the50 - Lottery Draw # 8 - Winner is: @zentat !

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Hands Down the Most Trust-worthy Group of STEEMIANS!

These folks have well-supported their fellow the50 members, and paid the lottery winners, each and every time. Great people to get into business with!

Total: 17!

If you were once on the list
but now you are not, you
will have to re-join.

01 @the50 -- confirmed!
03 @nenad-ristic -- confirmed!
08 @whatamidoing -- confirmed!
10 @steemprentice -- confirmed!
11 @okkiedot -- confirmed!
15 @steemint -- confirmed!
17 @zentat -- confirmed!
19 @thecrazygm -- confirmed!
22 @patelincho -- confirmed!
25 @pairmike -- confirmed !
31 @virtualgrowth -- confirmed!
32 @riskdebonair -- confirmed!
34 @madlenfox -- confirmed!
37 @kurtbeil -- confirmed!
39 @jphenderson -- confirmed!
40 @bitshares101 -- confirmed!
46 @steemfactory -- confirmed!

To The Draw!

The first # is 17!

... Draw # 8 has been won by @zentat !

Please send our winner 10 STEEM (( OR )) 10 SBD !

the50 CHANNEL!

Discord STEEMVenue ..

the50 TAG!

Use the50 tag when you post, and upvote those who do!

whaleshares TAG!

Use the whaleshares tag when you post, and upvote those who do!


Whaleshares is Coming! Set up a Bitshares Account and Get Ready!

Genesis Mining

If anyone is interested in getting a 3% discount on their Genesis Mining purchases/upgrades, use @kurtbeil's Affiliate Code is ..


If you use the code let him know and he'll use yours on one of his future upgrades!

The50 SUPPORTS @randowhale!

Read instructions ..


wooo! I never win anything!
thanks fellow the50ians!


wtg winnah!

Congrats. Sent my 10 Steem.

Congrats. Sent my 10 Steem.

Congrats :)

Congratulations @zentat! Leave me your bitshares or openledger username and I will send your whaleshares!

wow jp .. thanks very much!
my bitshares account is ..

Sent mine on Friday, congratz

Congrats, Noted to send later.

I wanna win. 🙃

Congrats to all participans ✌️

the50, How Can I participate?