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IT IS FULL FOMO TIME! .. All for One & One for All!

Happily, STEEM is going to get more valuable with each passing day, but sadly that means it will also get more expensive! There is a window of opportunity, 'right now', for us to make real gains before it becomes very costly to do so.

This project is all about y(our) bottom-line!!


This will only work if all 50 of us remain strictly committed to the plan, until all of us reach the goal ... all members with 50 000 Powered Up STEEM! There is the possibility that the group works together beyond this goal, but that will depend on how beneficial it will be to do so, if however a member does not adhere to the mission before the goal is reached, they will no longer reap the benefits, and will relinquish their spot.


You will be asked to commit 50 STEEM every week - at current prices that is approximately $ 12.00, the total of which goes into a members only lottery ..

Membership Criteria ..

  • Min 500 SP
  • Min 50 Reputation
  • Regular, or semi-regular, content contribution
  • Active Curator

Process & Rules ..

  • Each week, all 50 of us will commit 50 STEEM to a lottery that has only members as potential winners. Each winning member is excluded from the next round until all have won, then the cycle begins again. Winnings MUST be powered up ..entirely

  • Between rounds each member commits to min 50% upvotes of the content posted by all other members - you will be able to 'expect' at least 50 upvotes, by relatively-substantial (and increasingly so) STEEM Power holders on at least one of your posts, each day.

  • No Withdrawals Until Goal is Achieved (all 50 members @ 50 000 SP)

  • No Transfers to Anyone who is not also a member Until Goal is Achieved

  • No Powering Down Until Goal is Achieved (all 50 members @ 50 000 SP)

  • Post as much as you wish, but expect only 1 vote from each of the 50 members per day)

No Politics!

A group formed for one purpose, we are here to support one another until we all win this game!

We will not be engaged, as a group, toward any other ends, until that goal is achieved - afterward we can continue to support one another, and act in unison for the betterment of the platform, invest as a group in projects perhaps via our collective upvotes, but until then we will maintain a singular focus.

A Serious Incentive to Make a Serious Investment !

All members will be properly vetted, with the possibility that member accounts are not sock-puppets of individuals with diabolical intent. Members will not have been consistently flagged by @steemcleaners nor @cheetah.

No member will have any control of your STEEM until it is rewarded to the winner of each round, and sent directly from you to the winner.

Method of Selecting Winners

Each member who wishes to join, meets the above criteria and has a balance of at least 50 liquid STEEM, send an email to '[email protected]' - you will be assigned a unique and randomly chosen number between 1 - 50, which I will return in email. You may be asked to do something to prove your identity .. like upvote a specific comment within a specific time period... no biggie.

In order to maintain absolute fairness we will be using the numbers drawn by the EuroMillions lottery to select the winners of each round. The first number to drop will be the winner, if the person with that # has already won once before, (before all 50 members have won at least once), then we will use the second number dropped, and so on (the 5 main numbers, not the 2 final bonus numbers) .. if all main EuroMillions numbers can not be used, we will choose the closest member to the first ball dropped, who has not yet been won in the current round.

WAIT A SEC! This will take too bloody long!

It will take a while, that is to be sure, but not that long - consider for a moment your current rate of accumulation - if you are doing well, and trending with each post, then you have no need of joining this group - this is for investors who wish to do a little risk-spreading, while accelerating their own gains. One of the people I have spoken with, who is enthused by the idea, has accumulated only 10000 STEEM in one year, most of which they invested directly. This individual has received very limited support from the community for their posts, but yet they remain excited, but are worried that they will not gain enough, fast enough, before STEEM/STEEMIT takes off - it could take years to get to 50 000 SP, and by that time, direct investment will no longer be affordable.

With the other members of The50 providing substantial support for one another's posts (min 50% upvotes), as the STEEM Power of the winners, and all other members, rises, so will individual gains increase daily - the journey to 50k will be accelerated in this way. Each new member will already have varying amounts of STEEM POWER (a min of 500 to start), and some of the interested STEEMIANS I have polled for this have substantial amounts (5000 to 20000).

As we create more 20 000+ SP holders, the cumulative effect of our upvotes will provide substantial awards to all members (who are required to power up at least 50% of all post rewards), and this will be the incentive to remain involved - given this, the 500 STEEM per month that needs to be invested (until our goal is reached) could theoretically be gained in part, or in whole from post rewards ... 50 individuals providing between .20 cents and $1.00, or more, to everyone, and everyone else doing the same, with this amount increasing over time .. the road to the win will become shorter and shorter with each round.

Why Again Would We Wish to Do This?

I am not sure about you, but I do not see any other potential investment that could EASILY return 500% within a few years ... the 50 000 STEEM that you gain in the above manner could very well, almost certainly be worth $ 200 000 US or more, in the relatively near future.

No More Wasting Time, No More Watching Others Get Fat While We Beg for Attention!

This account is for recruitment and announcements only.

Member usernames will be provided to all other members, for curation purposes, via email. An easy way to accomplish curation of club member posts, is to use @inertia's drphil bot (in winfrey mode), with only fellow club members listed as favorites (50 % or above).

We have strong interest from at least 6-8 individuals, when we have 25 confirmed members we will begin!

Brothers-&-Sisters, it's time for the ..

We will be seen as bandits by many, but rather think of yourselves as practical and self-interested individuals, who wish to do well for others in the future, and maintaining and behaving according to higher ideals .. but in order to do that, we must serve our own interests first.

If you are the type of person who believes blood-oaths are cool ..
If you believe in the future of STEEM ..
If you are have some guts and wish to achieve accelerated STEEM Glory! ..

Accumulate 50 STEEM and send your username in an email to .. [email protected], or if you express interest in a comment to one of our @the50's posts, we will provide you your # in a reply.


Great Idea! If I had enough that I was sure I could commit, I would be all over it!

Hello Richard! Would love to have someone like yourself are the ideal participant! I think the original #s were to ambitious - we will start small and build momentum ..hope this will boost initial interest, and yours as well!.

The amount would most likely be no problem. I am very tempted to make the commitment as is. I am very positive on STEEM long term.

Sounds interesting. I will buy some Steem to join in this.

I have been very active on Steem in the beginning, but have really neglected it the last couple of months (due to moving countries), but now I am keen to dive back in. I hope that the long break in my posting will not be a problem.

Happy to hear it! I can see at a glance that you are the kind of people we need!

I think we will simplify things - no need to send email (however anything you wish to communicate to coordination, off-chain, please feel free to send to [email protected] ). Simply collect 125 STEEM in your STEEM Balance and patiently wait while we gather the troops!


@nenad-ristic .. Your the50 # is 3

Who is in control of the the50 account? Who will carry out the payments (lottery wins)?

This account is only for announcements & coordination, and will not participate in the lottery. The lottery payments will go directly from each member to the winning member, chosen in the manner detailed in the post. We have to trust that all those who join will see the long-term benefit, and continue until all reach the destination .. and then set a new objective!

What`s the backup plan if members leave or do not comply to the rules? "We have to trust that all those who join will see the long-term benefit" is a bit optimistic, don't you think?

Edit: I suggest setting up a channel on to talk about more details. I can think of a lot more qestions, e.g. regarding leaving the initiative a certain moment (at the end of a cycle?) and the rules for this etc...
It is an interesting idea but I think it needs a bit more thought and details.

I agree! @kurtbeil will be setting up a channel for us.

hello @okkiedot !
It is difficult to trust strangers, but we can trust that they are most-likely rational, and behave in their own self-interest. We want to attract and provide benefit to people who are here for the long-term, and only wish to increase their 'stake' .. their presence .. their power. We want the type of people that power up very STEEM they receive, every curation reward, as soon as they can, in order to be able to curate more effectively!

Remaining 'in the club' will only be of benefit, and increasing benefit, to each member.

But you are correct, if someone joins with malicious intent .. to scoop a lottery win and leave, well .. there will be the following consequence - 50 people will MUTE and blacklist them immediately. We would then ask them to return the STEEM they have won, sending it to @the50 for redistribution - if they show no signs of doing so, they could be subject to systemmatic downvoting, that overtime would result in losses that surpass whatever they may have scooped from us. This is why we want to have content contributors 'with something to lose', relatively speaking.

If members have no desire to continue they can transfer their membership to another person with the same or more STEEM Power holding that the departing member has, and the new individual can pick up exactly where the departing member left off.

I will set up a channel on Discord and post about it very soon!

What if the winners start leaving one after the other ??

Very good question of course - the incentive for not leaving will be the support for their posts from fellow members, and also not to miss out on future, guaranteed lottery wins. Keep in mind, each member will be a proven content creator, so they will care about both their reputation and securing long-term support for their work - if someone leaves after, say, two winning rounds, they will have effectively stolen 10 000 SP of curation power from the group, all of whom would be very unhappy about it, and could lead to systematic downvoting of their future work.

We hope to screen out anyone who might be so desperate that they would give up a future of guaranteed returns, for a quick couple of grand.

Of course you are, it's your idea! :-))