Voting service update and Scammer cleanup

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We have been up and running about 7 Days so far...... Blocktrades has just started leasing steempower again and we now have 23,670 steem power to vote with.

see our intro post here:

Manually curating is so much more difficult than running a bid-bod.... Bid-bots vote at 100% and recharge every 2.5 hours. I ask our users to be patient when waiting for votes. I would like to wait to at least 90% power before voting and never letting it get below 80%.... We are going to try that for awhile and see how that works.

please vist and @i-am-legion to check on the voting status


One of the things I have noticed , by actually reading the posts is that there are many people who think they are gaming the system. Some of the posts I have read are clearly people trying to make money by scamming the system. The posts have no creative content, and do not provide any value to the community. I will not be upvoting these posts in the future. I gave some of these posters the benifit of doubt, but clearly they are scammers. When you look at the views and the votes, there are no views and the only votes come from voting services.

If you are a scammer. You know you are. If you are going to send sbd to a voting service you should at least read the voting services update posts. If you send me sbd to vote on your scammer post I will be keeping your SBD. When you contact me to complain that you did not get a vote I will send you to read this post

As community members of Steemit we all have to do our part to keep our community clean. If we don't do it, we can't expect anyone else to do it for us. Thats just the nature of a de-centralized platform

Really great content creators

I have also read some really good content. Content that I believe provides value to the community. I am glad that I am able to help them get some recognition via upvotes. Scammers know they are scammers. If you put in even the least bit of effort you have nothing to worry about. What you put into Steemit is what you will get out

If you would like to get more recognition for your post I suggest reading and commenting on others posts. Creating really cool content and getting involved with some of the Discord communities.

I am also open to any and all suggestions on how we can make this service better for the steemit community

@yabapmatt has no affiliation with this service but he is really a great witness. He is the creator of and you should check him out and consider giving him a witness vote. You can vote here

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Hello, I sent 1 SBD & it has been 7 to 8 hours. Can I please know that when can I get an upvote. I have no problem waiting. Just curious to know what is the status. Thank you for the amazing service.

Post URL :

Hey @i-am-legion I did send you 1SBD on Monday for this post:
and 1 SBD two days ago for this post.
No upvote, no refund.
You said you are taking the weekend off, but it seems you stopped your service. People are still sending you money, because you are still in the steembottracker list, which @yabapmatt created and you didn’t do a post, where you announced that you are stopping your service.
So you are taking the money from all this people, but don’t upvote.
I’m not stupid, I see what you are doing, you sold your votes to @smartsteem @smartmarket. Every time somebody sends between 2.5 and 3 SBD to @smartmarket, you upvote the post.
This would be totally ok, if you had made it clear to everyone that your upvoting service is no longer existing. But you didn’t do this. It also would be ok if you would refund the people who are sending you money, but you don’t.
You pretended to help the minnows, and now you are turning against them.

Now I have the proof:
I did send money to @smartmarket and I got an upvote from @i-am-legion.
Again, it is totally ok that you are selling your votes to @smartmarket, but you should have made it clear with a post, that you stopped your service and you should give back the money, which I and lots of other have sent you, without getting an upvote.

@i-am-legion is one of the best voting bot on this platform.


I am wanting to emulate his system as well as support his system as much as possible, and as a community we should do the same.

Also @sostrin, I have searched discord for you and cannot find you. I believe I need a four digit number as well.

Looking forward to speaking with you

Thank you for the ki d words. On Discord its sostrin#4304

I got to say I like this approach as opposed to the other bots. I don't know what your intention is to do with your other account, but I hope you don't totally abandon manually curating content for free as well. Its your stake of course to do what you please. This is just my opinion. I wonder what happens to the site if it all goes like this and no one curates for free?

I am still curating for free. For the pay service, I intend to do it solely with leased steempower. Thats steempower that I did not have. It seems like a win win situation for everyone... The people with the extra steempower do not have time to curate, so they sell it. By buying it, I can pass it down to the content creators. This is the side effect of a free market system. If the whole platform "goes like this" it may cease to exist, or evolve into something else

Very good. Im glad to hear you are keeping your original account going :) I see your win-win point.

Just discovered your service. Will give it a try. Content I provide is video playback of hands with odds calculation added to inform what the hands expected value is. Normally they are played on the Games played there are supported by the steemit community. Participants vote on game informational posts to generate prize fund. It's free to play and winners are rewarded in SBDs.

sounds interesting. I'll check it out

I have just checked out your introduceyourself post and I love the concept behind this blog.
I would also suggest that you add link to your introduction post to this post and each update after this one. It is not a problem right now, but if you continue with resteeming so many people it will be bothersome to get to your introduction post for anyone new who wants to check what this blog is about.

Thank you. I will do that

you are so much great!!! your all work are clear and fine.

I have used i-am-legion twice and I must say I'm impressed. I highly recommend this service.

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dear @i-am-legion I have send you 2 bids but I do not got any upvote

  1. 16 hours ago :

  2. 5 hours ago :

I would really grateful to you if you refund my bids. I have readed you post and really happy with your new update. I will follow future time.

refunded you bids