Surprised because can a gift

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Today I'm back writing, a week in a State of pain. How was surprised when I saw the steem power is already growing again, while during the week it's not update due to illness, curiosity made me look in the history who sent it.

It turns out that @stsl account sends steempower and sends delegates to me, because a win in the contest which he made yesterday.


I researching carefully, turned out a few days ago @thekitchenfairy send me to the nomination in a contest held by @stsl, and eventually I became a winner in this contest. Sense of glad and grateful, I feel so happy because brings blessings and good fortune.



I am grateful to the family of #thealliance who have supported me was nominated best and makes me as a winner.

Thanks to @thekitchenfairy, @c0ff33a, @crisangel, @saffisara, @enginewitty, @blue.panda, @edthecanadian, who have supported me in this contest. Hopefully you guys are always healthy and success always for you guys.

This is the thankfulness and gratitude I am due a win in this contest.

Thanks to @stsl that has held the contest, you always be successful.


Of course the @thekitchenfairy nominated you for this competition, she is the awesome Baking Witness that everyone should Vote For!

Congratulations on Winning, very well deserved you have put a great deal of effort into both your posts but more importantly commenting on others and getting around the community as much as you can.

Sorry you have not been well, hopefully this has made you feel a little better.

#thealliance #witness

Yeah right, I'll try my best, yesterday I was sick bro, now I've recovered and could have a back like I used to.

Yes I'm fixing everything.

That is a damn nice surprise for not being active hahahah!

Congrats on your sp and surely you will make the best out of it!

Yeah right, hahha. Pain brings blessing. Thank a lot.

  Wow! Truly, this is a big surprise, since @stsl has started a new way of supporting its winners, I believe that you are the first to enjoy this new format. This is very deserved towards you, for your effort in doing things, in better one step at a time and days after days. I did not know you were sick, I hope you recover soon so that you put into practice the wise words of @c0ff33a. Greets and a hug.

Yeah right, I like this contest. Now it could be active again, even if not optimal.

Congratulations @alhidayat! I'm glad I was able to bring some love and joy to you day :) I hope you are feeling much better too!

Thanks a lot, friend. I'm very happy.