How Not To Get My Witness Vote (A Magical Musing on Bullshit)

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I woke up and brushed my long luxurious auburn/red hair out of my sweaty and mudmask covered face.( gotta stay fresh and not have any pores visible at all to stay relevant!).

I stare at one of my laptops and ask myself if I really want to log into Steemit and Discord....Usually it is an onslaught of bizarre ramblings and apparently displeasure of how things are conducted. Somehow some of us wound up being pegged as the "go to " people to fix all the ailments on the platform. Fine by me because I know I'll always have work and material to work with.

  • It is an honor to be a bit of a Larry David type persona on here anyhow, there is something to be said for the beautiful dance between satire, gonzo journalism and trying to point out inconvenient truths while hopefully making some smile or laugh.

    I can care less if you are who wanting to dress like Santa on a bad Acid trip but I do start to care when your run for witness literally is seemingly headed by someone dressed like a 7 year old who along with the same usual group of one of many circles....finds it necessary to tag the Nigerian Community to basically throw pennies at them for upvoting someone as witness.

    What exactly has this person done as an initiative to help the Nigerian Community? Why have another Tiptoe Brigade Grown- Ass Adult acting like they are not an adult to appeal to exactly what type of demographic?

It is on the Trending Page, nuff said. Again, I will reiterate that lots of info on Trending is helpful and good for all then you have someone running for witness that is using some rather sad and stale tactics to get Witness Votes.

For More Mental Droppings, Inconvenient "truths" and Tips to Stay Afloat in the Algae Covered "Ecoystem", feel free to Upvote, Follow and Resteem me @battleaxe

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@battleaxe sure kicks the Llammas Ass ))

gomera, sometimes in life, Ship happens BUT you have the Pirate Ship ever ready

I love how cryptic you are. Going to troll the trending page right meow!

you have a wannabe witness funded by the usual much pimped out by someone dressed as an 8 year old...USING AFRICAN tags because they assume all African will do whatever for a penny, it is demeaning


The blog was posted by @purepinay.

She was drumming up support for @surpassinggoogle since many of the people in Nigeria and the Philippines don't know how to vote for witnesses or what they do.

@steemgigs is @surpassinggoogles witness account. He received his delegation from the CEO of Steemit, @ned himself, more than a year ago.

If you ever want to see what he has done, and is doing to help the Nigerian and Philippine communities, its very easy to check his vote history- And the record of all his projects that he holds.

@surpassinggoogle is a Nigerian himself, and is a good dude. One only has to browse through his replies, and comments to see how he interacts with everyone here.


by @ned himself? @ ned wanna tag @surpassinggoogle......
agree to disagree, have a great weekend, wanna tag who next?
go ahead tag and namedrop , again .....thank you for contributing to this dialogue in the ecosystem

Agree to disagree on what>? I sent the link showing @ned's delegation. You cannot dispute that!

I see no link...

You mean the same @ned who delegates the scammer named sweet-bikini-ramen-recipe-1800sbd-sssj and wants to get in all these girls pants with his perfect hair?

No credibility in that association, try another one please.

Try another what? You are fake news.

Send a link, showing where @ned delegates to them.

I won't hold my breath.

Typical. You make up lies, then when I ask for proof, you counter with nonsense.

I am over my head? Interesting statement, considering my resume.

You claimed Ned was delegating to girls to 'get in their pants', and I was simply asking for proof of this.

Surely you, as a witness understands that you can easily obtain this proof as it is in plain sight on the Steem blockchain. No?

Dumb question here. What exactly do witnesses do?

Our primary role is to run distributed servers worldwide that capture, process, validate and store the blocks of information from sites like this one to the block chain - a giant database, more or less, in laymans terms, or a ledger if you will, of all things steem that happen per user or account.

Our secondary role is to decide on block chain code change proposals via consensus. We also run price feeds to average our parameter choices into consensus on token prices, interest rates, bias, and other parameters affecting the price and performance of steem. like registration min SP investment per account and such.

Our tertiary and subjective role is to ensure the future of the platform via contributions of technical or social or financial nature via projects, communities, software contributions and investments in holdings, or growth or acceleration of user adoption, etc etc etc

And stuff, we do a lot of stuff.

Enjoyed your wonderful way with words. LOL! :-)

You had me at flush:

Flush Flush, flush the crap

Sounds way above my pay grade. I have no idea what any of that meant but it sounds important. Thanks for doing what ya'll do to make this Steem machine keep chugging along so I can spend my weekend posting toilet humor blogs.

Users like you are the reason I believe in decentralized flushing :P Be well :)

ha ha, flushhhh, if it comes back up...flush again!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

@sircork can you answer this, @atsdavid
just first two that popped in my head

also, question ....who puts pictures of deceased loved ones up on here and in the same post talk /push for their "initiative" to become a witness?

Better question, why is it wrong to? Clearly he misses her, and I'm sure she was proud of her son.

Not Exactly a "dumb question"
Just think of them as "Augmented Miners"
These are the Proof of Work People.

I would rather vote for no more than 6 or 7 witnesses I trust, believe in have interacted with than have my vote missused ;)

You are doing it right. It was a pleasure visiting with you this morning.

Thanks @sircork it's always a pleasure listening to you
Even if I never take the mic, trust me I'm enjoying it ;)

Ps:it was evening in my timezone :D

Aw thats fantastic! Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the show!

Throw pennies at Nigerians?

yes, I find it insulting to the NIgerian community that they get tagged and used by people who have done nothing for them thinking that everyone in Nigeria apparently is their puppet
it is demeaning

Very demeaning and offensive...
It's as a result of past bad records but people should understand that times have changed and Nigerians are becoming better people...
It's only a matter of time before they get proved wrong and realise little pennies can no longer buy us

I hope you spread this message because wanna be witnesses are acting like they did all this stuff you then tag your community in a slimey way for "chap , easy, desperate upvotes"....... I for one will not only NOT vote for surpassinggoogle for witness or his "cheerleader" dressed as a 7 year old paid off by what I find to be rather corp. interests pinay, on trending, it's low, Glad you see what A LOT of us see

seems even with my non "botted to the sky" paid upvotes, ...most of us have to use at least something at this point.....that A LOT of witnesses and heavy hitters are agreeing, at least off of here in privacy which I respect

One thing is for sure... I do not want to get on YOUR badside. Ever!
Speak your mind battle.... It's what I love about you.

love ya too....oh come on, u know am a big softie

Welp... I think this is going to be in every witness coffee table... okay guys, how to get battleaxe to vote for us?

I already solved that mystery.

Good luck to everyone else!

I got that base covered, but U need to do some work! ;)

Ah, well said. And, not surprising! People will do just about any bs thing to get ahead

Love this!! 👍👍😂😂😂#dead from laughter! I loved it when you said I woke up and was deciding whether to sign on to Steemit and discord lmao!! I felt the same way a few days ago, I guess you get burned out when on too much and it’s hard to keep up with everything omg ...Zappl,,dsound, dlive, etc. etc. Keep it up, I love your posts and perseverance....Steem On!😻😎👌👌

Well said! I have not seen the post, but I agree it is very demeaning! Witnesses should run on what they can do for the platform!

Open mouth, insert foot. I know you are referring to the @steemgigs support blog made by @purepinay

@steemgigs is a rapidly growing community which is the witness account for @surpassinggoogle whom is a Nigerian, himself- And received most of his delegation from @ned himself. You can check this here;

If there is any doubt that @surpassinggoogle doesn't support the Nigerian community, one only needs to look through his upvote history here: to see that your blog here is #fullofshit

I could care less if you vote for @steemgigs or not- However, to blatantly lie and slander- Its just wrong.

I was gonna say i thought he was african and living in phillipines but wasnt sure. Ty for clarifying. I think she had good intentions but went off the mark. Lets hope she considers it because @battleaxe is also a goood person

No, I find people dressed like a 10 year old imho an odd way to go for witness, as for that guy who was raging about assholes , shrugs...blockchain
we all are entitled to our own takes on it,

You are so manly. To speak ill of a young girl, commenting on how she dresses. @limabeing, this is how @battleaxe is. He is talking down about @purepinay, whom never said anything bad to anyone... He is just trying to shame her on her attire in her latest blog.

And she isn't trying to be a witness. She is merely showing her support for @steemgigs whom is a Nigerian man.

Battleaxe is a woman. Just to clarify

Please who exactly is throwing this pennies??

assholes...who are underestimating an entire continent .....

You are the only asshole here.

Show me how @steemgigs isn't helping the Nigerian community, and in your own words, "Throw Pennies" at them, and I will show you 100x where he has helped much more than you cared to research.

I asked a question, glad you answered with asshole
thanks for the answer :)
steem on, fun thing is I asked questions and you call me an asshole
you know what's great, at least I got some sort of answer, delightful,

You are the one that tossed that word out first.

I was only calling you out on your obviously ridiculous blog.

If you g'head and prove you weren't speaking out of your ass, I will gladly accept the 'asshole of the day', badge.

Something tells me, that your opinion is just that. And facts>opinions win every time, especially on such a transparent website such as Steemit.

I will sit here, waiting for your facts.

And you didn't ask any questions. You made bold claims, and pointed fingers. You also called out a young girl on her choice of clothing, bashing her for "looking like an 8 year-old." All she was doing is drumming up support for a witness. If this is a target for your pitiful attacks: Obvious hater is obvious.

mmmm, okay...have an awesome weekend

Just to clarify. Nigeria is not a continent! It is a very rich country on the continent of Africa. I am gonna guess that the gnp is higher than the Phillipines as well.

Until then, I only smell one, and it Ain't BA!

Don't believe this blogger... You should know that @steemgigs is @surpassinggoogle's Witness account... And many Nigerians receive a lot of help from him!

please do not believe this blogger, me, yes please do not believe , got another serial poster, ......after the first two or three, ya' know...think it made a point, thank you for your input

Why don't you just prove your blog isn't a lie?

because, I can show you hundreds of blogs and upvotes that have benefited #nigeria coming from @surpassinggoogle.

And yet, here you are... Still not backing up your words- Which are still lies.

so tell us how you really feel.... I tried to look for the post, got distracted and then changed my mind about looking for it. I trust you

on trending, someone pushing for a witness and poorly done at that dressed in what seems to be made for a 7 year old.....usually am live and let live but not when it is this shit and tagging community that I guess a bunch of us missed all the initiatives the OP and person running for witness have done, trending section (where the magic happens) op/ed....

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I can't find this post you are talking about? Help me out lol

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  1. I know many Nigerians who have had success with @surpassinggoogle #untalented contest or at least, they have found themselves taken in by him

  2. His mother died. Its a photo that @purepinay may have chosen but I'm 100% sure she didnt chose it maliciously

  3. As for her clothing, she can wear whatever the fuck she wants.

All do respect, i find you humorous and smart but i think you are wayyyyy off the mark here. If you are actually concerned about Nigerians, do you follow any? Ask them what they think before making assumptions. We have no idea what @purepinay was thinking when she tagged nigeria. But my assumption is that she is grateful for the steemgigs community and @surpassinggoogle

Its your choice to do what you want with your blog but what worries me is you trashing on another steemian, nay woman, not seemingly getting the full details, and then all of your followers just blindly aggreeing with you.

I hope that you consider what I'm saying and if you want to do more for Nigerians (altho, let me tell you they want and need more than pennies and are far from helpless pawns) then just do thst instead of dragging others through the mud, especially in such a sexist and degrading manner.

@edumurphy @rasamuel @greenrun @africaunchained

can speak further on how they feel about @surpassinggoogle

does she follow any?


Thanks for all your continuous support @Battleaxe in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

I'd have a hard time keeping up with yah community business if you weren't in all those country channels daily, keeping them clean and fun.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Oh @limabeing , do you intend to be offended by the planet your whole life and alienate yourself from every single person on the platform, one by one? Or do you expect to mature some day? You know most rational people are over the "social justice warrior" thing now, right? So 2007 right now. I would have though you might have learned from your first half dozen community bannings around here or something.

Thank You back.....
glad to see the first young ladies sports initiative did so awesome, ooooh the jersey's

yeah I wish I had more time to get prepared for that, didn't hardly see it coming, was too wrapped up with our efforts in other countries at this one's launch.

Nice jerseys indeed, even if mine is a bit more flattering than the others ;)

lol, no joke


that's cool, we'll agree to disagree or just disagree
I'm not going to change my opinion except on maybe a couple things and that's my huge statement.
We don't see eye to eye, that's that.
Have a great weekend

oh and by the way I don't do the tag name thing, I think it's rather .....meh, ;) :)
Steem On!

I tagged people because these are nigerians. They can speak on the subject of being treated poorly. Most of the nigerians on steemit are highly intelligent. I hope that you consider their opinions.

Keep steeming on @battleaxe, I love that you speak your mind. 1b882eea3500b670c65c7aa995249fb2--funny-google-searches-animal-quotes.jpg

Aint that the truth @topkpop ... some try to claim sainthood while doing so

No ones claiming saint hood but aite. Btw, who are you?

what an odd question .. okay so back at you .. who are you?

Im someone who knows both of these humans and has fully engaged. Your comment, perhaps accidently appears to insinuate that someone ( i can only imagine mysrlf since that is who topkpop is talking about) is a hypocrite. I dont know you or what you think you know but i definitely never claimed to be a saint. I dont think the other guy in here did either. He lives in the phillipines and is standing up for his friend who was trashed on for wearing short shorts and a crop top and having the audacity to support her friend and team leader.

Its actually ironic because battleaxe is the one who started this by trashing on a young phillipino ( who writes fairly well and seems intelligent and nice) and a witness... because why? Because they tagged nigeria? Because the girl is wearing short shorts and a crop top? Because the witness's mom died and he posted about it?? If my mom died i would be posting every day. Especially if it was my job to blog about my life. So??? Who is claiming sainthood? Cuz i dont see anyone doing that. I drf got my shit but its just not here in this convo.

Haters??? Im defending @purpinay and @surpassinggoogle i find it odd that such a levelheaded woman would hold a grudge for so long. I'm not hating on anyone here. As for in my server? No. There will be no slutshaming in there.

Note: this is the only response I will be putting so it can be made perfectly clear. You chose to derive what you wanted from that meme, that is your own doing. You are correct I am level-headed which has been shown many times in many many many interactions. A grudge, no, I think not. But, I do not pretend to be okay with people who go around toting women empowerment, support for each other and more in public and then behind closed doors accuse strong, vibrant, respectful, and community driven women of not doing just that when their actions have shown nothing but the opposite. Finally, I might add, I think it is extremely childish to say something like slut shaming when it has not been mentioned and let alone was in response to a meme. Good luck and steem on.

Apparently you dont know what the post is about? @battleaxe is slutshaming purepinay. That is why i disagree with her on one point. Also she is using Nigerians to attack another person from another thirdworld country @surpassinggoogle i said this to explain why i am strongly disagreeing with her opinions on this matter. I am not "hating" on her --or you. In fact you got mad at me, for my opinion. Came into the server and said " i have seen too much" then immediatley came back when you thought i wasnt leading it, making a huge fuss about there being "a change in leadership" and refused to unblock me as per the rules of the server that were previously aggreed upon (by you).

I support women but not blindly. If you are not on board for the type pf progressive intersectional feminism that teamgirlpowa is heading towards "altho being held back" then, the team can respectfully withdraw support and even respectfully , strongly, disagree, woth facts to back it up. I have done that both here and on your own page. Battleaxe can say what she wants on her page and so can you. And i can oppose those views.

To clarify about my response: im not "hating" on here. In my server i shall reserve the right to stop such behavior.

That's all I was trying to say, albeit not so eloquently as you.

@surpassinggoogle is a good dude, and does help a lot of people.

@purepinay was only tagging Nigeria, because #nigeria and #philippine communities are heavily supported by @surpassinggoogle, and she was merely just trying to get them to return the favor and vote for him to be a witness. So, she tagged these communities, so they could support @surpassinggoogle if they haven't already.

I see you are from #Boston, me also :D (Marblehead actually)

We have a boston meetup coming up with aggroed. Search for #bostonmeetup i think i tagged it there. You should come!

Oh wait!! U r in the phillipines right now! Darn. But hey let me know of any other new england steemians.

Yeah, been away for awhile now... Miss everything but the snow and shoveling it. Haha.

I don't actually know any NE bloggers either. Was surprised to see you as the first.

There are a lot of us!! Nice to meet u!! Horrible way but i will take what i can get.

Just saw your comment and the original post in question. Pathetic dogshit once again but hey, did we expect anything less?