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RE: Family Time! (and reminder there is a Pow-Wow @ 10 p.m. CST tonight)

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Another great bunch of family members, I wish I had more time to get around them all - and then with the distractions of discord getting around and commenting on posts is just getting harder and harder.

That said you are right, we all have 5 minutes throughout the week to spend on a post or two, you can soon stack them up if you spread it out just when you get chance.

Missed the Pow Wow by 15 minutes, did my best to stay awake but at 3.40am I fell sleep on the laptop keyboard again - and decided it was time for bed. Setting an alarm never works either, when I goes off I just turn it off and roll over!

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missed it too , don't feel bad...weekend nights are hard for meh as well
maybe I'll just see if someone has a synopsis of it or something
.....everytime I see your comments it reminds me I need coffee, lol