a clear key performance goal for a POD?

How would it be measured?

I'm not trying to be negative, I just wasn't that clear on the mission, or outcome.

Hello please take a look to my new diary as following:


Hi @steemitblog, I’ve already sent my application and I’m waiting for your answer.

In the meantime, enjoy my entry for the diary game 😊

I hope you will like it

Good work and see you soon ✌️

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Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 75 - The STEEM POD Project - the Next Phase

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The Diary Game 6月18日 杨梅over

They are excellent initiatives, a few days ago we applied to be part of the steem Pod, again I make the request hoping to be accepted, I hope you can read the application and be able to be chosen.